Top 13 Balance Board Reviews , Exercises – To Strengthen and Stabilize Your Core

Do balance boards really work?

Balance boards are available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, each of them may have different pros, cons, and uses. So, let’s take a look at balance boards in detail.

One of the quirkiest pieces of fitness equipment I’ve seen in recent times is the balance board. Basically, it is an unbalanced platform where you need to find your balance while simultaneously carrying out some exercise movement.

I’m going to talk about what you need to look for when you are in the balance board shopping market.

I’ve personally had several health benefits owing to my time with a balance board. It is a unique experience and it really doesn’t feel like you are exercising at all, but believe me when I say it give you a thorough working out!

Let’s look at the advantages it offers – great core strength, improving your posture, increase your stability while at the same time getting you better at any sport you participate in.

Believe me when I say, that this is a dynamite package built into a fun little exercise equipment!

What is a Balance Board?

Balance boards are used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes and even elderly individuals who are looking to improve coordination and balance. These balance boards come in a variety of styles. The most common style features a circular board with a domed side.

Balancing your body while standing on the board is said to give numerous health benefits.

Balance Board Benefits


If you are exercising on balance boards, it will help develop proprioception which is the subconscious ability to sense joint movement and body positions. The proprioceptive system includes a lot of receptor nerves located in ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons that can sense changes in muscle tension.

The brain will respond to this by transmitting signals for the muscles to relax or contract approximately. You can always correct your body positions through the proprioceptive system.


The proprioceptive system can become less effective or damaged after an injury or with age. For example, if you have a sprained ankle, it will not be easy to correct the position. Moreover, it can lead to subsequent injuries and balance issues.

Physical therapists often include balance boards in rehab programs for athletes to combat such problems. Moreover, elderly individuals can use it to improve or maintain proprioception.

Other Benefits

I’ve always felt that using balance boards will improve the stability and strength of your muscles. This will also improve your posture and help you maintain a proper position.

Athletes use balance board in their workouts to improve and challenge their balance systems. This can lead to increased coordination during athletic competitions.

Moreover, balanced boards have been used for developing sensory and cognitive skills among differently abled children.

Balance Board Exercises

Let’s go through a few easy balance board exercises that you can do to started with a new balance board. Remember to hold on to a neutral spine position and make sure that your exercise area offers enough grip and is not slippery.

When you use the balance board for the first time, it is better to begin by trying to stay on balance while simply standing on the board. Set the feet onto the board in a way that they are shoulder-width apart, and the toes should be pointed forwards.

You might wobble back and forth at first. But, with practice, you will achieve improvements in stability. Also, try to control the board’s movement by tilting it side to side and front to back. Ensure that you use it in an area free of obstacles.

Move smoothly and do not jerk your body through different positions.

1: Basic Stance Balance

This is the one you will need to start with. Though this can be difficult at first, you will eventually get more comfortable keeping your balance. Just remember to shift your weight to retain your balance on the balance board. This will be your basic stance before starting out on balance boarding.

2: Forward / Backward Tilt

Once you’re okay with the earlier movement, then this is the next step. From your balanced position, try slowly tilting forwards and backwards. This strengthens your lower body and legs, most importantly your ankles.

3: Side Tilt

Now that you are comfortable tilting forwards and back, the next step would be to focus on side to side movement. Same drill as before but remember to balance yourself laterally.

4: Two Leg Tilts – Round the Clock

Now for the ultimate test – putting together what you learnt from all the previous movements. You will need to roll the board in a 360-degree movement. There is no need to rush through this, do it only as quickly as you’re able to.

5: Single Foot Balance

Now that you are comfortable with both feet on the balance board, it’s time to up your game and go single foot balance style. The key things to remember here are to place your foot right at the center of the balance board. Also, do not brace your free leg against the balancing leg – rather, draw the knee to the torso. Hold the position till you are comfortable.

These positions are the basic actions on which the rest of the exercises are built on. So once you are comfortable with this the rest of them should fall into place.

When you use the balance board for the first time, it is better to begin by trying to stay on balance while simply standing on the board. Set the feet onto the board in a way that they are shoulder-width apart, and the toes should be pointed forwards.

You might wobble back and forth at first. But, with practice, you will achieve improvements in stability. Also, try to control the board’s movement by tilting it side to side and front to back. Ensure that you use it in an area free of obstacles.

Does Wobble Board Exercises Help in Weight Loss?

It is often said that boards or vibration machines are fitness for lazy people. But, if you use them correctly they can help a lot to tone you up. It will not only help you lose weight but will also trim the harmful fats that settle in the different parts of your body.

Vibration exercises and boards like balance boards and wobble boards are said to help in loss of fat around internal organs to an extent.

Incorporate wobble boards to your routine to get the best of your workouts and witness drastic improvements in weight loss.

What Muscles Does A Balance Board Work?

Balance boards are most useful in training the core muscles. It will also provide support to your torso. These muscles can help stabilize your spine as well. Each and every move you make on a balance board relies on core and stability.

