How to choose the best shoe for CrossFit training in 2024?

There are many factors when you are in the market to choose the right CrossFit training shoe for yourself.

This review should give you some idea about what to look for when you are going to buy a pair of CrossFit capable shoes.It is vital as well, because the CrossFit shoes are what protect your feet from injuries and stresses.

Womens Crossfit Shoes

#1. Reebok Nano 7 Weave

Pros: Stability while weightlifting, exceptional grip while rope climbing, excels in power transfers during sprints

Cons: Not supportive for heavier lifts

Bottom Line: A great well balanced CrossFit option

#2. Reebok CrossFit speed TR

Pros: Provides great movement and flexibility for running

Cons: Some experienced heel slip, sole is stiff for long runs

Bottom Line: Ideal for running workouts, not for heavy weightlifting

#3. Reebok Sprint 2.0

Pros: Built for comfort and versatility, exemplary design, great running shoe

Cons: More suited to outdoor activities than heavy lifting

Bottom Line: Recommended for running rather than heavy lifting

#4. Reebok Nano 4.0

Pros: Comfortable and durable with a wide toe box, ideal for short distance running and box jumps

Cons: Not the best shoe for longer distances

Bottom Line: A high performing option for short duration workouts

Mens CrossFit Shoes

#1. Reebok Nano 7.0

Pros: More versatile and durable compared to other shoes in the same class, comes in bright colors with a minimalist style

Cons: Less breathable material, not ideal for running

Bottom Line: Consistently high performance across all key CrossFit movements

#2. Reebok Nano 6.0

Pros: Stiff heels make it an excellent choice for lifting, affordable, trademark Reebok CrossFit themed design

Cons: Not ideal for running long distances

Bottom Line: Great balance of performance and style

#3. Reebok Nano 5.0

Pros: Light and durable upper, made with Kevlar for added support, unique design

Cons: Lacks stability for heavy lifting

Bottom Line: Comfortable and practical all-round CrossFit shoes

#4. Nike Metcon 2

Pros: Wider for better comfort and fit, toe mesh is rigid and sturdy, provides stability while weightlifting

Cons: Expensive, stiff sole makes long runs uncomfortable

Bottom Line: Stable shoe for weightlifting

When it comes down to current generation CrossFit footwear, it has improved in leaps and bounds. Today’s best CrossFit shoes and trail running shoes are light and brimming with tech to give you that perfect workout every time you hit the CrossFit box. They are light, breathable and provide you many stress-free hours of workouts.

Another feature of CrossFit is that it is driven by data. Scores, records, times are all put up on a whiteboard from which people can draw inspiration from. This adds a competitive element to the entire program which helps push yourself past your forgotten limits.

Why Should I Buy a CrossFit Shoe?

I’ve heard several people asking this question, and apparently, a lot of people still get into CrossFit using running shoes. The thing is though; plain running shoes and the CrossFit shoes have a lot of differences when you consider their structure.

There are CrossFit running shoes that can give you advantages of both a lifting shoe and a running shoe.

Running shoes are more suited to for lighter impacts and their main ability would be to keep you comfortable. Their sole is flexible and results in less fatigue during exertion. But CrossFit isn’t just about running, and so you need shoes that can support your feet during lifting.

Depending on your exposure to CrossFit, you might be lifting a couple of hundred pounds. At this weight range, running shoes are not able to offer your feet the kind of support that a CrossFit shoe can. Running shoes become too squishy and might result in serious injuries.

Another factor is running shoes have a large “drop”. A drop is the difference in height between the heel and forefoot. In CrossFit shoes, this is kept to a minimum in order to maximize support during heavy lifting.

Testing the Fitness Shoes

These shoes were put through their paces by our fitness experts over a period of time with several fitness disciplines. Since CrossFit incorporates a lot of movements from several regimes, these shoes had to be exceptional at every point, which is why we had to be absolutely sure that we managed to stretch them to their very limits.

The rankings we came up with are based on what our expert’s thoughts about them. We are completely brand-neutral and do not lean toward a specific brand. What matters is performance and we have made sure that our reviews are completely aligned to your needs.

