Say Goodbye to Cankle Ankles! – Best Ankle Weights for Men and Women in 2023

Why should I wear ankle weights?

If you want to boost your endurance and get a more efficient workout, then ankle weights are the answer!

Through this article, you’ll find out which ones are the best, where to buy ankle weights, along with all the reasons why you should incorporate them into your exercise routine.

Through this article, you’ll find out which ones are the best, where to buy ankle weights, along with all the reasons why you should incorporate them into your exercise routine.

Once the body gets used to a workout, the benefits begin to show less, but with ankle weights, you’ll put in more effort. Thus you’ll tone your body quicker and get the shaped legs you’ve always wanted!

How Ankle Weight Works?

Ankle Weights – A Way to Burn More Calories and Get Super Ankles Faster

The fat tissue around your ankles, known as cankles, is not dangerous to your health, but some women deal with insecurities because of it. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of the fat around your ankles is to lose fat overall.

Increasing the effort you put into your workout leads to burning more excess fat. Instead of going through the same exercises and waiting for results to appear, use weights and save time. Lifting your legs with ankle weights is harder because it further stimulates the muscles and thus, you’ll lose weight quicker due to burning more calories!

Who Can Use Ankle Weights?

The answer is “everybody”! Even seniors can use weights for legs instead of heavier machines to boost resistance. Light weights prevent osteoporosis and increase muscle tone and bone density.

Benefits of Walking with Ankle Weights

Putting extra force and effort into each exercise promotes pulmonary and cardiovascular health. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll feel better due to the endorphins levels going up and the fact that you’ve gained endurance during this entire period!

Top Ankle Weights Reviewed for 2023

Nordic Lifting Fully Adjustable Weights

Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair) for Women, Men and Kids - Fully Adjustable Weight

Nordic Lifting comes with quality, design, and comfort, and promises its users the best training experience with this pair of ankle/wrist weights. The large Velcro pad fixates the weights perfectly. Moreover, you will also receive a one-year guarantee!

The reinforced stitching will boost the resistance of the weights and ensure they will have a very long lifespan.

Premium quality neoprene provides comfort, so you’ll forget you have them on only after 5 minutes.

They also feature a reflective trim which makes them a reliable product, especially for outdoor activities.

The color, a sleek gray, adds to their style and makes them suitable for every man, woman or kid who desires to increase his/her endurance.

Use them around your legs, hands, ankles or wrists without any problem and enjoy getting the most of an intensive workout session.

Nayoya 3 Pounds Adjustable Ankle Weights Set

Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch

The soft material will quickly absorb the sweat and fit perfectly on your ankles, ensuring a more intensive workout and increased comfort due to the padded neoprene. This product fits every ankle or wrist because it features a wide and long strap that will accommodate every size.

You’ll strap them on in seconds and be out the door without being conscious about having them on.

They’re a must for every sports enthusiast who’s looking to boost their endurance and cardio exercises.

The soft cloth will protect your skin so you can wear them even with short socks or shorts.

Highly durable and sturdy, these weights will last you a lifetime and their maintenance is easy.

They come with a pouch so you can just throw them in your gym bag every time, without having to worry about losing one of them.

They come with a pouch so you can just throw them in your gym bag every time, without having to worry about losing one of them.

Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights

DA VINCI Adjustable Ankle Weights Sold in Pairs of 1 to 5 lbs (2 to 10 lbs per Set)

These weights don’t just have a cool brand name, but also an attractive aspect that makes you want to pick them up and try them on! They promise a secure and comfortable fit provided by quality material, padding, and straps.

The closing system won’t break, and it consists of a square buckle that comes with an adjustable Velcro strap.

Da Vinci ankle weights are a quality product that can be used for ankles or wrists according to your needs.

Designed to rise up to any challenge, they’ll fit snugly around your wrist and are appropriate for regular workouts. They can also be used by chiropractors, trainers, physical therapists and so on.

OFitness Ankle and Wrist Weights, 6 Pound Set

OFitness Ankle and Wrist Weights

The adjustable Velcro bands make the product feel comfortable and easy to use. It also features a modern and minimalistic design that sets OFitness in our top best ankle weights. All the materials are highly durable and will boost your comfort!

They are the right fit for everyone due to the Velcro straps that keep the weights in place.

The interior is made out of a soft terry cloth to prevent abrasions or irritations caused by sweat or rigid materials.

Neoprene is a synthetic material and one of the best possible choices when buying weights.

It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee so in case you’re not fully satisfied with them, you can just return the product.

The weights are great even for rehabilitation purposes and ensure a faster healing process by using them daily.

Reebok Adjustable Ankle Weight

Reebok Adjustable Ankle Weight Sets

Reebok’s ankle weights are made to last with a heavy-duty material made from a particular nylon blend. The adjustable weights will fit your needs and provide you with as much or little weight that your exercise requires. It’s easy to change weights due to a simple system, and the closure straps are just as comfortable as the padding!

The design is minimalistic, and it revolves around the word “comfort.”

The weights are kept in place due to a secure closure that doesn’t allow any weight movement during your exercise routine, so after 5 minutes, they’ll just seem like a part of your body.

They’re extremely comfortable and stylish, suitable for a walk in the park or the gym.

Strengthening the muscle and having toned thighs has never been easier because the Reebok leg weights will work miracles on you!

