Best Jump Rope To Burn Your Calories in 2024

What is a Jump rope? How to use Jump ropes at Home?

It is easy to brush-off jumping rope as a pastime activity for little kids. The reality is that jumping rope is one of the simplest, fun exercises that not only relaxes the body but also offers several health benefits. Devoting a few minutes of one’s workout schedule to skipping rope can go a long way into sculpting one’s entire body. Read on to discover the immeasurable benefits you can accrue from this common sporting exercise.

What Is A Jump Rope?

A jump rope, also known as a skipping rope is a long rope normally used as a sports tool where one or more participants hop around it as it’s swung over their head and beneath the feet. At each end of the rope are comfortable handles that users can hold.

There are different sets of jump ropes namely

  • Single freestyle
  • Pairs
  • Double Dutch freestyle
  • Single speed

Single freestyle jumping ropes are the most common. These are long enough to go over the user’s head and under the feet as they are rotated. Individual ropes are used in different body fitness classes.

They are said to help in body toning and burning calories.

How Much Skipping Is Equivalent To Running?

Many people wonder whether jumping rope is a better challenge than running. The answer to this is yes. Here is why;

  • Some research results have shown that skipping rope for one hour burns around 720 calories. This was based on about 110-150 turns per minute. It could vary depending on speed, height, rope type and weight.
  • Jumping rope is said to improve strength while boosting one’s coordination.
  • Jumping rope is not only known to exert the calves but also provide workout on the quadriceps, glute and hamstring muscles. Constant rope skipping has been known to increase ones running speed. It is also said to strengthen the legs and knees.
  • Skipping rope engages most body muscles; the arms, legs and the shoulders. This is a total workout that is thought to be more efficient than running or jogging.

How To Jump Rope For Weight Loss

For one to lose weight, more calories have to be lost than they are taken in. Calories are burnt through workouts. Ideally, a combination of calorie intake reduction and increased workout should help reduce weight.

Because there are many muscles involved simultaneously in jumping rope, it is one of the best weight loss activities exercises

The following are a few guidelines on how to effectively jump rope for weight loss

  • Schedule a minimum of 10 minutes per day to jumping rope
  • Try variations such as sprinting while jumping rope
  • Add other exercises like crunches, sit ups and squatting in the 10 minute rope jump routine.

Ideally, the more the muscles that are involved, the higher the number of calories that are burnt and the higher the weight that can be lost.

In order to lose weight and keep it that way, one needs to jump rope and make healthy dietary adjustments as well. For instance, in order to get rid of 1 pound of fat per week, one could jump rope for 30 minutes. This will burn around 200 calories. Users should then reduce calorie intake to below 300 per day.

Besides reducing the calorie intake and jumping rope, it’s prudent to include foods rich in nutrients in the daily meals. These are mainly vegetables, fruits, whole grains and milk products.

What Does Jump Roping Do to Your Body

Jumping rope might be easy but it helps the body in a big way. It is a fun sport activity that engages both the lower and upper body.

Upper Muscles

When skipping rope, the arm and shoulder muscles are called into action. So do the wrists and hands. Jumping variations also engage the back and chest area. Since jumping rope is viewed as an aerobic exercise, it is said to give the cardiovascular system a great workout.

Lower Muscles

Nearly all muscles in the legs are involved in a jump rope session. Each revolution engages the tensor muscles (thigh muscles). It also strengthens the core muscles.

Is Jumping Rope Good For Abs

As seen earlier, jumping rope even for a short time helps strengthen muscles and burn calories.

One indicator that skipping rope provides workout for the abs is the burning sensation that one feels a few minutes after jumping rope. This healthy burn can be experienced immediately or a few hours later.

Workout experts assert that jumping rope in the common way works for the abdominal muscles. They also advise incorporating variations in the routines to create an added healthy burn on the abs. Skippers can try activities such as

  • Crossing the arms while skipping
  • Jumping on one leg
  • Jumping as high as one can possibly reach
  • Squat jumps

Beginners are advised to try the above variations one by one.

Benefits of Skipping Rope For Skin

Health experts recommend body movements in all possible ways. You have possibly heard them advise on the use of the stairs as opposed to elevators among others. Moving the body has an array of health advantages including skin benefits!