Best CrossFit Shoe Review 2024

The most popular shoe makers all have a dedicated CrossFit line of shoes. This CrossFit shoe review is designed to help you achieve your best when it comes to functional movements that are the forte of CrossFit.

This can range from Olympic weightlifting movements to cardiovascular exercises to calisthenics, bodyweight exercises.

As you can imagine, this creates a problem when you have to combine the stability that is required for heavy weights while keeping it flexible and comfortable enough to incorporate running or burpees.

These are the shoes that we think can give you a lot of functionality for the prices they are sold at. Most of them are the best in their class and are durable enough to give you a lot of functional ability over a long period of time.

Best CrossFit Training Shoe – Our Top Picks

Since CrossFit is a regime which deals with a lot of different types of movements, surfaces and disciplines, you need proper shoes that can handle all of this without giving up on you. Since CrossFit borrows from a lot of regimes, it takes the best from everything. So you could be pushing hundreds of pounds of weights one day and running another.

To come up with a shoe that can handle all of these problems competently is what gave rise to the CrossFit shoes, which are also called cross trainers. Since technology has been improving a lot and this has started to reflect in the type of shoes that we use for fitness. CrossFit shoes or CrossFit sneakers are the pinnacle of all-round ability which can serve you well through all the rigors that you manage to put them through.

Thankfully, there are several choices that you have which range in terms of ability and price, to give you the best equipment that you can use. Why don’t we take a look at the best CrossFit shoes that are available in the market?

Reebok Nano 7 Weave

Reebok CrossFit speed TR

Reebok Nano 7.0

Reebok Nano 2.0

Reebok Nano 5.0

Nike Metcon 2

Nike Metcon1

Reebok Nano 2.0

Reebok Sprint 2.0

Adidas Adipower

New Balance Men’s MX713V1

Vibram Komodo

Women’s CrossFit Training Shoes

Best Overall CrossFit Training Shoe – Reebok Nano 7 Weave

This recently updated is one of the best CrossFit shoes that you’ll ever find. Reebok Nano 7 Weaves are found in CrossFit boxes all over the globe. Coupled with great performance, they also come in trendy colors so you won’t have to compromise between looking good with or without weights!

Best Bang For The Buck – Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

Our choice for the best buy, the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is catered more towards runners but that doesn’t mean it is a bad lifting shoe. Choose this if you are more about moving and flexibility rather than just lifting.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Weave

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Weave is without a doubt one of the best CrossFit training shoes available. Although the original version of Reebok Nano 7.0 left people feeling a bit wanting, Reebok has recovered well with the Nano 7 Weave. The new Nano 7 weaves originally came in a black and white colorway and are very pleasing to the eye. Reebok does have a lot more color variants that look good with your ensemble. The Delta logo on the side of the shoe looks great. The shoe does not scream CrossFit all over with only a few logos showing up. The shoe’s upper is made up a mesh-like material which looks and functions exceptionally well.

The Nano 7 comes with a CMEVA molded midsole which has dismissed all the problems on stiffness. The heel drop is the standard 4mm, the cushioning and outsole are similar to the previous Nanos. The things that add to the performance of the Nano weave are its breathability, flexibility and hard wearing nature. To summarize, the performance and durability of the Nano weave are great when compared to the previous Nanos and are a good pick.

Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

Reebok has designed the CrossFit Speed TR focusing on speed and running which differentiates it from the Nano series. The Speed TRs are one of the most versatile CrossFit training shoes available in the market as they go well with running as well as heavy lifting. The traditional cloth based upper called the ‘Monomesh’ makes the shoe look much better than the Nano 5’s. The graphics make the shoe look less appealing. The invitation models do not have any gaudy markings which is a huge plus.

