Best Spin Bike Reviews 2023 – Indoor Cycling Bikes For Home Compared

You’re looking for the best spin bike/indoor cycling bikes for exercise at home and the trillions of options available have you confused and baffled. This happens with most people who are in the market to get a best recumbent bike.

That’s where buyer’s guides come in handy – letting you look at top rated spin bikes and comparative indoor exercise bike reviews, the features that make them stand apart and what you should really know before making that best spin bike purchase in 2019!

In This Guide, We Intend To Quickly Immerse You In

  • Some of the top features of stationary exercise bikes;
  • The different types of indoor exercise bikes;
  • How spin bikes workout your body;
  • What is the best spin bike for home use
  • A few other top buying considerations that one can make & more.

Types Of Indoor Exercise Bikes For Home

There are many different types of indoor exercise bikes out there, the main two kinds being recumbent stationary bicycles vs upright bicycles.

Recumbent stationary exercise bikes allow you to lay at an incline or on your back, like the outdoor recumbent bicycle counterpart. This is ideal for people who just want to work their legs muscles and don’t wish to work their back muscles at the same time. Upright stationary exercise bicycles on the other hand, do not provide back support usually and let the user sit in an upright position.

Upright exercise bikes are what MDA Spin bikes are. Uprights offer a more versatile workout for all fitness fans out there who want to improve on their whole body fitness levels. We will only be talking of upright spin bikes for the remainder this guide.

When one is ‘spinning’ on a spin bike, the main mechanism behind how the bike emulates an ordinary bicycle is based on a flywheel. The flywheel is a device which captures rotational kinetic energy from the rotational motion induced by the peddler. Indoor cycling bikes transfer this kinetic energy via chain or belt, as with an ordinary bicycle. Resistance is caused when the brake is applied to the flywheel, making it harder to turn the wheel for the ‘spinner’.

Which Would Be Better A Normal Exercise Bike Or A Spinning Bike?

Spin Bikes or exercise bike machines can be classified by the different types of spin they utilize. Exercise Bike Types Classified by Resistance:

Direct Contact Resistance – This is a hands-on kind of kinetic resistance wherein the brake stops the flywheel in a manual clamp down. Direct-contact resistance spin bikes have different resistance settings, similar to switching gears just like on outdoor bicycles. Direct Contact resistance brake pads do experience the most wear and tear over time and will need to be replaced every so often.

Magnetic Resistance – These are the best types of exercise bikes on the market currently. Magnetic resistance exercise bikes use electromagnetic induction to produce engaging resistance levels for a challenging workout. These types of spin bikes are immaculately quiet and can have resistance adjusted at the push of a button.

Fan-Based Resistance – This type of exercise bike actually does away with the flywheel. In its place, it has a giant fan and as you pedal, your feet are moving the fan belt and cooling you down! What’s more is that the air resistance of the blades actually slows you down and create quite an intensive exercise. It gets harder to push the more air that travels through them.

This section is intended to give you a feel for how much do spin bikes cost and what the going specs are for the best spin bikes for sale. We have singled out three of the top rated exercise bikes from 3 of the top bike brands.

Sole SB700 Exercise Bike Review

SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike

Sole exercise bikes are nearly famous and looked up often. This is because Sole has become a very credible supplier of top exercise bikes.

The sole fitness sb700 exercise bike includes superior features such as:

  • Weight resistance that Being a commercial grade bike and able to endure high-end usage with minimal wear and tear.
  • It’s made from a very durable frame and will last you for years.
  • Coming inclusive with durable Kevlar brakes, brake pads and secure toe straps for more added safety.
  • Use the convenient knobs to adjust resistance levels as you’re on the stationery ‘go’.
  • The seat can be positioned to any position and moves up and down, as well as side to side.
  • A backlit LCD screen – the console displays information like the time, speed, distance, RPM, calories burned, heart rate and more! It’s also backlit for better legibility in any/poor light condition.
  • Being completely silent.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Bicycle Review

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Bicycle

Keiser bikes (also known as Keiser spin bikes) are highly sought after upright exercise bikes and Keiser is a very reliable “spin bike” brand.

The Keiser M3 is a very popular choice amongst fitness fanatics and beginners alike everywhere, including many top listed features from the best upright exercise bike reviews.

Some of the best features of this exercise bike include:

  • Magnetic resistance for the best fitness training possible.
  • Computer Console which displays relevant information such as RPM, power output, time, distance, resistance and heart rate monitoring.
  • Portability for storage with front wheels for easy movement and extra exercise!
  • 24 Gear Modes to select From to help beginners all the way to advanced users to stay fit.

