Identifying Various Gym Equipment

Identifying Various Gym Equipment – An Elaborated Guide

Updated on April 22nd, 2017

Are you looking to build your own garage gym? You can find several ideas from our beginners guide to your own garage gym. We have listed prices for all the gym equipment that you can use to make your own fitness space at your own home as well as competitive prices for them that can help you get more value.

Alright, so you’ve got that gym membership and you plan on achieving a totally fit body in the coming months. But something that you might not have thought about is what the equipment names in the gym are and what they actually accomplish.

Through this article, we hope to break it down a few notches which can help you get that sculpted body you’ve always dreamed of.

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1. Why you should learn to identify gym equipment

There are a lot of gym related stresses and strains which people suffer and this results,in them dropping their fitness regime and heading back to being lazy. To put a stop to this, you need to get your knowledge about different pieces of equipment thorough and work them to your strength to avoid injury and maximize your benefit.

What you get when you learn about the gym equipment that you’re going to use:

  • Avoid injuries
  • Maximize benefits
  • Get fit quicker

2. Benefits of proper form and technique

When it comes to lifting or working out, form and technique are much more important than the amount of weight that you are able to push or pull. This is especially important during strength training when you deal with a huge amount of weight. There are immediate and long term problems if you do not use proper form to deal with weights, let’s look at a few:

Strength training injuries, Short Term

  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Dislocations

 Strength training injuries, Long Term

  • Muscle overload and fatigue
  • Nerve damage
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Bone related stress injuries

As you can see, you can avoid a lot of these by just focusing on proper form and warming up before you get down to it. Also, warming up grants you several benefits like increased blood flow to your muscles, increased oxygen delivery and prepares muscles for the strains that is to come.

So why don’t we get ourselves familiarized with these exercise machines and get fit the right way without injuries or any problems? Here we go!

3. Power Rack (Squat Rack/ Squat Station)

Description: Any person who is serious about strength training should invest in one of these. Can be hard for the beginner, but important nonetheless.

Frequency: Twice a week is optimal and sets you up for speed/power sessions

Tips: Strength with heavy lifting, Submaximal reps for power, Watch your squat depth

Price: You can get cheap ones for around 150$ which comes only with the rack. The better ones with all the safety features and additional pull-up bar are priced at about 500-2000$

Where to buy: Any of the popular etailers like Amazon, Walmart for price or if you want quality stuff, Rogue Fitness or Muscle Driver can hook you up.

To get the right deal for your power rack or squat rack, do Read our guide here.

4. Barbells


Description: A necessary tool for strength training. Mandatory when you purchase a power rack.

Frequency: Every day

Tips:Olympic lifts are ultra-effective, Easier than dumbbells for heavier lifts.

Price: 125$ – 450$ including barbells and set of plates. More if you need higher poundage.

Where to buy: Any etailer or gym equipment specialist like Rogue Fitness or Muscle Driver offers decent quality barbells.

Barbells are a large group of exercise equipment and you need to choose the right one for you. Get the right type of barbell for your use.

5. Bench Press

Bench press

Description: This is the most popular piece of fitness equipment for building and toning the total chest area.

Frequency: 2 – 3 times per week depending on the individual.

Tips: Tuck in your elbows, Engage your chest and arms not your shoulders.

Price: Ranges from 150$ – 1000$ depending on how much weight you are going to press

Where to buy: Any etailer or gym equipment specialists like Rogue Fitness or Muscle Driver have quality benches.

If you need to look at buying a bench press check out our guide here.

6. Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Description: A variation of the original, it engages the shoulder and upper chest area.

Frequency: 2 – 3 times a week.

Tips: Vary between 30 – 75 degrees of incline to hit different areas, Remember to keep your grip tight.

Price: Ranges from 150$ – 1000$ 

Where to buy: Any etailer or gym equipment specialists like Rogue Fitness or Muscle Driver have quality benches.

Get all the information about weight benches in our comprehensive article here.

7. Hammer Strength machine

Hammer Strength machine

Description: Used by people from competitive sports, this machine focuses on explosive movement and power.

Frequency: 4 – 5 times depending on your routine.

Tips: Keep your rep timing slow, don’t drop your weight, Glutes and shoulder blades should be touching the bench at all times.

