Top Arm Exercises for Crossfit Enthusiasts

Building arm strength is a necessity for Crossfit enthusiasts. However, many arm strength exercises aren’t as efficient as we expect them to be.

In this article, we want to present to you a bunch of quintessential tips on how to upgrade your Crossfit arms workout and get the most out of it.

Apart from that, we’ll introduce a range of good arm workouts that are decent alternatives if you can’t make it to the gym as often as you’d like. So, if you’re wondering “how to increase arm strength?” and “how to build arm muscle?”, keep on reading.

Muscle Groups and Exercises For Them

First things first; understanding the anatomy of your arms is fundamental to accomplish excellent results when you build mass on your arms with supersets.

The muscles in the arm are separated into: the biceps, the triceps, and a third, often overlooked group, beneath the biceps. Still, this muscle group contributes to flexing the arm at the elbow, which is crucial when it comes to workouts for arms.

Most athletes focus almost entirely on the biceps when they engage in arm workouts for mass building. Truth be told, the biceps are a relatively small muscle group. What is more, the triceps are also overlooked; as a result, many Crossfit users lack strength, irrespective of the size of the biceps.

Still, an excellent chest and arms workout has to train each muscle group equally. To build strength, it would be best if you added heavyweights to build arm muscles.

Being a Crossfit athlete is about challenging your fitness capability. So, it’s mandatory to try to build defined and powerful arms. This requires you to diversify your exercises for arms and implement barbell exercises for arms, and upper arm exercises.

How to Work Out Your Arms? Best Arm Workouts

The Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press

This could be referred to as the best bicep and tricep workout. This exercise includes a compound movement that enables you to push a heavyweight without much effort. This exercise also targets your chest, which is a bonus.

Firstly, your grip should be a bit narrower than the shoulder width. Still, it shouldn’t be too close so that it places unnecessary pressure on the wrists and shoulders.

If you feel like diminishing the intensity, you should just increase the distance between the arms. Or decrease the weights on the bar. If you want to do this exercise at home, you could improvise and use a broom handle to perfect your technique.

The Barbell Curl

The barbell curl

This is a typical, basic arm workout that has been around for a while. It is one of the most reliable bicep exercises you can do, as it works the muscles entirely. If you are at home, using TRX bands could help you to obtain decent results. If you’re looking for a beginner arm workout, you should use bags of flour, bean cans, or other alternatives.

The Elevated Push-up

The elevated push-up

This is another favorite exercise of mine as it targets the triceps. Nonetheless, it contributes to developing the lower chest, as well. It is a functional movement pattern and can be carried out whenever you want optimal results.

The Dumbbell Hammer Curl

dumbbell hammer curl

This is an excellent exercise to incorporate into your arm and chest workout. It works for all your muscle groups. Make sure you concentrate on maintaining your elbow still and focus on moving your forearm. This will enable you to work your biceps. If you’re looking for arm workouts at home, you can customize this by using TRX bands

The Parallel Bar Dip

The parallel bar dip

Parallel bar dips represent an excellent way of developing strong and big triceps. The tricep muscle group contributes to thickening and strengthening the arm. Not only they target the arm, but they also work the chest and shoulders as well.

The Overhead Press

The overhead press

This exercise could definitely become part of an arm blaster workout. It is a fantastic triceps exercise. The overhead press enables you to push the weights safely without overloading the muscles. This is a crucial element to building strength. So, if you’re thinking of updating your arm and shoulder workout, this is an excellent triceps exercise at home that you can do with the help of a bench or chair.

When it comes to shoulder and arm workouts, it’s important to challenge yourself and progress. The options included above qualify as decent arm workouts for beginners, enabling you to increase the difficulty level by growing the size of the weights.

So, while performing the exercises mentioned in this article, you should increase the weights as you become stronger.

On a final note, arm exercises with weights should be equally enjoyable and interesting. So make sure you don’t forget to enjoy your workout routines!​