Here is how moving the body via rope skipping can help in getting a beautiful skin

  • Sweating opens pores; remember your skin needs to breathe
  • Skipping rope helps in elimination of toxins by aiding lymphatic system activities. The lymphatic system is tasked with removing all kinds of waste and toxic materials from the blood. Skipping rope helps in expansion and contraction of body muscles. This movement is critical for the functioning of the lymphatic muscles.
  • It is associated with promoting hormonal balance
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients into the skin through increased blood flow
  • It is a fun activity and thus helps relieve tension and fatigue which are linked to skin disorders

Choosing the Best Jump Rope

Rope jumping is considerably one of the most inexpensive, yet easy and fun sports/workout activity. New users might have no idea on what to look for while purchasing a rope jump. The best jump ropes are versatile. They can be used indoors and outdoors by both professionals and beginners. Below are a few considerations to have in mind when choosing a skip rope


The hands become worn out first while skipping. A Lightweight rope is the best jump rope to buy. This will reduce the chances of the arms getting fatigued.

Intended Application

For the usual jump ropes, any rope will do just fine. For serious workout targets like double Dutch, one might be required to invest in one of the best skipping rope.

The Track Record

A good jump rope should have a credibility including being used at different levels of competition.

The Price

Skipping ropes are relatively affordable. Ropes that have extra accessories like CrossFit jump ropes cost a little bit more but most of these are long lasting and will normally come with a warranty. Basic ropes are the best jump rope for beginners.


Jump ropes that are too long tend to slow down the user. Short ones are hard and dangerous to use as they cause tripping. A good jump rope should be easy to adjust according to user need.


In many cases, jump ropes will last a number of years without wearing out. However, if anything happens before the expiry of the warranty, users can ask for replacements or repairs from the manufacturers. Most top jump ropes manufacturers will offer a warranty upon purchase. Make sure to check up with the authorized dealers to ensure you are eligible for this.

Beginners are advised to purchase PVC ropes for starters. These are lightweight and jumpers can feel the exact location of the rope as it oscillates around. It helps them regulate their rhythms.

Types of Jump Ropes

Jump ropes come in various types.

Nylon ropes

Nylon is lightweight and so are nylon jump ropes. They are mostly used by adults who are in health benefit workout classes.

Wire ropes

They are very lightweight and are specially designed as speed jump ropes. They are mostly found in gyms.

Double Dutch ropes

These are designed for team plays. They are long and come in doubles.

Kids’ ropes

These are customary made for children. They can be made of nylon, leather or beads. They are short and available in all colors.

Top 2021 Jump Rope Reviews

The following is an overview of the best-selling jump rope reviews.

King Athletic Jump Rope

King athletic jump rope

The manufactures of this skip rope pride themselves in the durability of king athletic jump rope. It is made from pure leather and is fitted with high speed ball bearings which ensure smooth revolutions. It has adjusting options; this means users can easily adjust it to their desired lengths. Many people find the standard length of 9 feet comfortable.

King athletic jump rope comes packed with an e-book which equips users with techniques for use.

This product has a guarantee in providing quality consumer satisfaction.

WODfitters Jump Rope

WODfitters jump rope

WODfitters jump rope comes with a custom made storage bag. It is said to be perfect for both newbies and professional skippers. It comes backed up with a lifetime warranty which is a bonus. It not only assures consumer satisfaction but one is also guaranteed replacement in case it breaks down.

This rope is famed to be one of the best in crossfit, best jump rope for beginners, and home based workouts.

WOD Nation Jump Rope

Wod nation jump rope

With an approval rate of above 80%, users rave this as one to be the best jump rope for double unders and triple unders. It has a smooth texture and its light in weight. Wod nation jump rope comes with an extra rope and the necessary items for screwing.

Crux Gear Rope

Crux gear rope

Crux gear rope is among the best rope to buy. It is suitable for various types of workout including training for boxers and crossfit classes. The all-inclusive package comes with:

  • The rope
  • A spare wire and some screws
  • A small labeled storage bag
  • A training video cd and
  • An e-book

Like WODFitters jump rope, this too comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The packaging of Crux gear rope makes it one of the best athletic jump rope.

Elite Surge Speed Rope

Elite Surge 3.0 - Speed Jump Rope for Double Unders Cross Training

This jumping rope is famed as a versatile CrossFit rope. Its ball bearing system ensures smooth spinning. It is lightweight (3.4 oz.). It is fitted with aluminum handles with ball bearings at each end. The double bearings give it a balanced feel. This rope comes with a two year warranty.

On the flip side, some users say the handles become slick when in contact with sweat.