Price: Ranges from 1599$ – 2599$ 

Where to buy: Only specialized gym equipment manufacturers might be able to help you out here – Rogue fitness, Muscle Driver.

8. Cables and Pulleys (Cable crossover machine)

Cable crossover machine

Description: A strong framework which has grips that are attached to cables which in turn are connected to weights. You can perform a variety of exercises with this.

Frequency: Every day depending on what muscle group you are focusing.

Tips: Cable Pressdowns to build triceps, Cable overhead extensions for total back workout.

Price: Starts at 1099$

Where to buy: Any retailer like Rogue fitness, Muscle Driver and Amazon can help you out.

9. Dumb Bells

Dumb Bells

Description: Basically a strong handle with adequate knurling for grip and weights attached on both ends. It’s the definitive tool for strength training.

Frequency: Every day.

Tips: Select the appropriate weight depending on the movement, Concentrate on form not weights, Slow movements are more productive, You can add dumbbells for resistance to most exercises.

Price: 10$ – 100$

Where to buy: All retailers offer the same quality.

If you’ve always wanted a pair of dumbbells then you should get the lowdown on it from out guide on different kinds of dumbbells. You can get adjustable dumbbells also at great prices around the web.

10. Pull-up Bar (Chin-up bar)

Best pullup bars

Description: It’s a horizontal bar with supports on which you pull yourself up, ideally chin above the bar.

Frequency: 2 times a week for experienced people, 3 times for beginners.

Tips: Engages your core extensively, Lots of variations.

Price: 20$ to 120$

Where to buy: Amazon or any etailers or retailers, quality is pretty much the same.

Doorway pull up bars are pretty convenient and useful. So when you're planning to get one make sure that you get the best ones from reading our review of the top pull bars in the market and also where you can get them at a great price.

11. Lat Pull Down Machine

lat Pull Down Machine

Description: Pulling action towards your chest for total upper body workout front and back.

Frequency: If you are dedicating a whole session, once a week is good enough, else 2X.

Tips: Maintain posture and don’t swing your upper body, Remember: arms are only assist muscles, key area is the back.

Price: You can find good quality machines starting from 800$, basic models starts at 500$

Where to buy: Depending on accessibility, Amazon or Rogue fitness.

12. Leg Extension Machine

Leg Extension Machine

Description: Pushing weights up with your legs, exerting your quadriceps in the process.

Frequency: You can do this every day as a post-workout routine or 3X a week when you are concentrating on lower body/legs.

Tips: Isolate the quads, focus on the squeeze, Pre-exhaust after an extensive session of squats.

Price: You can find good quality machines for 500$.

Get all the information about The Best Leg Machines in 2017 To Use At The Gym-Tone Up Your Legs here.

13. Leg Curl Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Description: The resistance primarily works out the gluteus maximus muscle of the buttocks and the hamstrings, but it also concentrates on the lower-back and calf muscles.

Frequency: Twice a weekMuscles groups engaged: Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Tips: Do hamstring curls before squat, If you have knee problems, avoid this machine.

Price: Starts from 550$

Where to buy: Amazon, Rogue Fitness.

14. Hyper Extension Bench

Leg Extension Machine

Description: This helps you to perform more reps of squat and deadlifts and also strengthens the lower back.

Frequency: Include this in your daily strength routine workouts

Tips: Keep your back straight when going back to the start position, A controlled motion will help you to avoid back-injuries.

Price: Starts from 350$

Where to buy: Retailers are better like

Get all the information about The Roman Chair – 3 Workout Programs For Sculpted Abs And Core Strength here.

15. Dipping Bars

Dipping Bars

Description: It is the best gym equipment that helps you build upper body muscles and strength.

Frequency: 3 – 4 times a week.

Tips: A warm up of 5-10 minutes is required before you start this workout, Avoid if you have severe pain in your shoulders, Consult a healthcare provider before doing this.

Price: Starts from 200$

Where to buy: Rogue Fitness, Back Trainer

Get all the information about Dip Bar Reviews 2017: Top Dip Bars Compared here.

16. Smith Machine

Smith Machine

Description: It is primarily used for squats and weight training.

Frequency: Twice a week

Tips: Avoid this machine if you have knee and back problems.

