Best Resistance Band Reviews For 2023- Top Rated Resistance Bands Compared

What are the best resistance/exercise bands for yoga,pilates and crossfit?

Health and fitness have become a top priority for millions of people in the world. They want to be in shape not only because it makes them look good but also because it helps to extend life and improve the quality of life. Must Read: (

With gym costs rising to the sky, more and more people are willing to find inexpensive exercise equipment such as resistance strips set.

How To Use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are inexpensive equipment for full-body workout. Explore this guide and learn about resistance band exercises for back. We will also the best elastic bands for you at the end of this handbook.

Exercise elastic bands can be used anywhere, for any fitness level, offering the top quality workout. With up to 100 pounds of resistance, exercise bands are a perfect way to get in shape as they support various strength exercises.

What Is The Best Workout Using Resistance Bands?

When you buy a resistance exercise band, you can carry out your daily exercise routine even when you are traveling. They are easy to carry and occupy minimal space. You will only pull out the band when it’s time for workout. Do the workout and then put the band back in your traveling bag. It’s that simple.

Resistance bands are particularly popular among women who often combine them with Yoga and Pilates for weight loss and general fitness. For this reason, you will see many women carrying a yoga elastic band in their purse.

It’s not only the women who have shown their obsession with these bands, but the elderly have also caught up on this new fitness trend.

These bands are ideal for maintaining muscle tone and improving strength. They are flexible, so it’s easy to use them even when you are recovering from an injury. Since the elastic level can be pulled down to 5 pounds with these bands, elderly find them ideal for low energy workout.

Due to the immense popularity of these bands, you will find hundreds of different bands in an exercise equipment store or a fitness shop. That also creates a problem for the people who are looking to buy an inexpensive high-quality workout band as they have numerous options to choose from. Although people may have a choice problem when shopping for exercise bands, they also have a broad range in quality of the bands. So, whatever your budget or quality preference, you will find something that meets your requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands can help you to add intensity and purpose to your workouts. These strong rubber bands have handles at the end that allow you to do various strength workout.

Resistance bands eliminate the use of weights.

If you haven’t tried a elastic band yet, it could come as a surprise to you with the benefits it offers. It’s probably the simplest workout tool that offers such a wide range of full body strength exercises.

Explore more benefits of using these bands below.

Cost-Effective Exercise Tool

Exercise resistance bands are incredibly cost-effective. They are inexpensive as they are made of rubber and can offer a challenge to your muscles. They are great for a full body workout at home or gym.

Great For Everyone As They Come In A Variety Of Resistance Levels

Resistance bands are ideal for beginners and experts. They come with different levels of resistance so everyone can find a band according to their fitness goals.

Once you buy a these band, you can easily change its resistance to adjust to your workout requirements. If you own some bands that are rated as ‘low’ resistance, you can easily make a high resistance band by using them all at once.

The possibilities with these bands are endless.

You Don’t Have To Learn New Workouts

Another benefit of using these bands is that you don’t have to learn any new exercises. You can use these bands with the exercises that are already familiar with. For example, you can do bicep curls, pushups, front squat and so on using resistance bands.

These bands replace weights in most strength exercises. However, you may learn how to use them optimally for maximum strength for each workout.

They Are For Full-Body Workout

These bands allow you to focus on full-body workouts. You can do strength training for chest, arms, legs and back. You will learn different workouts for a full-body workout later in this article.

Portable And Easy To Store

If you travel a lot and often fail to find a gym where you are staying, these bands are a perfect fitness tool for you. Since these bands are lightweight and don’t take a lot of storage space, you can put them in your travel bag and do a workout wherever you want.

For storage at home, you can simply put all your bands in a drawer or an empty shoe box.

Use Alone Or Combine With Other Exercise Equipment

Resistance bands are versatile equipment as they can be used alone or combined with other devices. When used alone, you can replace weights with these bands. When combining with other equipment, these bands can help you to reap benefits of two different exercises.

These bands are simple yet extremely effective. They help you work your muscles, boost stamina, and bring flexibility to your body without having to spend a lot of money on exercise machines or gym membership.

Resistance Bands Are Great For Back Exercises

These bands are one of the best equipment for back exercises as they allow you to train your back muscles and stimulate growth. You can increase tension at any angle and work on the desired muscles.

Explore elastic band exercises for back below.

Tips For Buying The Right Exercise Band For 2021

Now that you know the exercises you can do with these bands, it’s time to learn how to buy this equipment. The guide below will provide all the necessary details that you should know to buy a perfect elastic band for your fitness needs.

Consider The Type Of Exercises You Want To Perform With Resistance Bands

When you are in the market to buy these bands, it’s important that you begin by understanding the types of exercises you want to do with these bands.

Are you going to use these bands as your primary equipment for strength training? Do you want to buy a band so that you can combine it with other equipment?

