Best Glute Ham Developer(GHD) Review 2017 – Top GHD Machines Compared

10 Best Glute Ham Developer Reviews (2017)

Do you plan to have a Glute Ham Developer (GHD) in the garage gym? That is great and no doubt, the GHD is the amazing exercising tool to keep in your repertoire. It opens the opportunity for doing various significant body-building exercises which are tough to duplicate without a proper exercising machine and training.

Here, you can know about various GHD exercises and why they are important. Plus, you can get the details of the best GHD’s from various brands and select the one that you like.

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1. What is a glute ham developer?

GHD is a fantastic exercising tool to keep in your repertoire. It opens the opportunity for doing various significant body-building exercises which are tough to duplicate without a proper exercising machine and training. GHD is used to build strong glutes, developing posterior chain, and promoting the core-to-extremity power.

2. What are major GHD exercises?

The major exercises that you would do on the GHD are back and hip extensions, ham/glute raise, Russian twists, and GHD sit-ups. The glute-ham developer (GHD) sit up is an explosive movement and should not be done slowly.

3. Importance Of Glute Ham Developer Exercises

Various individuals are aware that the GHD is considered as one of the awesome equipment to build strong glutes, developing posterior chain, and promoting the core-to-extremity power. Also, it is among the few of the best means to work your hamstrings with the exercises similar to commercial gym settings (if you check out our leg press are quite complicated to do unless there is a machine to help).

The major exercises that you would do on the GHD are back and hip extensions, ham/glute raise, Russian twists, and GHD sit-ups; to name few. You can refer various online videos on what kinds of exercises are done and how they can be done, so that you can get familiar with them.

4. Before You Start On GHD Exercises

So you’ve heard a lot of people expound virtues of glute ham developer exercises and how it can be good for your body. Like everything else, there are certain precautions you need to take before starting on this regime. People who are not used to working out or fitness, shouldn’t get immediately on this as it can be problematic.

Here are a few things you need to know before you start

  • The abdominal region is the strongest work in this exercise regime. So you should take extra care to make sure that it is not overworked. Most likely, people who are starting out will have problems with this as their abdominals are not strong enough and might develop abdominal strain very quickly.
  • If you have a back problem, then you shouldn’t do this at all. The glute ham developer puts a lot of strain on the back and spinal cord. It exerts shear forces on all 5 lumbar discs when you revert to the starting pose. For a lot of people, this can be extremely problematic.
  • There is also a risk of cramping the quadratus lumborum which is a muscle that rises from the pelvis and inserts into the 12th rib. When under heavy mechanical duress, this muscle is put under tremendous strain. This is due to the reduced ability of this muscle to perform in this position.

If these are things that you were already aware of, then you needn’t worry about anything. Just get to the GHD and push yourself to limits.

5. Glute Ham Developers From Different Brands

Given below are some of GHDs from different brands. Discussing about them can help in getting a clearer picture about how the current price and features vary from a given model to another. So, this can assist you to know which GHD serves your needs the best and matches your budget. As most of the less priced models are not just the stand alone units, the list starts with expensive models and works down to the low priced ones.

6. Best Brands For Glute Ham Developers In 2017




Our Rating



Rogue Echo GHD

Rogue Echo Glute Ham Developer


Rogue Monster Swing Arm GHD

Rogue Monster Swing Arm GHD



York ST Glute Ham Developer


Legend Standard 3130-S Split Pad

Legend Standard 3130-S Split Pad GHD


Rogue Abram GHD 2.0



REP GHD Commercial

REP Glute Ham Developer Commercial


Sorinex M2 GHD

Sorinex M2 Glute Ham Developer


Vulcan GHD

Vulcan Glute Ham Developer


Yukon GHD

Yukon Glute Ham Developer


OneFitWonder Commercial GHD

OneFitWonder Commercial Glute Ham Developer

#1. Rogue Echo GHD Glute Ham Developer

Rogue Echo Glute Ham Developer

The Rogue Echo GHD is one of the best GHD. This is created for attaching your current power rig or rack. This ensures that you won’t need to save or occupy a huge amount of space because of the GHD. Compared to the standalone unit, this is quite cheaper. Initially, one might not think that it can be a hit but in most of the online websites, it is racking a good 5-star review.