Price: Starts from 1500$

Where to buy: Amazon, Muscle Driver

Get all the information about Best Home Smith Machine 2017: Top Smith Machines Compared here.

17. Preacher Bench

Preacher Bench

Description: This is the most popular bicep building exercise equipment and it also has quite a few variations.

Frequency: 2 – 3 times a week, when you are working your arms

Tips: Optimal rep count between 5 and 10, Proper form is important for gains.

Price: Starts from 65$.

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart, Rogue Fitness.

18. Abdominal Bench

Smith Machine

Description: It is primarily used for squats and weight training.

Frequency: Twice a week

Tips: Avoid this machine if you have knee and back problems.

Price: Starts from 1500$

Where to buy: Amazon, Muscle Driver

If you are in the market for an ab machine then you need to take a look at our guide about which machines are the best for ab workouts. We also have a guide to the best abdominal benches on the market.

19. Leg Press Machine

Leg Press Machine

Description: Used as an alternative to squats, lunges and other lower body exercises. It is popular among body builders and those who lift heavy weights.

Frequency: Twice a week.

Tips: Always press the weights using your heels, Try different foot positions until you find the one that suits you.

Price: Starts from 700$

Where to buy: Retailers like Rogue Fitness, Muscle Driver.

Get all the information about Best Leg Press Machines 2017: Top Leg Press Machines Compared here.

20. Hack Squat Machine

Hack Squat Machine

Description: It places more of an emphasis on the lower, inside area of your quadriceps than regular squats.

Frequency: Thrice a week

Tips: Warm up your hips and legs, Two to three minutes of rest between sets.

Price: Starts from 150$

Where to buy: Specialist gym equipment manufacturers are best

21. Calf Machines

Calf Machines

Description: It is a fantastic exercise equipment for working the calves, and you can also perform different variations of them.

Frequency: Twice a week

Tips: Start with light weights

Price: Starts from 150$

Where to buy: Rogue fitness or Muscle Driver.

Get all the information about Best Calf Machines - Reviews and Exercises You should know here.

22. Leg Abduction / Abduction Machine

Calf Machines

Description: It is a popular machine among women and helps to tone the legs and glutes

Frequency: Thrice a week

Tips: Keep your upper body as straight as possible

Price: Starts from 700$

Where to buy: Rogue Fitness, Amazon.

On the lookout for resources to help build your own home gym to improve your fitness? Our resource page for beginners to help build their own home gym can get your sorted out. Do check it out!

23. Pec Deck Machine

Pec Deck Machine

Description: A machine that provides ultimate pectoral muscles isolation.

Frequency: Top off chest-days with this, once a week.

Tips: Do not strain your shoulders by loading up too much weight,Be wary of hyperextending yourself with extreme positions.

Price: Starts at 150$ quality ones for 300$

Where to buy: Any retailer would do.

24. Kettle Bells

Kettle bellss

Description: There are literally hundreds of ways you can use a kettle bell!

Frequency: 2 – 3 days a week.

Tips: Until you get used to them, wear protection on your wrist.

Price: 45$ to 100$, more depending on weight.

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart, Rogue Fitness.

Kettlebells are getting very popular in the US and now we give you the best alternative to get your own in your home gym. We have exhaustive and comprehensive kettlebells reviews here. You’ll find all the info you need here.

25. Wall Ball

Wall Ball

Description: You fling the ball on the wall with force then catch it on its way down.

Frequency: Every day, for strong core and lower body.

Tips: Feet placement is critical, the wider it is the more amount of space for our hips to work,Pull the bum downwards, not back.

Price: 120$ to 400$ depending on the weight.

Where to buy: Best bought from a well-known fitness brand, Rogue Fitness, Muscle Driver.

26. Foam Roller

Foam Roller

Description: It can be used for support during your routines. It reduces soreness and flexibility.

Frequency: Daily.

Tips: Use it during planks and other exercises to stabilize your core.

Price: 10$ – 20$

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart

Get all the information about Best Foam Rollers in 2017:For Total Body Benefits here.

27. Stability ball

Stability Ball

Description: This is an all-round exercise tool used for warming up as well as exercise.

Frequency: You are urged to use this every day.

Tips: Using a stability ball as a chair at work can strengthen your core,It’s important you get the right size of exercise ball.

Price: 10$ – 20$

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart

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