Best Home Workouts For A Big Chest

Many people think that you need a gym membership to get the best chest exercises. It’s true to some degree; you can’t fit all the gym equipment into your home. But what you can do is buy some cheap gear and use some natural techniques for good chest workouts.

Performing Chest Workouts at Home

As stated above, using gym equipment can make your life easier. With a couple of tips, you can get your big chest workout to a pro level every day.

Still, not everyone has a barbell at home, which is why you’ll need to find some chest workouts without equipment. Before starting any exercise, it’s good to know that you need to do at least a 30 days chest workout in order to see a slight change. This is because your body is starting to understand and accommodate with the new chest workout plan you are starting.

It may be hard at first, but keep focused on your goal. The more you work, the more you will get over that initial negative mindset.

Choosing the Best Chest and Arms Workout

If you want to get that nicely-formed chest that all trainers seem to have, here are some moves you might want to try.

Standard Push-Up

Everybody knows the classic push-up. If you ever wondered “how to work out at home?” this exercise is the answer. Assume the plank position and place your hands on the ground under your shoulders.

Keep your eyes focused at three feet in front of you so that you will have a straight neck. Ground your toes to the floor, push your hands, so you will lift your body until you create a thirty-degree angle between you and the floor. Lower your body gently, keeping the plank position.

Your chest must slightly touch the ground and not entirely rest on it. After that, return to the initial position, slowly. Repeat this for twenty times, four reps.

This is a daily routine with a day break at two or three days of exercising. This classic push-up is the best chest workout you can get.

Wide Push-Up

It’s just like the standard push-up but with your arms set wider. This is a good shoulder and chest workout.

So, when it comes to shoulder workouts at home, this exercise will be your bread and butter. This is also a good pecs workout.

Inward Push-Up

This arms and chest workout is a bit tricky at first, but with hard work and determination, you will eventually do it without a sweat. This is the opposite of a wide push-up. In other words, your arms should be under your body and your hands should face your pectorals.

Gorilla Push-Up

You do this just like a normal push-up. Still, when you get to the floor, press fast on it to push your body instantly and slap your pecs like a gorilla. It’s fun but challenging and requires a lot of strength to do it properly.

Diagonal Push-Up

Place your hands diagonally to your body, one hand right at the shoulder level, the other hand in the opposite direction, left low under your abdomen. After ten or twenty repetitions, you need to switch positions. This one is a hard exercise, but if you’re wondering how to get pecs, this is the answer for you.

Doing Chest Workouts with Equipment

As stated above, you can use light equipment to improve your chest building exercises. You can use a pair of push-up bars to do push-up exercises without straining your hands. Push-up bars are recommended by pro athletes as well so don’t feel weird about using them.

Again, you should start with the standard push-up but this time, you can use push-up bars. This exercise is the best way to build your chest.

Even though it’s the best chest workout for mass, you should still consume enough protein to build up those muscles.

You can continue with the basic exercises (wide push-ups, inward push-ups, etc.) but use the push-up bars this time. However, don’t try the gorilla push-up with the bars, because you will hurt yourself.

How to Work Out Pecs

If you want to try something new in your workout routine, you can try purchasing a set of dumbbells.

These pieces of equipment can really help simulate a bench press type exercise at home. So, if you ever wondered what to workout with chest and pecs, a bench press is what you need.

Get yourself a bench that you can use as a bench press. Place yourself horizontally on your back, with your chest directed at the ceiling. Take a pair of dumbbells and raise them up above your chest.

Bring them down slowly until they are on the same level as your chest. Then raise them up slowly and do the same motion maximum five times if the weights are heavy or ten times if the weights are lighter. It’s recommended to use heavy weights for smaller repetitions to increase the chest size.

Do these exercises and combine them with abs exercises to get a great body. If you ever asked yourself how to move your pecs like all the buff guys do, here is your answer: a great set of chest exercises combined with an intelligent diet will be your best bet.

You should know that these exercises are great for everyone. If you see chest workouts for men, it doesn’t mean that women cannot perform them. They can be easily used for muscle gain or losing weight or even maintaining a great physique.

Whether you are a man or a woman, these exercises will burn your fat away and make your muscles grow. You will also gain more strength and endurance. This is how to get a big chest at home using equipment or just your bare hands.

You should also eat healthily and smart. Stay positive and do physical exercises every day. Again, you can ask your dietician or a gym trainer to help you. You can hire him/her to guide you personally and improve the way you are training and eating. If you do all these, you will eventually find the best way to build chest muscles.