The Speed TR features a multi-directional outsole that gives the shoe excellent traction. The midsole is softer than those in the Nano range, delivering good results. The heel-toe drop is 3 mm, and the insole is same as the Nanos. With a weight of 8.9oz, the Speed TRs are very lightweight. The Speed TR’s feel stiff when you wear them for the first time, but once you break them in, they offer good stability. They are excellent when it comes to running since they are very light. The Speed TR’s are great for running based workouts and are very durable as they come with the RopePro technology. They are easier to clean and maintain as well.

Reebok Sprint 2.0 CrossFit Training shoe

We’d have gone with this if it weren’t for the Nano 2.0 being outstandingly awesome. The Sprint 2.0 from Reebok CrossFit sneakers are a great buy and perform really well. In my opinion, it also looks a lot better than the Nano, although this shouldn’t figure into your buying decision.

Unlike the Nano, this version is more about running than exclusively weights inside the CrossFit box. It does offer better than average support but if you are getting it, you need to remember that it is more suited to outdoor activity rather than heavy lifting.

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Reebok Nano 4.0 CrossFit Training Shoe

The aged warrior has still gas left in the tank. We’ve got its successor at the top of the list, and this is so good that it figures out in our CrossFit review as well. A lot of people buy the Nano 4.0 because of its great performance and reduced price. Some people also prefer this as their CrossFit tennis shoes.

Reebok has got a lot of things right with this shoe. From the fully functional upper that is light, durable and airy to the sole which is strong, comfortable and flexible. You can still find these at stores and I highly encourage you to buy them. They’ve won several awards and comparative reviews for CrossFit shoes last year.

Reebok Nano 2.0 CrossFit Training Shoe

Reebok offers one of the best deals among all CrossFit shoes with its Nano 2.0 for women. It’s a definite bargain for the price they are asking for it. It also has all the qualities that have been developed through the men’s range. A Reebok CrossFit shoe is a staple of many CrossFit boxes.

Though it’s the older model, it still finds itself on the feet of a lot of crossfitters. Also, the older version outperforms the newer version and ends up being a lot cheaper as well. Testers have claimed that it is the most comfortable and supportive of all the CrossFit shoes for women that we’ve reviewed here. Definitely a top contender for the best CrossFit shoes for women.

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Nike Metcon 1 CrossFit Training Shoe

These are really the best ones out there when women’s aesthetics are concerned. Also, it just goes to show you how different the needs of men and women are when it comes to adequate CrossFit shoes and protection.

Released quite a bit after their foray into the men’s CrossFit shoes arena, Nike Metcon 1 has propelled itself to the top of the charts when it came to the best CrossFit shoes for women. Everything from the materials used in the construction, to the design and features all together spell class. It was apparent from the get go that Nike has a winner on their hands… well, feet.

The ability of the Metcon 1 to handle heavy lifting was second to none in our test. Our testers have also commended on its ability to adapt to other regimes like rope climbs, box jumps and the like. These were one of the best Nike shoes for Crossfit.

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Men’s CrossFit Training Shoes

Best Overall CrossFit Training Shoe – Reebok Nano 7.0

Drawing inspiration from a lineage of fantastic CrossFit shoes, Reebok Nano 7.0 betters its predecessor in every way possible. While the Nano 5 was no slouch when it comes to hard training, the 7 goes even further, expanding your boundaries when it comes to lifting or extreme lateral and horizontal movements. You’d be hard pressed to find something better!

Best Bang For The Buck – Reebok Nano 6.0

A slightly limited version of the 7, Reebok Nano 6.0 can still do plenty for the determined CrossFitter. You can find them for a whole lot less because the 7 is out, but you’re still getting a lot of CrossFit shoe for your money. Its strength is the lift, where it approaches the ability of all top shoes even the 7!

Reebok Nano 7.0 CrossFit Shoes

If you need the best CrossFit shoe bar none, the Reebok Nano 7.0 is your go to brand. In fact, their Nano line has produced some great CrossFit trainers which are popular world over for their versatility and durability compared to shoes in their same class. Even though they have a minimalist style to them, they come in bright colors that look appealing and are certainly not over the top like most other brands. In our opinion, these are definitely head and shoulders above the competition and should be the ones you are going to get if you are looking out for the best shoes in the market.