Basically, this is a kind of blessing for garage gyms and crossfit boxes which are diminishing out of real estate. For this machine, a rack as well as the presences of plyometric box is required. Currently, two variations of the Echo GHD are there. One is the Monster Lite 3”x3” line of racks and Infinity 2”x3” line of racks. Now both these versions price does not include the box and there are lot of do’s and don’ts that you have to follow. And before purchasing the Rogue Echo GHD, it is important to know about them.

#2. Rogue Monster Swing Arm Commercial Glute Ham Developer

Rogue Monster Swing Arm GHD

This is one of the best and commercial-quality GHD. Being one of the most expensive GHDs, it is considered as the most effective exercising machine. Unlike other exercising tools, the Rogue Monster GHD gives the best results quickly and just like how you want.

This exercising machine has 2 step-up decks. This is for ensuring that you get into the position without any difficulty. Also, it has got a redesigned and fully as well as adjustable rear foot-rest having a huge plate which is available in the standard models. In addition, it has easy to use handle or the so called swing arm located at the extreme base of the machine. This can help you to re-position the plate (i.e. the foot plate) forward or back immediately. So, you can achieve any kind of workout requirements. Also you can shift the foot plate vertically in this machine.

The frame and base of this GHD has been re-designed by Rogue. The triangular and long shape along with the weight related to the unit makes this GHD quite stable for athletes who are heavy and strong, irrespective of whether it is anchored or not. Plus, the Rogue Commercial GHD avoids small pads and instead of it goes for beefy and big double pads. These are best with regard being comfortable and won’t disappoint the user.

Overall, the Rogue Monster GHD can be one of the great exercising tool and the only disadvantage is the price, which can be on the higher side for certain individuals.

#3. York ST Commercial Glute Ham Developer

York ST Glute Ham Developer

Similar to the Rogue, this GHD is one of the best commercial GHD tools. But it is still on the higher with regard to the price. The innumerable features it has compensates for the high price. And the biggest feature is various adjustments that you can make in terms of shape, height, and the choice of exercise.

Unlike the common GHD machines, where the foot plate moves forth and back a dozen of times. Also the notches of the York ST it is different. Here the foot plate can move front-to-back in 29 kinds of positions. Isn't it amazing? Furthermore, both the foot plate and the front roller can move independently and vertically of each other. Such kind of adjustments helps in creating a whole lot of positions of doing exercise.

Another important feature which users may like about this GHD is that it has got a sturdy and long base, rubber feet (without any type of anchor holes), and best as well as super thick rollers and pads. Also, the foot plate is present in ample sizes. In addition, another feature of this machine is the various positions are etched to frame through laser. This makes it easy for you to immediately counter the required position without checking out the holes.

This is of course one of the major trivial features and somewhat innovative. With regard to cost, most of the online websites are selling York ST GHD at reasonable prices. And if you are not a fan of Amazon, you get it from Rogue. Also, make sure to check the entire price list available online, as most of the websites won’t list the lowest prices by default or in ascending order.

#4. Legend Standard 3130-S Split Pad Glute Ham Developer

Legend Standard 3130-S Split Pad GHD

The Legend Fitness 3130-S GHD is simply the best and one of the awesome piece of exercising machine. The best and interesting features are that it is a Legend product. This Legend brand is a famous exercising machine retailers who sell reliable, durable, and attractive commercial fitness machines which come in all kinds of color combinations and sizes.

Legend has got many satisfied customers. Even though the waiting time for getting the product is long, still one does not get sad when the equipment is delivered. With regard to color, Legend offers 16 frame colors and about 86 varieties of fabric colors for selection. This comes to about thousands of various color combinations. And you not only get to select the color, but you get Legend products as per your specifications and requirements.

