11 Best Leg Press Machines in 2024 – All What You Need to Know!

What is the best home leg press machine?

Being a fitness expert, sometimes I get asked the question – how to choose the Best Leg Press Machine in 2024? Well, now that I know what I know, it’s pretty simple really!

Just go through our expert Leg press machine review guides to find the best leg press machine for your money in 2024.

Top 11 Leg Press Machines in 2024


Product Picture Details
1 Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat Body Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat
2 Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
3 Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154
4 Weider Ultimate Body Works

Commercial Grade Leg Press Machine

Rogue Iso Leg Press 35

Rogue Iso Leg Press 35

One of the most robust leg press machines that we’ve ever tested, the Rogue Iso 35 has everything that is expected out of a commercial leg press machine. It has 4 loadable pegs that can take a total of 2, 475 lbs which is a lot of weight! To prevent injuries and missed lifts, it also has spring loaded safety stops and a pop-pin adjustable lumbar support. The foot deck is multi-angled with ball bearings for better angular movement. The Rogue Iso machine allows for single as well as double leg presses.

An Introduction To Leg Press Machines

If you do not know what a leg press machine is, do not worry, we have all experienced this confusion. Many people who go or went at some point during their lives to the gym never think about leg press machines. Why waste time doing leg press workout when there are other, more fun exercises, like lifting weights and doing cardio? (Make Sure You Read Our : Best Stretching Machine Reviews 2024 )

Before talking about leg press machines, we have to look at the benefits of the exercise itself.

Top Leg Press Machines to Pick in 2024

Body Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154

XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

How To Work On A Leg Press Machine?

So, you might be wondering, what is a leg press? Another question that you will ask yourself is how to use a leg press machine. The leg press is, quite simply, a weight training exercise in which you push a weight or any kind of heavy object away by using your legs. It is usually used to evaluate the person’s strength in the lower body (more specifically, the knees and joints). If not done correctly, it can cause heavy injuries in the knees or ankles, so you should never do it without a trained expert by your side. Check out the various gym machines for home gym.

There are two types of leg press exercises:

  • The seated leg press (professionally known as the “cable”) – the athlete sits in an upright position and pushes forward with his legs. This type of exercise requires a plate that is attached to a weight stack with a steel cable.
  • The vertical or diagonal leg press. Think of it as a sled. This is the most common type of leg press exercise, as it is usually recommended for beginners. The weight plates are attached to a sled positioned on top of a rail. The athlete pushes the weight upwards using their feet.

Why Should You Use Leg Press Machines?

There are many benefits to doing leg presses in opposition to other types of exercises. The leg press works four muscle groups, such as the calves, gluteus maximus, hamstring and the quadriceps. Depending on the angle of the sled and the position of the feet, one muscle group will be worked more than the others.

Here are a few other reasons to do leg presses:

  1. They strengthen leg muscles – As the name suggests, it is only obvious that doing leg presses is beneficial for the legs. By doing this particular type of exercise, you will focus mainly on the leg muscles, without straining other parts of your body. After doing leg presses regularly, you will notice that you are putting weight on much faster because they increase the muscular mass.
  2. They burn calories fast – Sure, that applies to any type of physical effort, including leg presses. You will eliminate the calories while doing the exercise itself, and you will also increase your overall physical resistance, in particular on the lower part of the body.Moreover, leg presses will activate your abdominal muscles because you will put a lot of pressure on the area if you are pushing the weights forward, in an upright position. Therefore, by extension, your body will be able to burn calories much faster than usual.
  3. Leg presses are ideal for warming up before lifting big weights – Leg presses are perfect to warm up prior to more strenuous exercises. You could do some warm up sets before going into repping squats or deadlifts because the leg press focuses on all of the muscles from the posterior and anterior part of the leg (quads, hamstrings, glutes).These are a few of the benefits of leg presses. But if you’re wondering how to leg press in a proper manner, we will tell you that you need the appropriate equipment. Here is a list of the best leg press machines you can find on the market.

What To Look For in a Leg Press Machine?

Since most leg presses are a tad expensive, you do not want to throw money away on a machine that will wear down after a few hundred uses. Each leg press apparatus comes with its own set of quirks and characteristics. Think about it like any other device you want to buy.