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

This is now a look at a great spin bike on the very affordable side of the bank role. We have seen above with the latter two what is the best upright indoor cycle available. This indoor cycling bike includes:

  • A fully adjustable seat
  • A smooth chain drive mechanism which is 100% silent
  • A stable steel frame with adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars

Another spin bike in a similar category to the sf-b1001 is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

Do You Know About The Origin Of Spin? – A Brief History On Spin Bikes

Spin bikes, Spinner bikes, spin cycles and everything with the term ‘Spin’ in relation to exercise bikes actually refers to a product created by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc (MDA). Spin bikes were created and trademarked by them in 1994 and have been such a hit ever since that people don’t realize it’s actually a branded product.

Other common names referring to non-Mad Dogg spin bikes would include indoor cycling bikes, stationary bicycle machines, cycling machines and stationary exercise bicycles.

NOTE: For the purpose of this article and ease, we will be using the term ‘spin bike’ interchangeably with exercise bikes. However, technically we are referring to MDA bikes each time.

Spinning Exercises For Beginners: What Muscles Do Spin Bikes Workout?

Many people want to know what spinning exercise is and if spinning is good exercise. Indoor cycling can actually offer you a powerful leg and cardio workout for just a few minutes each day. Combined with additional arm workouts and exercise bike tricks, spin bike workouts can become a full body workout.

Stationary exercise bikes work the muscles in your thighs, calves and even the foot. This is due to the cyclical motion delivered by the feet as they press up and down on the pedals (when one “spins”). This gets your calf muscles flexing and your thighs with hamstrings too, toning your legs up.

Spin bikes have handlebars, sometimes consoles to track your progress with. You can use the handlebars to your advantage for more exercise and balance the intensive leg exercises with torso workouts. Spin bike exercises and exercise tricks include doing arm stretches and exercises whilst cycling. This also works your back muscles if you can be diligent enough to keep a good posture.

Standing up and down while cycling can work your buttocks and give your toned legs a nice finished off effect. Putting your weight on the handlebars to do slow ‘push-ups’ can really boost your core strength as well as your arm muscles. This is an excellent way to get fit all over and grow some abs while one’s at it.

The last muscle spin bikes can give a good workout to is your heart! As with normal bicycle riding or jogging, exercising the legs gets the heart rate up and makes the heart beat. This improves your cardiovascular health and helps you to breathe easier. You will be able to cycle for longer time intervals and benefit more from working out on a spin bike over time, as your cardio muscle grows stronger.

Ten Best Spin Bike Features To Look For When Buying A Spin Bike For Home In 2021

You need to know what is the best spin bike for home use unique to you and in order to do that, we have compiled a list of the best features to note before your purchase. Good bike brands use the features in their bikes and have developed some of the best exercise bikes because of these:

  1. Muscle Challenging Resistance: the break mechanism and how it’s applied will let you know if the spin bike is good quality or not. Magnetic resistance upright exercise bikes are usually the best types of spin bikes to use. Being quiet exercise bikes, they require very little maintenance and need no part replacement due to wear & tear.
  2. Flywheel Size: In order to increase power and fitness levels, fitness bikes use heavy flywheels for more resistance. This also means that to get the bike started takes a lot more power in the first few rotations, until the flywheel has stored enough energy to release back. The bigger the flywheel, the more energy the bike stores and the more resistance it can generate to give you a tougher workout.
  3. Adjustable Seat: most spin bikes allow you to adjust the height of the seat, which is highly recommended for most of us as we are all different! Some of the best spin bikes however, let you adjust the seat from side to side as well, allowing you to get the best possible position for your exercise plan.
  4. Console: A console is a great feature, often allowing you to monitor your progress. You get to see how far you have cycled, how much resistance you’re generating and even your heart rate. Some consoles allow you to change resistance levels at the push of a button, like magnetic resistance spin bikes. Also having a timer function can be a huge plus!
  5. Spin Bike Length, from handlebars to the seat: the trademarked spin bikes get their world renown from their unique first-of-a-kind design where the seat was placed further away from the handlebars. This creates a much more grueling exercise workout, working the arms and pushing you to your limits. Come on and break a sweat!
  6. Weight limit: Pay attention to the weight limit of the spin bike and make sure it’s appropriate for your weight, shape and size. Commercial spin bikes are built to manage much higher weight limits than other exercise bikes. If you are a fairly large person or wanting to do long term professional training, consider investing in a commercial exercise bike to carry you for longer.
  7. Programmability: the best spin bikes and indoor cycle machines come with automatic exercise programs to select from. Some of them allow you to program your own routines or workouts to suit your exact needs. Enjoy the full flexibility this function has to offer and motivate yourself to do daily exercise.
  8. Storage: Space saving stationary exercise bicycles may be something you need to consider if you live in a confined space but can’t get out to jog or go to the gym. There are foldable options out there, some spin bikes allowing you to simply fold them up and pack them away. Other ones are more compact and can stay close to the wall for minimal space usage. Check the dimensions before purchasing.
  9. Firm Base: If the spin bicycle does not have a firm base, don’t waste your money or time! It’s no good to climb on just to fall off again. Stable bases usually have perpendicular elements incorporated in a solid metal frame.
  10. Small front wheels: A popular innovation of the best upright spin bikes is the inclusion of front wheels. This helps you to move the spin bike but more importantly, you can use this feature to do even more arm workouts on it. Lift the entire bicycle machine up and do some weight lifting.