Now if you are checking out the features when compared to other GHD products, the Legend 3130-S GHD has got a well-constructed man-friendly type of split pad, huge diamond plate foot plate, and it allows adjustments to the foot plate, so that one can move vertically as well as front to back. Furthermore, it has infamous pegs that act as resistance for band training.

Here the only aspect users might be concerned about is the presences of less wide footprint and optional anchor holes for providing the extra stability. And even the pricing is above the average which does not include shipping charges. There is another version of the Legend 3130 GHD without the ‘– S’. This machine has a piece pad, having no split and is suitable for females who don’t like to share their exercising machine with male friends.

#5. The Incredible Rogue Abrams GHD 2.0 Glute Ham Developer


When it is related to selling a bad ass GHD, Rogue tops the list. Comparing the Monster Swing Arm GHD along with the Abrams GHD 2.0, it is easy to tell that no person has created a GHD which is best in versatility, coolness, and easy to use. Everything that you want to be present in a GHD is there in the latest version of Abrams 2.0. It has got an improved and triangular base, a common piece of chassis, and more; which becomes more stable under the rigid use.

Also it has got convenient handles and wheels for moving around the gym, vertical plate adjustments, and ten easy and quick front-to-back adjustments in terms of the settings for rollers as well as foot plate. Another feature of the Abrams 2.0 is the holes present for resistance band pegs and solid double pads.

Another question most people might ask before purchasing this product is whether it is worth of the money spend. Frankly, it depends. If you are the only person using it, then you might not get offended or care if it moves all around without much effort or you can make adjustments quicker and vertically. Chance are there that you might be weighing 145 pound and be having a GHD which is stable and best for any 300 pound person to do all kinds of intense ham or glute raises.

Now this can be there for forever and help in getting the job to be done in a perfect manner. Of course, if a user who is aware of the interesting features of this machine, then he or she would choose this instead of the previous version of the Abrams GHD.

#6. REP GHD Commercial Glute Ham Developer

REP Glute Ham Developer Commercial

From a lesser known brand, the REP GHD packs a lot of features despite the fact that not many people have heard of it. The first thing you notice when you see it is that it feels solid when compared to the other brands. It weighs a hefty 150lbs and this gives it a lot of stability even when you subject it to the most intense exercise regimes.

It has several adjustments which feel strong but not difficult to get the adjustment you want. The padding is of really good quality and is only a few small notches below the offerings from Rogue and York. Its foot plate is pretty wide and it comes partially assembled. They are so sure of their quality that their warranty on pads is a good 90 days.

It comes packaged in a huge box when shipping. The only complaint that I have is that during transportation, you will find that it doesn’t have the protection of the other big brands. You might find that it gets scratched if your transportation services people have been rough with it. All said though, this is a really good deal even if you’re looking to start up your own home garage gym.

#7. Sorinex M2 Glute Ham Developer

Sorinex M2 Glute Ham Developer

Being one of the most popular GHD, the Sorinex M2 is extremely stable and is often used by athletes who are more than 300 pounds. Besides being stable, the important factor contributing for the popularity is many and one of the major one that Sorinex always takes suggestions and feedback of the customers for making improvements to its equipment.

Even for the GHD, it follows the same procedure. And the M2 has got more variation when compared to the previous versions. The M2 version is the latest one along with being quite impressive. Even though a lot of updates have not been done, still there are certain additions present in this GHD equipment. One of the latest features consists of having more stable along with the presences of fully welded frame in the place of the bolt-together.

A horn has been added in the Sorinex M2 for the Olympic plates. This is done to weight the unit down, making it easy for heavier users to get intense workout and be less worried regarding the unit which has to move.

This machine has got wheels which helps in easy movement and adjustments with regard of the pads are available in the tilting mechanism. This helps in speeding stuff up when you have to adjust the equipment.

As stated previously, certain things or features have not been changes. Even now the M2 goes well with the super comfortable and beefy pads, best quality foot rollers, the best band pegs used for the added resistance, and more. With regard to the solid pads, they are so huge that it makes the GHD smaller when compared to what it has to be. The Sorinex M2 is available at a good price on most online stores and also can be directly purchased from Sorinex.