RX Jump Rope

Rx Jump Rope

RX jump rope is referred to as ‘heavy weight’ CrossFit jump rope. It comes fitted with extra-large handles-1 inch diameter and 6 inches long. It weighs 6 oz. The jumping cable comes in various weights.

Its major drawback is that its rope length is not adjustable. It’s also made from vinyl coated cables which are not durable.

Sonic Boom Rope

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Manufacturers of Sonic boom ropes claim that these ropes are specially designed for high speed. Many users too claim that they are the best speed ropes. Though it offers a lifetime warranty, sonic boom rope does not come with any accessories but it’s still considered good for professional or individual uses.

General Tips on Jumping Rope

  • Try jumping rope while listening to your favorite music. One can do this by choosing longer songs and trying to jump along until the song is over.
  • Counting the jumps and trying to beat the previous count after each stop should help in motivation
  • The average length of a jump rope is 9 feet. This can be shortened according to preference.
  • Rope skipping is best done on a soft ground such as on grass.
  • As earlier mentioned, include tricks and variations in your jumping. It not only makes rope jumping exciting but also helps burn more calories.
  • Don’t skip bare foot. One could accidentally hit the feet and it can be painful.

How to Prevent Rope Jump Injuries

  • Being an aerobic exercise, jumping rope needs users to be cautious.
  • Beginners are advised to consult with their health advisers on their body’s ability to withstand rope jumping.
  • Just like in other exercises, users should warm up before taking on skipping. Physical education experts insist on standing on the toes while skipping.

Medical experts do not recommend jumping rope for the following groups of people

  • The elderly
  • Overly overweight people
  • Arthritis patients
  • People with medical conditions or body injuries

Stop jumping rope immediately if you experience

  • Chest pains
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea

The Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

Jumping rope needs the stability of the feet. When combined with a great and supportive surface, great shoes will help protect body joints. Here is a look at shoe types that will help reduce the risk of injuring your feet while jumping rope

Aerobic Support

Jumping rope needs the stability of the feet. When combined with a great and supportive surface, great shoes will help protect body joints. Here is a look at shoe types that will help reduce the risk of injuring your feet while jumping rope

Cross Train

They have a firm supportive surface. This helps protect the feet and ankles from the repetitive jumping motions. Exercise experts recommend cross-trainers for rope jumping and other aerobic exercises.

Joint Custody

This type of shoe is said to provide protection for the ankles, hips and the back.

Brooks Transcend

Transcend 7

Brooks transcend are highly adaptive to strides and weight. They are specially designed for sports activities that need extra padding.

Under Armour Speedform Apollo

Under Armour Men's UA Speedform Apollo Vent Running Shoes

These have a wide toe area. This allows users to spread the toes properly and thus they can easily jump on their toes. They are available for both men and women.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Mizuno Men's Wave Hitogami Running Shoe

These are lightweight thus rope jumpers have nothing wearing them down. It’s relatively easy to add speed while skipping with these shoes on.

Asics Gel Cumulus

ASICS Men's Gel-cumulus 18 Running Shoe

These are fitted with enough cushioning to make the feet feel comfortable. They are available for men and women.

Columbia Conspiracy Vapor

Columbia Women's Conspiracy Vapor Trail Running Shoe

These shoes are extremely lightweight. They have a rubber outer sole which is perfect for most grounds.

Reebok Crossfit Sprint TR

Reebok Men's Crossfit Sprint TR Training Shoe

These shoes are designed to fit securely and are a great option for various types of workouts.

Different Ways of Jumping Rope

The more the techniques that are applied on rope jumping, the greater the end results. Over the past years, users have discovered different ways through which they can make rope jumping interesting.

There 6 Major Ways of Jumping Rope

1. Forward Jump

This is the most common and the easiest. It involves jumping over the rope with both feet on each rotation while swinging the rope forward.

2. Backward Jump

This is more or less like the forward jump. Only that it involves swinging the rope backwards.

3. Side-side Jump

This involves jumping a few inches towards the left side as one swings the rope, then to the left.

4. Single Leg-Jump

It involves jumping on one foot, starting with the left or right foot in alternating manner back and forth.

5. Cross Foot Jump

As the name suggests, this involves crossing the feet over each other in alternation as one skips rope.

6. Double Jump

On this one, users jump quite high such that they can pass the rope two times under their feet. Many people miss a few times on this one but it can be achieved with practice.

Jumping rope is fun and has a whole lot of benefits as seen above. Go on, get a skipping rope and start jumping today!