Answering these questions will help you to make the right choice. Once you know what you want to achieve with these bands, you will be able to make a better decision.

As a starting tip, buy high-quality bands with various resistance levels if you are planning to use it as an exclusive equipment. But if you want to use it with other equipment, an inexpensive band will do the trick.

Understand Your Fitness Level And Buy A Band Accordingly

All resistance bands aren’t the same, and they are not suitable for everyone. Before you buy a resistance band, it’s important to consider your fitness level.

Buy a band that is perfect for your current fitness level. As you improve, you can consider buying new bands. Don’t buy bands thinking about your final fitness goal.

Buy The Right Type Of Band – Choose Between Strip And Tube Band

Resistance bands come in two different makes – tube and strip design bands. You might prefer a strip band over a tube band if you are looking for a basic resistance equipment but settle on a tube design if you want something advanced that can handle high-intensity strength training.

Strip design bands are cheap while tube bands are somewhat expensive. If you are new to this equipment, settle on strip design and but a tube design once you start using bands regularly for the workout.

Learn About The Different Levels Of Resistance

Resistance bands provide resistance so that you can replace weights. Selecting the right band according to the resistance level is important if you want maximum value from this exercise equipment.

Usually, resistance bands come in four different levels, i.e., light resistance bands, medium resistance bands, heavy resistance bands, and extra-heavy resistance bands.

Light resistance bands are ideal for beginners and elderly. They offer up to 6 pounds of resistance that is perfect for a light workout. You won’t risk injury when using these beginner bands.

Medium resistance bands can provide up to 10 pounds of resistance. They are perfect for anyone who is looking to increase resistance from beginner level.

Heavy and Extra-heavy resistance bands offer much higher levels of resistance. These bands are ideal for professional athletes, and people are seriously aiming for strength training.

Identify Resistance Level Of A Band From Its Color

When you go to the market to buy a resistance band, you don’t have to ask for resistance level of every band that you see on display. Just look at its color, and you will be able to identify the resistance level in a second.

Explore the color codes below.

Orange: These are extra small bands and are only good for certain special workouts and young adults. The band of this color has a 0.5-inch width and 2.5mm of thickness.

Red: Red bands are small bands that have a width of 0.5 inches and thickness of 4.5mm.

Yellow: These are medium-sized bands, and they are ideal for most people. They can be used for a variety of strength exercises with excellent outcome.

Purple: Purple bands are large bands that are ideal for front squat and other similar workouts where you need to put the band under your feet while standing. The width of these bands is 1.76 inches and thickness is 4.5mm.

Green: Green color indicates that the band is extra-large and has a width of 1.75 inches. These bands are 4.5mm thick.

Blue: Blue is the color code for XX large elastic bands. The width of these bands is 2.5 inches while their thickness is 4.5mm.

Gray: If you are looking for an XXX large band, then find a gray color band. These bands are 3.25 inches wide and 4.5mm thick.

Black: Black resistant bands are the largest bands. They are mega large with a width of 4 inches and thickness of 4.5mm.

Look For Special Features And Special Deals

Finally, you need to look at the price and compare it with features that you are getting with the band. For example, some bands have removable handles while others come with a hook that allows the band to be attached to a door or a rod.

Apart from features, you may also want to look for special deals. Sometimes, you might be able to buy more than one bands at the price of a single band. Look for such deals and save money.

Now let’s explore the best exercise elastic bands reviews. We reviewed these bands based on personal and professional opinion. We also looked at reviews of other customers before picking our absolute favorite bands for you.

Top 5 Exercise Bands For 2021

Apart from features, you may also want to look for special deals. Sometimes, you might be able to buy more than one bands at the price of a single band. Look for such deals and save money.

Many professional athletes use these bands while gyms around the country rely on these fitness brands for resistance workouts. Here are the best resistance bands in the market these days. Read these exercise band reviews and choose one that you like.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

The Black Mountain resistance bands are quite famous among the exercise enthusiasts around the world. The pack of Black Mountain product comes with five different bands each having a different color.

For many people, this is the best resistance band set.

Each color band provides you varying levels of resistance. The yellow band has “extra light” strength level that gives two to four pounds of resistance. Blue band has “light” intensity level that gives you four to six pounds of resistance. Green has “medium” strength level that provides you with from ten to twelve pounds of resistance.

You also get higher strength levels with Black and Red colored resistance bands. The resistance level goes higher till sixty-two pounds which are suitable for the professional sportsmen and athletes.

In addition to the bands, you receive a doctor anchor, a bagpack and instructional guide. The set is very flexible and gives you the hardware which is suitable for the newbie trainers as well as the professionals.

People recovering from serious injuries can also use the resistance bands after the doctor’s approval. Moreover, people willing to reduce weight can also use the equipment and see the results in a couple of weeks.