#8. Vulcan Glute Ham Developer

Vulcan Glute Ham Developer

If you are checking out for a seller who offers the best exercising machines and awesome deals, then Vulcan is the perfect choice. Paying only a nominal amount without any shipping charges, you get a commercial and robust GHD which is suitable for athletes of all sizes – short, tall, heavy. Also, this exercising machine has got removable and adjustable band pegs and step-up foot plate.

Compared to other exercising units, this is quite different. The front pad is tilted (this is done for providing optimal muscle recruitment) and the rollers can be individually adjusted. No doubt, the Vulcan is quite popular among athletes and fitness enthusiastic..

#9. Yukon Glute Ham Developer

Yukon Glute Ham Developer

One of the less pricier models, it doesn’t cost the earth and you get what you paid for. If you are on a budget, then this is the ideal GHD for you. While not offering earth-shattering performance, it is solid and offers a lot of benefits for the price you pay. It built a bit light, far lighter than the ones from York or Rogue, so it does feel a bit iffy when you subject it to the rigors of daily exercise. Also, at this price, you will find that you might have to replace the pads during time.

#10. OneFitWonder Commercial Glute Ham Developer

OneFitWonder Commercial Glute Ham Developer

One of the best GHD that is apt for your garage gym is the OneFitWonder Commercial GHD. Available at a reasonable price, this product can be delivered to your doorstep, and is worth the penny you spend because of the multiple features it offers. Also, this GHD machine is produced by a reputable firm - Fringesport which makes it one of the best GHD for your gym.

Now this can be considered as one of the best deals when related to having a standard and basic GHD in your home and when you have got a budget which is normal as well as basic. The OneFitWonder GHD has got various anchor holes, making it easy for bolting down in order to get some extra stability. The split roller pads are super beefy and heavy duty (this has got a nice channel which men might be grateful for).

You can adjust the foot plate using the pins and this allows it to move down and up and forth and back. Besides the adjustment pins, the equipment has got screws which can be used to lock down the required position, making sure no moment is present after all. Even the machine has got knee pads which makes the dismounting and mounting of the unit easy. But there are no pegs available for the resistance bands.

Basically, this is a wonderful GHD and gives the required value for the money you have spent. A good unit with no amount of frills and you do have the option to spend a lot but still won’t get such quality for a lesser price. What makes Fringesport a good supplier of exercising machine is the best customer service as well as the free shipping service. Interestingly, customer does not pay for the shipping even if they are returning the product.

Basically, this is a wonderful GHD and gives the required value for the money you have spent. A good unit with no amount of frills and you do have the option to spend a lot but still won’t get such quality for a lesser price. What makes Fringesport a good supplier of exercising machine is the best customer service as well as the free shipping service. Interestingly, customer does not pay for the shipping even if they are returning the product.

7. Garage Gym Planner’s Recommendations

When there are various quality models available online, it is quite difficult to do a recommendation for the GHD. But if you are a tall or big person, you might want to go for a model that has got a bigger footprint, making sure that you are feeling more secured when things are getting intense like the ones from Abrams.

If money is no object and you want the best in the business, then you should opt for either Rogue or York. Both of them, while being expensive, can give you the feel of having a solid piece of equipment that can last you a really long time.

If you are on tight budget and looking out for a reliable and general GHD, the Vulcan is the best choice or you can go for OneFitWonder Commercial GHD. These are the only two models that has shipping in their selling price and they are the low cost models to begin with. Top rated home gym machines are listed here.

Here you need to think about the features that you want and those which you don’t want and intend to change. It is all about what you are comfortable in spending. The given lists of the GHD are from reputed brands and you are bound to get the results for many years.

8. Final thoughts

If you are new to the concept of GHD, then before purchasing a GHD machine, you need to learn about the right form and you have to take it easy in the initial stages of the exercise. Like any other exercise, an improper usage can be very much harmful and dangerous. Always remember that the GHD exercises put a lot of prominence for the core, especially on the lower back.

So make sure that you have the entire information about GHD exercises and techniques before purchasing the machines detailed in this article.

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