Health Benefits Of Spinner Bike Exercise & Fitness Training

“Spinning” offers our bodies many health benefits which fall in line with optimal health and fitness principles. Spin Bikes:

Are A Low Impact Exercise – As puts it, “spinning” is a low impact exercise option which is actually kinder on your knees and joints than elliptical machines, stair steppers or treadmills! You can really look after yourself and keep yourself fit on when using the best spin bikes.

Increase Mental Focus – exercise, when you really work those muscles and break a sweat, generates oxygen. This in itself has lots of benefits, one of which is increasing mental focus and alertness. Since exercise detoxifies your system, you will also be able to think clearer with a cleaner system.

Tone Your Whole Body – Slimming down and looking good was never easier with a spin bike. Just 15-20mins a day could have your legs looking perfect and an extra 10mins of arm exercise on top of that can seal the deal.

Help You To Detox More Often and More Efficiently – with spin bike workouts, you will sweat and get read of lots of excess matter that was blocking up your system. The more blood you get pumping and oxygen you take in from exercising, the more efficiently your body processes and metabolizes by-products from the system. Look good and glow at the same time!

Allow You To Breathe Better – good circulation naturally comes with better breathing! Spin bike exercises increase the heart rate and work the heart muscle, which in turn gets your respiratory system working to keep up. More oxygen comes in via the lungs and with each breath, you will start to feel more alive.

Make You Feel Like A Champion – speaking of feeling alive, the endorphins one releases when exercising actually do make one come alive! Endorphins have been shown to relax us, improve our moods and indirectly improve our immune systems. Feel like you are on top of your game with regular exercise and endorphin release.

Encourage You To Become Fit and Develop Discipline – Setting fitness goals to extend your workout breaking point with the best spin bike technology and achieving results can be highly rewarding. Develop a strong sense of discipline through exercise and become exactly what you want to envision yourself as.

Other Exercise Bike Considerations

There are a few other considerations to make before you workout on your exercise bicycle. You need to wear some comfortable tight fitting clothes to make sure nothing gets caught inside the machine. Your gear should be preferably sweat proof and you should intend to sweat up storms when you exercise on your spinner bike.

Keep a water bottle nearby for constant rehydration when exercising. A towel is a very good idea too if you sweat a bit dramatically. A good pair of running shoes to protect your feet with are a good idea before using a spin bike – never ride an exercise bicycle with bare feet.

To keep your indoor bike clean, you just need to wipe it down with a mild damp cloth. The most important thing is to keep it free from moisture after each exercise session, as any sweat or water on it could potentially rust it in the long run. A good wipe down also keeps your spin bike looking as clean as you feel on the inside when you get off of one.

The best time to do your exercise would also be in the mornings before work, as this promotes a clear head with more energy for the whole day long.

Final Thoughts: Spin Bikes 2021

Spinning is a way for us to keep in shape, remain uplifted and burn those calories. Improve your cardiovascular health, your inner core strength and power, as well as feel good about and within yourself. Be grateful to the founders of Mad Dogg Athletics for helping inactive people everywhere become fit, healthy and happy.

Now that we’ve looked at best spinning bikes for sale, you should have no problem with being able to select the best stationary bike for your needs. In cities where space and exercise options are possibly limited, exercise bike machines could be the perfect all-in-one workout solution for you.