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weight, 20-lb Individual

All Pro Exercise Product Weight Adjustable Rehab

The cushioned flaps will surround the ankles and protect them, while the padded heel will keep your Achilles tendon safe. It’s a high-quality product with adjustable ankle weights designed to boost your stamina and intensify your workout!

It can be used for wellness, fitness or health purposes with lots of benefits.

This product was created by an occupational therapist, so it will help you burn calories faster while ensuring comfort and flexibility.

Besides having a layer of padding all around, extra padding was also placed where your Achilles heel is situated to ensure its protection as well.

With cushioned flaps, you’ll have an unlimited range of movement.

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights - 5 lbs Total (2.5 lbs each) With Adjustable Metal D-ring And Soft Padding For Comfort

Valeo introduces a multi-purpose product that can be used for both your wrists and your ankles. The double strap closure secures the weight, so you’ll focus on your exercise and gain an improved muscle tone.

With a metal ring in the shape of a D, the straps are easy to close.

It’s a great accessory that you can put on at the gym or when you’re doing fitness exercises.

You can easily clean it with soap and water, so these ankle/wrist weights are suitable for most users.

The Valeo Weights also come with a guarantee so you can easily have them replaced just in case anything goes wrong.

Best Buying Tips for Ankle Weights in 2023

Attachments: Velcro is the best option when buying ankle weights because it allows you to strap them on as snugly as you like without becoming uncomfortable. A rigid material might cause abrasions and won’t be flexible to suit your workout needs. Velcro can hold a lot of weight and helps you distribute it evenly.

Padding: This layer makes the difference between a comfortable or frustrating weight. Pick the ones with enough padding that will cushion your ankle and protect it.

Weights: You can choose between sand filled, water filled or iron filled. The ones with water are suitable for water sports as well, and they also allow you to carry them easier by simply removing the water.

Adjustable: At the beginning, you’ll use light loads, but as you get accustomed to them, you’ll need more weight, so by buying adjustable ankle weights, you’ll be able to just increase the load without investing in another product.

Size: When trying the ankle weights, they should be comfortable and not too large. Otherwise, you’ll end up bouncing the weight whenever you move.

Different Types of Weights and Their Purpose

Ankle Weights

  • They increase the muscle mass especially in your calves
  • They have a toning effect on glutes and hamstrings
  • They will slow down the movements
  • Leg weights strengthen the muscle groups
  • They build up endurance
  • They allow a more intensive workout without changing your routine

Wrist weights

  • They’re perfect for an intense aerobic session
  • They will boost the resistance
  • They will slow down the movements
  • They increase calorie consumption by up to 15%
  • They replace standard weights and leave your hands free
  • When running, your biceps and triceps muscles will get a workout as well
  • They also tone the shoulders, not just the arms.

Are Ankle Weights Expensive?

Just like any other product, the price differs according to the brand. It also depends on the materials used to create them. They are almost always made of synthetic materials, and usually, a higher price comes together with quality. Even though you might think that the heavier ones should cost most, this is not always the reality, especially for renowned brands.

If you were wondering where to buy ankle weights, the best place is online. You’ll find a variety of products that will fit your budget.

Two Ways to Make Your Own Leg Weights

1. A solid weight

You’ll need: a pair of tube socks, sealable plastic bags, and dry rice;

Directions: Use equal quantities of rice and pour them in different plastic bags. Roll the plastic bag and insert it in a sock. Secure it on your ankle by tying the ends.

2. A liquid weight

You’ll need: ice cube bags, 2 scarfs, duct tape

You’ll need: Fill the ice cube bags with water and seal them with duct tape. Place one of them around your ankle and secure it with a scarf, then repeat the process for the other ankle as well.

The Right Way to Put on Ankle Weights

Check the ankle weights

Look at the seams, flaps, pouches and closures to be sure that they don’t leak or lose weight. If they’re adjustable, choose the weight you’d like for the moment and make them lighter or heavier.

Wrap them around the ankle

The right size for the ankle weights will cover your whole ankle and won’t leave exposed any part of it. If the weight isn’t equally distributed, you might damage tendons or muscles due to excess effort.

Tighten the fasteners

They should fit your ankle without squeezing it. Keep in mind that a tight fit could interfere with the blood flow, so make sure the weight stays in place and doesn’t bounce when you move.

Precautions When Wearing Ankle Weights – Is It Good to Run With Ankle Weights?

Working your muscles harder helps you get in shape faster and will make you lose more calories. Still, hitting the treadmill every day with weights around your ankles might damage your tendons and ligaments.

Putting stress on your joints can lead to sprains or muscle problems. It’s better to use the ankle weights when you go for a walk or on your way to work. Still, avoid running with them.

Cardio exercises are recommended to be done without any extra weight, so if you want to increase the intensity, diversify your activities by climbing hills or varying the speed.

How to Decide If Ankle Weights Are Good for You

This depends on your workout routine. The best exercises with ankle weights are squats, kicks, leg lifts and lunges. Pull-ups are beneficial on their own, but with the extra weight, resistance and muscle development will increase.

In case you’ve tested the ankle weights and decided that they’re uncomfortable, the chances are that you’ve started with too much weight. Usually, after only a couple of minutes, people forget they have them on, so keep in mind that the best ankle weights will never be painful.

Now that you know the ankle weights pros and cons, you can decide if they’re the excellent choice for you. Overall, they are good for every sport enthusiastic who wants to boost his/her stamina, increase his/her endurance, and burn more calories. So, if you want to achieve all these, then you should definitely include some ankle weights in your workouts.