Reebok Nano 6.0 CrossFit Shoes

Yes, Reebok Nano 6.0 is a slightly older iteration of the champion 7.0 series but it’s still a pretty good shoe if you can find it. They were the best CrossFit training shoes last year and outclassed many other more expensive shoes to win the crown. If you can find them you might do well to pick them up as a backup shoe. It looks great with their trademark Reebok CrossFit themed design but it doesn’t go overboard like the previous iterations. It has a reasonably wide toebox for stability, and dense and stiff heels for lifting heavy. Overall a great shoe if you can find it on the shelves.

Reebok Nano 5.0 CrossFit shoes

Reebok Nano 5.0 is the best shoe for CrossFit in the market today. Reebok has improved upon its past designs and hence the 5.0 moniker. For many people who are avid crossfitters, this comes across as no surprise at all. Even the older Reebok Nano 4.0 had a lot of features that were ahead of a lot of other shoes in the market. This is quite possibly one of the best CrossFit shoes for men we’ve seen over a period of time.

This keeps pushing the boundaries and comes with a product that is universally acclaimed by the CrossFit community. It even has a snazzy, unique design that I really like. Reebok has have gotten Kevlar into this shoe, which makes it really strong and supportive. The upper is light and durable, keeping your feet fresh even after extended hours at the CrossFit box.

I’ve compared it with most shoes out there, and they all come up short. Even more expensive shoes fall flat when compared to this product. Its performance has many people writing rave reviews about it. If Reebok keeps up its current trend, there could be no dislodging it from the top spot for years to come. No wonder these have scored high in many CrossFit shoes review shoe review.

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Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit Training Shoes

Close at its heels, is the new and improved Nike Metcon 2. The original Metcon was released back in 2015 in a market dominated by the then reigning champ, Reebok Nano 4.0. This resulted in a lukewarm response from which the company learnt and then put out Metcon 2.

Nike has a strong follower base when it comes to fitness and it’s easy to see why. In our month long test of the shoe, we found that this was a really competent product. There are several areas where that the Reebok Nano 5.0 does better, but it’s still a huge improvement from the original Metcon.

The toe is now a bit wider for more comfort and a better fit. This comes as a direct response from Nike to complaints about ripping uppers in that specific area. They have also improved the toe mesh to give it is a much sturdier and rigid feel. These are not cheap CrossFit shoes but I definitely think that they’re worth the price. For CrossFit Nike shoes are close to the best.

Coming to the heel, they have now added a little plastic plate which slightly protrudes from the profile of the shoe. This was incorporated to do away with friction and stress during handstand pushups. You will wear it down quickly or sometimes even have problems if your wall is less than smooth though. Overall though, they have been able to improve breathability and durability of the brand by a huge margin. And this should hold them in good stead during the competition. So onward to our CrossFit shoes review!

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New Balance Men’s MX713V1

New Balance Men's MX713V1

New Balance is known for coming up with light, durable shoes that perform well. They are also priced just right and this makes it a staple for people who want to get their toes wet in this CrossFit regime. It weighs in at about 7 ounces which makes it super light compared to other CrossFit training shoes in the competition. The reason for this is that it uses heel pillow technology with a rubber sole to give Comfort and it is much lighter.

Because of the Midfoot panel locks foot in tech used, it provides great support during weightlifting and cardio workouts. It appears as pretty minimalistic which I also find appealing. It has a lot of lateral and back-front stability. Most people have opted to get a second pair as well. Still, a few others prefer this for daily use. So this is an overall great shoe in this CrossFit shoes review.

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Best Unconventional CrossFit Training Shoe

Vibram Komodo Sport CrossFit Training Shoe

Totally unconventional, Vibram broke all records when they came out with shoes that looked like…well, feet! This version of Vibram the Komodo Sport was created by them to serve as a decent CrossFit shoe that you can use to workout that is eccentric but also functional.

I have to admit that these shoes are here because they look awesome. They can of course function well, but you are advised to look at our other options that we have on here. Vibrams can put up with a lot of abuse but when it comes to outright performance, it gets beaten by the rest of the field.

