Best Cardio Machine For Home

Best Cardio Machine For your home in 2017 

What is the best cardio workout machine for home?

This is the question we ask ourselves when we first plan to start workout from home using a cardio machine. So, if you are confused and are tired of reading paid reviews, then read on to find out which cardio equipment matches your exercising regime.

1. Why Does Your Home Needs a Cardio Machine?

Before you set up your garage gym, you need to know about the different exercising equipment to revamp. Among them, you definitely need to have a cardio machine and a Glute Ham Developer. This machine is specially designed to provide cardio workouts.

Cardio does amazing things for your body. A lot of people prefer cardio because they can get a much more ‘complete’ workout when compared to lifting weights. And the fact is that you don’t need to use all those fancy thinga-ma-jigs to get your cardio done, just a simple stationary bike will be more than enough to get your sweat on.

2. Are Cardio Workouts The Best For You?

Another thing that most cardio ma chines don’t have the drawback of being ‘impact’ exercises. This means that there’s not much strain on your joints when you perform these routines.

This is perfect for people who are starting out or older people who are looking to add fitness to their regimes.

3. What Is The Best Cardio Machine?

Each time you use the cardio machine, your heart rate increases, thereby helping you lose calories. There are various cardio equipment available and you might have a hard time in finding the one that you want. So you get elevated body functions without having to resort to pushing or pulling heavy weights.

In this review, there are several machines that give you unique benefits when it comes to cardio and you are encouraged to make a choice depending on what exactly you are looking for. After you’re done with this article, you will get a good view of what you should exactly be getting for your home or garage gym.

4. Top Cardio machines listed for 2017




Our Rating



Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5


Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine


Upright Exercise Bike

5. Benefits of Rowing Machine Workout

The Cardio Equipment Rowing Machine Review by Garage Gym

One of the most recommended and commonly used cardio equipment is rowing. Why? It helps in burning calories faster when compared to other machines. As per a study conducted by the Harvard University, doing a vigorous workout on a rowing machine can burn up to 377 calories in 30 minutes for individuals who weigh about 185 pounds.

Besides the usual cardiovascular benefits, the rowing machine helps in toning your muscles. In this exercise, you are using all the main muscles of your body and putting a small pressure on your joints. This is because the activity of rowing is of low impact in nature. It is economical as well as convenient if you have a rowing machine in your home rather than going to the gym.

There are many rowing machines that can be folded and kept out of sight. It is quite compact that you can do rowing exercise in front of the TV and after finishing the exercise, you can hide it. This is impossible with a stationary bike and treadmill.Read Our Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2017 Here.

6. Benefits Of Elliptical Machine Workout

Elliptical Workout Machines by Garage Gym

The elliptical machine or elliptical trainer is a famous exercising machine. It is often used for providing a non-impact kind of exercise for users. In a non-impact exercise, you don’t put a huge amount of compressive force on your bones and joints.

There are various designs for elliptical machines. However, there are only two that are most often used – elliptical machine without any handles and one with handles. In the elliptical machine with handles, both your lower and upper body moves because of the concurrent pull and push movement. While exercising on such machines, the intensity of the exercise increases by adding more resistance.

In the elliptical equipment without handles, you can adjust the incline level of the foot rests in accordance with the resistance level. Even though an elliptical machine is one of the best cardio machines, still you must not make this as the only regime of your cardio exercise. If all the cardio workouts are non-impact, then you could have a long term health issue with regard to your bone strength and mass.Read Our Best Elliptical Machine Reviews 2017 Here.

7. Benefits of Exercise Bike Workouts

Exercise Bike Workouts

I feel that you cannot call a place gym unless there is one exercise bike. Check out the exercise bike. You can use exercise bikes as solo, with a stationary bike. However, the recommended and one of the best forms of cardio workouts is to ride the exercise bike as a part of a group or class. If you are thinking of buying an exercise bike as cardio machine, you have to make sure that it allows many adjustment points.

This is because; the more you adjust the bike to fit your body, the more comfortable your ride will be. And this will in turn help you to last longer on the bike, and burn huge amount of calories. In addition, if you select an exercise bike as a part of your cardio workout program, you can decrease as well as increase the intensity of your workouts by decreasing or increasing the resistance of the bike’s pedal.

It is important to keep in mind that as the exercise bike has got no backrest, you must not slouch and have to sit upright. Even though this is one of the best cardio machines, I wouldn’t recommend using it if your work setting involves you to being constantly seated.

A standing machine is suitable for people who belong to such work group. Furthermore, you need to be careful and avoid overdoing your workouts on the exercise bikes, as if your hip flexors gets tight, it may lead to problems with your posture. Read Our Best Exercise Bike Reviews For 2017.

8. Final Thoughts

These are the best cardio machines of each genre that can work your body the best. While there are a lot more machines that can give your body a good cardio vascular workout, these were chosen for being durable, cost effective and easy to use.

But if you were actually looking for something that can help your body’s overall fitness, then you can’t go wrong with a rowing machine. It’s one of the best non-impact exercises available currently and can be used by people of all ages. So go ahead and take this opportunity to get your fitness levels up with a rowing machine!

As stated above, these three exercising machine are the best cardio equipment. Each have their cons and pros. However, the rowing machine is more versatile and provides the best results. So, go ahead and select the way to row to awesome fitness.

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Robert May 8, 2017

Purchasing exercise equipment for your home is a terrific approach to conserve cash in doing physical training to increase your heart health. Nonetheless, there are number of things to think of like area, schedule, source of power and budget. We have investigated the leading selling cardio machines for the home.

    Edgar May 10, 2017

    Yup, I do agree with that. But still there are many small equipment which won’t occupy much space. Anyway, plan accordingly.

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