Lower weights are best for the kids and seniors who wish to keep their body toned and active. On the other hand, competitive athletes can workout at home with the heavy weights without having to bear expensive gym cost.

You can also combine two bands to get up to seventy-two pounds of resistance which are suitable for the professional gymnasts.

Besides the weight variation, the product is constructed of best quality synthetic rubber which means you can stretch the product continually without losing the original form. You also get sixty days satisfaction guarantee along with a lifetime warranty of band breaking.

The bands are easily portable. You can carry them along on your journey and workout in hotel rooms.

The BodyLastics Best Resistance Bands Set 12 PCS

BodyLastics best Resistance Bands

You can get a professional quality 12 pcs resistance exercise bands set at a reasonable price. The BodyLastics provide you a lot of resistance levels without having to purchase big machines. The BodyLastics set comes with five anti-snap bands that stand out this particular product from other competitors available in the market.

Different colored bands provide a different level of resistance: yellow colored band gives you three pounds of resistance, the green colored band provides five pounds resistance, the red colored band offers eight pounds of resistance, blue one gives thirteen pounds and yellow one provides up to twenty pounds of resistance.

The pack also include heavy duty ankle straps (2 Pcs), heavy duty handles (2 Pcs), a carrying bag, exercise guide and a door anchor. The training guide lists some practice drills that you can follow to have a better workout session. Additionally, the band set gives you heavyweight resistance up to ninety pounds (best for the professional athletes and gymnasts).

The BodyLastics don’t compromise on the quality which is why most of the professionals prefer it. The BodyLastics also keeps a check on customer’s safety rather than profit.

The anti-snap patent design provides high confidence to the customers. The anti-snap chord prevents the band from any damage due to overstretching so you can rely on the durability of the product. The BodyLastics bands provide you great workout experience just like the stackable plate machines that you find at the local gym. The high level of resistance variation makes the product suitable for all fitness levels. Even the professional weight lifters can use this product without having to purchase costly and bulky products.

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cord

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band

SPRI Xertube resistance band is suitable for the people who are looking for a stand-alone band to replace their snapped one.

Just to let you know that Xertube only offers you single band when you make a purchase. So, you must look for the band that provides you the exact level of resistance you need. Most of the XPRI customers buy Xertube resistance band to make an addition to their existing workout repertoire.

Xertube green cord is 44 inches long, and it comes in the category of “very light” resistance. That’s not the only cord Xertube is providing; the heaviest of the cord is 53 inches long. The bands are manufactured with abrasion-resistant rubber which is known to provide progressive resistance no matter how much you pull.

With each purchase, you receive a door attachment along with the instructional guide that explains how you can install before first use. Thousands of customers talk good about the Xertube product especially they praise the portability and competitive price. SPRI seems to be a top choice for many customers across the globe.

However, you may face problems with ends of the cords. There are chances that the ends may flow out of the door. Also, the ends may get loose after using them for a few months. Though, you can purchase a new one because of the low-price.

Overall, we will give SPRI Xertube 4.2 stars because of its quality and convenience.

ProSource Premium Resistance Band

ProSource Premium Resistance Band

The ProSource Premium set comes with five different bands that provide you varying levels of resistance. The yellow band gives you five Lbs of resistance, the green band provides eight Lbs of resistance, the red band provides twelve Lbs of resistance, blue one gives sixteen Lbs of resistance, and the black band gives twenty Lbs of resistance.

Along with the bands, you receive a door anchor, exercise guide and a bag to carry the set. However, ProSource Premium is suitable for the professional athletes who are preparing for national level tournaments.

The lowest resistance you get with ProSource is two pounds that are perfect for the beginners and older adults recovering from injury. You can combine two bands to get the highest ability of sixty-one pounds. Only the professionals should use the merge option for advanced level workouts. ProSource is also suitable for senior citizens who want to keep their body in good shape.ProSource Premium is manufactured with latex rubber which is the best quality available in the market. On the end of each band, you will see a foam grip that makes it comfortable to hold during insane workouts; giving you the satisfaction that your hands won’t slip.

ProSource Premium comes with a ninety-day warranty which is the quite a long time. You can get a replacement of the product in the event of a defect in artistry. No other company gives you ninety days long warranty, so it’s a plus point.

You will love this band from day one because of the ability to change their workout routine. Anyone in your family can use ProSource Premium as you receive different colored bands. People who are using these bands are quite satisfied with the quality and durability. The ProSource Premium is available on Amazon – if you’re looking for a reasonable price.

Wailea Fitness Resistance Band Set

Wailea Fitness Resistance Band Set

Wailea resistance bands are getting popular among the exercise enthusiasts around the world. People tend to like Wailea because of the competitive price.

The complete kit contains five different elastic bands, ankle straps (2 Pcs), foam handles (2 Pcs), mesh bag, door anchor, exercise chart and body fat tester.