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CrossFit Shoes Which Are Still Good (If you can find them!)

Let’s say that you are looking for other brands besides this because of unavailability, price or taste, then these are the ones that you should consider for your fitness arsenal.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 3 CrossFit Training Shoe

These minimalist looking shoes are your typical all-rounder when it comes to fitness and everyday use. They are comfortable enough for you wear it to work and still can give you great support when you’re looking to pump iron at the CrossFit box.

It has a GEL based sole which cushions your feet from impacts and keeps you free from aches and pains. It is strategically placed in the rear and forefoot areas to reduce impact-shock and extreme cushioning. It also has a Clutch Collar System which makes sure that ankles are supported a lot as well. These are not cheap CrossFit shoes but are inexpensive.

Click here to read our review of the ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 3 CrossFit Training shoe.

Brooks Beast 12 CrossFit Training Shoe

If you are a bit more of a runner than pumping weights, then you should take a look at these. They are designed for people who are heavier runners than just plain CrossFit. For this reason, you will find that they are not as flat as the other shoes which are meant for lifting heavy weights in the CrossFit box. These are durable and good CrossFit shoes.

If you are looking for a high-control shoe, the Brooks Beast 12 is the perfect cohesion of comfort, stability, and quality. The current model is a much slimmer and lighter version of its predecessors. The upper is a really breathable material and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

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Adidas Adipower CrossFit Training Shoe

Another heavy hitter if you are dedicating a lot of time to inside a CrossFit box. Adidas CrossFit shoes may not be the best choice for running but man does it give you an awesome lifting experience! It has distinctive Adidas design cues and is made out of top materials that make it feel totally worth the price.

I would rather have a top CrossFit box performance shoe on the days that I know I’m going to push it to the max. As a weightlifting shoe, Adipower from Adidas has a lot of performance that have propelled it to the top of the sales charts. This is a testament to how good it is as a CrossFit lifting shoe.

Nike Metcon CrossFit Training Shoe

Still another predecessor, Nike Metcon pulled no punches when it was first introduced last year. It was a relatively new player in a market with established players from Reebok and the rest. Still, it did perform well in the CrossFit box and in stores as well.

I have to talk about the design of these shoes – for something that looks this good, you’d be surprised to know that it still performs much better than the rest of the minimalist shoes. I would definitely recommend these as they are tried and tested, along with several useful features that make it a must-buy.

In Conclusion

After reading through this, hopefully, I’ve been able to answer some questions that you might’ve had with best CrossFit shoes. A lot of people are still not aware that running shoes are distinctly different from CrossFit shoes. Being aware of this fact can save you a lot of aches and stresses that your body has to endure when you choose improper footwear.

An average CrossFit workout pushes close to your own bodyweight when it comes to lifting. This means that your shoe needs to be able to support 2x your weight on its sole. This can cause problems if the shoe is not up to the task. Even if you are using light weights, it makes sense to invest in CrossFit training shoes as they will improve your posture when you lift and keep you free from back problems.

If you want to share insights, tips or other advice, please feel free to comment on this article. Do share it if you found this informative and happy lifting!

There are several categories that we evaluate over a period of time when it comes to CrossFit shoes. The typical show review points are durability, comfort, support, and protection.

Additionally, since these are CrossFit shoes, they are expected to be good for running and lifting as well. Let’s look at a breakdown of all the checkpoints we use to rank these shoes.


Lifting – does it withstand heavy loads?

Most often in a CrossFit box you will be under some sort of heavy load that you need to move horizontally or laterally. Lifting weights is an integral part of CrossFit and your CrossFit training shoes should allow you to do this safely. When you’re lifting heavy weights, your shoes will have to be durable and strong to deal with the added poundage. CrossFit shoes go through some of the highest lateral and horizontal movement variations in exercise.

Cardio – does it keep up with intense cardio?