Working out using a balance board can consistently challenge your core. The core strength that you get from training on a balance board will help you become less prone to injuries.

Moreover, you will be able to reduce the strain on your limbs and lower back.

Are Balance Boards Effective?

Exercising on a balance board can give you a number of benefits and these are extremely useful as well. It can help a lot in making you a better athlete.

Training on balance boards can make you less prone to injuries. Moreover, it will help you improve balance and posture. This can help a lot in regaining your focus.

Balance boards are extremely effective in training your core muscles which will give you strength and stability. Also, balance boards are a great way for children to develop confidence.

Kids balance boards are used in PE classes around the globe to help children from a very early age.

Best Balance Board 2021

Let’s take a look at the best balance boards that can keep you fit and healthy

JFit Round Fixed-Angle Balance Board

jFit Round Fixed Angle Balance Board

This is the perfect balance board for value shoppers. It is made with birch wood which ensures durability and a non-slip surface for added security. Moreover, it comes with a fixed 14-degree angle for moderate difficulty. This will help you improve stability and balance without strapping your budget.

Goofboard Classic

Goofboard CLASSIC Balance Board

Are you a surfer? Then don’t waste your time during offseason. Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or not it is important to practice your skills.

This can help you strengthen and build your muscles so that you are ready when you hit the open water. You can use this balance board to practice your pop-ups.

This will make you feel more confident and will help in improving your balance as well.

Exertools Economy Wobble Board

Exertools Economy Wobble Balance Board

This low rise balance board will be a great fit for the beginners. The 13.6-inch board will not offer you much room. But, it can be used for stretching and balancing while doing other exercises.

Fitter First Pro Rocker Balance Board

Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board

This is the ideal board to improve your balance and stability. It is perfect of people who are new to balance training.

It can help you ease into rehab if you are nursing an ACL or ankle injury; you can adjust it to three different angles of difficulty based on your skill and balance. As a result, it can help beginners a lot.

Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Balance Board

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Balance Board

This budget friendly product will be of great help in stabilizing your body, improving your balance and focusing on biomechanics. It comes with two height options to adjust the difficulty levels.

Also, you can use thread resistance bands with the help of small holes in the surface. At a low price, this product is indeed a no brainer.

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

If you are a snowboarder, wake boarder or a skateboarder, you might be attracted by this product. If you feel that the standard balance board is no more challenging, you can practice 180s, 360s, and kick flips with this balance board.

The innovative roll control feature makes it easier and smoothly on a consistent basis. Practice with this board at home and improve your skills quickly.

Sivan Health And Fitness 16.5-Inch Balance Board

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board

Do you live in a small apartment? Are you worried about the lack of space? Well, this small board can help you achieve great results. Its surface will keep the feet from sliding while exercising or stretching.

It’s so small that you can easily slide it under your desk at work and use it during lunch break. You can also use it at the standing desk.

Vew-Do Love Your Brain Balance Rehab System

Vew-Do LoveYourBrain Rehab Balance System

This product is designed in collaboration with Olympic snowboarder Kevin Pearce. It will also give you a chance to assist people who are affected by traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

A portion of the revenue from sales goes to Love Your Brain Foundation that runs at helping people affected by TBI. It works well for any individual who aims at improving balance.

Moreover, the product comes with a four wheel progression system that can improve your skills and confidence.

Davina Balance Board

Davina Balance Board

This product is lightweight and durable. The middle portion of this board comes with a balance guide that will let you know how good you are keeping your balance.

It is perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiast looking to engage and get more from their workouts.

Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Balance Trainer

If you frequently visit the gym, you might have seen a Bosu ball. The Bosu balance trainer can help you intensify the standard crunch, plank, squat or a push up. This way you can keep your body guessing and make your routine interesting.

Whirly Board Balance Board

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer

This board is unique as it helps you to practice different rotational movements that can aid you for board sports. This product can make it challenging even if your balancing skills are excellent.

But with constant practice, you can improve your board ability, core strength, stability, and agility. Use this product and have fun with the waves in the summer and slopes in the winter with better fitness.

Indo Board Original FLO GF Natural

Indo Board Original FLO GF Balance Trainer

This is one of the best-selling models. It offers different designs and original artwork. It is functional and will aid you in sharpening your skills. The board comes with an instruction DVD which has around two hours of useful content. It also has a solid plastic roller beneath.

Even though it might take some time to get used to, it can improve your posture, agility, and balance. Moreover, you can have fun and work out your lower body and upper body.

16″ Fitter First® Wobble Board

Fitter Classic 16in Wobble Board

This can be considered a reasonably good balance board. But what makes it not the best? Well, this board only cater as the tool for people with advanced skills and not for beginners. It is important to notice that many of us will find of all the three levels hard.

Moreover, it is a bit more expensive than other options. However, its construction is solid wood and can easily hold 350 pounds.

Balance boards offer numerous benefits that are unparalleled. So, ensure that you get the best balance board to stay fit and healthy. The products listed above are of the best quality and sure to help. Balance boards are available on leading online websites and retail chains.

Happy balancing!