Among the five bands, the lightest band provides resistance level up to four pounds. The heaviest band provides resistance level up to thirty pounds. Apart from the quality, the product falls behind when we talk about the quality.

There are many registered complaints regarding the snapping. Though, many customers seem to be satisfied with the performance and quality of the product. Therefore, we can conclude that Wailea must hire a good quality assurance team that can assure each piece of equipment meets the highest of quality standards. Overall, customers rate the product above 4.

Wailea resistance bands provide a great variation of resistance that is suitable for kids, seniors and professional athletes. Most of the customers purchase this particular product to save a few bucks. So, if you a newbie trainer, you must buy this product.

The main drawback of this and some other Crossfit resistance bands is that you don’t get any warranty with the product which means, you are on your own in case the product snaps. So, if you don’t plan to continue exercising for a long time or you just want to try out resistance bands, then it’s a perfect fit. Otherwise, you must look for a better-quality product that gives real worth to your money.

Exercise Guide – How To Improve Fitness With Exercise Bands

Exercise bands help you improve muscle strength and flexibility by changing resistance levels. You can do different workouts routines using exercise bands such as pushups, chest press, front squat, bicep curl and so on.

Learn the exercises below and be sure to include them in your workout routine when using exercise bands.


Pushups allow you to work on your chest muscles. When you do pushups with exercise resistance bands, you can increase or decrease resistance to control the intensity of the workout.

To use a pushup resistance bands, simply wrap the band around your upper body and perform the regular pushups. This allows you to do high-intensity workout for chest muscles without doing chest press or weight bench.

Chest Press While Standing

This is another workout for the chest that would help you push to the limits. The good news is that you don’t have to buy expensive gym memberships or spend money on costly home gym machines.

You can use resistance exercise bands to pump up your chest muscles with standing chest press.

To do this exercise using resistance bands, attach the band to a wall hook or a sturdy bar and hold the ends with wall hook at your back and your hands on the chest. Take a step or two from the wall so that the band is stretched. Now take a step and push your chest forward. Repeat this 15 times and do 2-3 sets.

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown is one of those exercises that help you improve your back muscles using back exercise resistance bands. To do this exercise, you need to attach the band to a sturdy bar and hold its ends while facing it.

To make it simple, you can use over the door resistance bands.

Now sit on a bench and pull the band towards you while applying the force from the sides. Be sure to position the bench at such a distance that you have to outstretch your hands to hold the band.

Get to a position where your hands are attached to the sides of your chest, and your back is straight. Now relax your arms in the outstretched position and then pull towards your chest again. Repeat this 10-15 times in a set.

If you want to focus on band exercises for back, you will find many rewarding back exercises that require only a band as equipment.

Lying Lat Pull

This resistance band exercise for back targets on the outer back region. To perform this exercise, you need a Crossfit resistance band with door anchors. Connect the band to the door anchors. Move the anchors to the bottom of the door.

Now grip the handles in your hands and lie down on the floor with your face facing the door. To get into proper position for lying Lat pull, you need to move your body backward while holding the band handles in your hands and pointing towards the door anchors.

Once the band is stretched, pull the handles down towards your chin. Now release back to the position from where you started pulling the handles. Repeat this movement for 10-15 times.

It’s important not to grab the handles tight when performing this exercise. Otherwise you won’t be able to pull through the elbows.

Lateral Bank Walk

This is an easy but rewarding exercise using resistance bands. Just put the band around your legs – around the ankle area – and get to a half-squat position. You should be able to feel the band stretching now.

If you are unsure about what band to use for this exercise, just buy an inexpensive exercise leg band for this exercise.

Walk to one side, then to the other, taking only a one step at a time. It will strengthen your leg muscles.

Front Squat

The front squat is a powerful exercise for your leg muscles when done with resistance bands. To do this exercise, you need to stand over the resistance band in a way that its center is between your feet. Now grab the ends of the band with your hands and pull it upwards so that your hands are in alignment with your shoulders.

From this position, complete a front squat, as if you are doing it without resistance bands. Add resistance as you progress with this exercise.

Bicep Curl

You can also work on your arm muscles using resistance bands. The bicep curl is one of the easiest and most rewarding exercises.You can also work on your arm muscles using resistance bands. The bicep curl is one of the easiest and most rewarding exercises.

To do this, you need to put the band under your feet while standing. Hold its ends and pull up with your forearms at a right angle to your body, in a bicep curl position. Pull one hand up in this position at a time to do bicep curls.

Final Thoughts About The Best Resistance Band Reviews For 2021

Resistance bands are inexpensive, portable, and lightweight fitness equipment that you can store in a drawer and take with you when traveling. You can use these bands to perform different workouts for a full-body workout and achieve your fitness goals with ease.