A CrossFit training shoe needs to be comfortable during long runs while also being durable when putting it under heavy loads. One of the major gripes of CrossFit training shoes is that weightlifting and running are total contrasts and this means that a shoe has to deal with several problems that arise because of this. A good quality CrossFit shoe needs to be supportive during lifting and flexible during cardio/running.

Protection – does it protect feet from injuries? 

It goes without saying the CrossFit is one of the more spirited forms of workout. This takes a huge toll out of your feet so you need to rely on shoes that can protect you from all the stresses and strains of a CrossFit workout. Most top of the line CrossFit shoes come with a toecage, which can prevent a lot of injuries to your foot. We also look at how well a shoe covers the right areas so you don’t get rope burn on your foot while you’re doing a rope climb.

Grip – does it offer adequate grip over various surfaces? 

CrossFit exercises are done over a variety of surfaces. Whether it’s on a flat surface or on an exercise equipment, there’s a lot of movement happening at once. Hence, grip is very important. A crossFit shoe needs to have the kind of grip that can hold its own on any kind of surface in order to provide ample stability and balance to anyone who uses it during a CrossFit workout. Adequate stability ensures that there are no accidents during a workout.

Versatility – does it perform well at different aspects of CrossFit? 

CrossFit exercise programs are very versatile, which is why even the shoes need to be just as adaptable. Due to constant shifts between high and low intensity sessions and different forms of movement, the person training requires a pair of shoes that can keep up with dynamic exercise sessions. Whether it’s sturdiness, good balance, endurance or durability, an adaptable CrossFit shoe would always be the better choice.


Comfort – does it give your feet optimal support during exercise? 

If your shoes aren’t comfortable, you’ll have problems ranging from simple aches and pains to things that are far worse like tears or sprains. This is a highly subjective factor because people have slight variations when it comes to the shape of their feet. Some brands may be a great fit for some people while others might be better for the rest

Breathability – does it provide adequate circulation? 

The flaw with certain shoes is that they hold onto the feet too tightly, cutting off blood circulation and breathing space for the feet. Since there is extensive movement involved, the feet need to be able to move without too much restriction. In other words, there should be room for movement and breathability, but the feet must also settle comfortably into the shoe. A shoe that does not allow adequate circulation would make it uncomfortable and also painful over the period of a longer workout session.

Break-in period – does it have a longer breaking in period? 

Every shoe, irrespective of the type, has a certain break-in period. Ideally, the longer the break-in period, the more uncomfortable and difficult it is for the wearer to get used to the shoe. In terms of CrossFit, a shorter break-in period is always preferred, because it has a direct effect on the ease of movement and comfort factors. The more the comfort, the easier it is to adapt to shifts in movement, especially during high-intensity workouts.


Durability – does it hold up against intense workouts?

This is one of the most important factors that are considered by all buyers. If your shoes last long, you are sure that they have a reliable manufacturing process and they’ve used competent materials in their construction. Also, you can stretch how far your money goes on your pair of CrossFit shoes. Most of the competitors in this niche need to be ultra-durable because CrossFit is not just hard on your body but it’s hard on your shoes as well.

Design – does it look dynamic and aesthetically pleasing? 

Since the look of a shoe is the first, most striking feature, design makes a big difference. A good looking shoe is always pleasing to the eye. It can be kept in mind that a shoe that not only fits great and feels great, but also looks great will always be a preferred choice. Aesthetics are always important, since fitness is not just about working out; it’s a conscious lifestyle choice and hence, it deserves a pair of shoes that look, feel, and also perform great. This is what gives it an all-round appeal.

Material Quality – does it use high-grade materials in its construction? 

The materials used directly affects how long your shoes are going to last or how well it’s going to support you through your workouts. CrossFit is a punishing regime so quality of materials plays an even more important part here. The best CrossFit shoes use pretty expensive materials to keep the form of the shoe rigid and the wearer comfortable.


When you are engaged in CrossFit, your body and appendages go through a wide range of movement which can sometimes be injurious if not supported well by your kit. There are lateral movements and high-impact vertical movements that your feet go through which are expected to be absorbed and supported by competent CrossFit training shoes.