Let us take a machine as an example. If it comes with a stable, high-quality back pad, it might lack in another department like, for instance, the pulleys. Due to its size and the complexity of the mechanisms that make it function, producing a cost effective leg press machine is quite tricky, and the price will usually reflect that.

Horizontal or Vertical?

Professional fitness trainers will usually tell you that there is no huge difference between horizontal and vertical leg presses. The consensus, though, is that the difference matters when you want to work a particular group of muscles.

Going ahead, many people who work out from home will prefer vertical leg presses because they are space effective. It can be easily fitted in a corner once you finish working out, and some leg press machines can be folded and stored under the bed.

Another deciding factor is the difficulty of the apparatus itself. Vertical models are slightly harder to work with because they force you to push weights upwards, making use of the gravity to its fullest. Horizontal leg presses do occupy more space, but they are easier to use and are more friendly to casual athletes.

Therefore, before deciding between a horizontal or vertical leg press, think about the size of your domicile and how serious you are about working out. If you have plenty of space in your house and want to work out casually, go for a horizontal leg press. If you lack space but and you are considering taking it to the next level, go for the vertical one.

The Type of Leg Press Machine

Basically, there are two important types of leg press machines: the first category consists of those that use weight plates to set the resistance; the second adjusts the resistance through the mechanisms of the machine itself.

Models belonging to the latter category tend to be more expensive but are easier to use and change and eliminate the unlikely, but still probable potential danger of the weight plates falling over the user.

Plated leg press machines, though, are much cheaper, with a small catch: you will need to buy your own weights. If you plan to work on the leg press machine on a daily basis, the plated ones will cost you more money in the long run. It all depends on whether or not you are willing to invest more money into the apparatus as time goes on.

The Versatility of The Machine

This point is short and straightforward: you do want your leg press machine to allow you to do more than just, well, leg presses. Before typing down your credit card details, make sure the device allows you to do other things, like calf raises and hack squats.

Remember, the objective here is to work all of the leg muscles, so a machine that offers less than that is not a good investment.

The Quality of The Bearing

The bearings are the components that will keep you moving, both literally and figuratively. Make sure the bearings are made out of sturdy, durable material, like steel, not lousy plastic.

Due to the intensity of the exercises you will be performing on it, you will need bearings constructed out of high-quality materials. Otherwise, not only will your movements feel awkward and stiff, but the machine will slowly disintegrate, leaving you with the pulleys in hands and a big hole in the wallet.

A Few Tips on How to Use a Leg Press Machines Safely

Leg press machines are safe because of their design, but if you do not know how to use them properly, you can get hurt pretty badly.

With the proper guidance, a leg press machine is very simple to use. First, sit down on the rest with your back positioned straight and firm against the backrest. Position your feet on the foot pads and extend your legs, along with the weight platforms, until the end. Be careful to push the pad using the heels and your quadriceps.

Now all you have to do is the same thing, only in reverse, in the same rhythm as before. Lower the legs until the knees reach a 90-degree angle. Make sure not to rush, because going too fast will cause injuries to your knees and you will lose control of the machine.

Lastly, try not to be a hero. Mastering the leg press machine takes time, practice and dedication, so do not lift more than your body and physical condition permits. Most leg press machine related injuries occur when people set the resistance too high.

Now that we are done, it is high time you kick start your fitness career and look for the perfect leg press machine. So, without further ado, here are a few things that you should inform yourself about before investing money in a leg press machine.

Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

The first entry on this list is the Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack squat machine. This particular leg press machine has a perfect mix of performance and is quite friendly to beginners as well. It is one of the most popular machines of its type. It was introduced by Ironcompany.com, and it will give you a natural workout feel, because the machine manages the resistance of the weight.

  • Gauge diamond plate foot platforms – This particular machine uses Gauge Diamond Plate Foot Platforms, making it one of the best leg press machines out there.
  • Proper support for the shoulders and the back – Another advantage the Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat poses is that, while it can be physically strenuous, you will be less likely to experience back and shoulder pains after an intense workout session. Its durable, thick pads will ensure this.

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Do not get intimidated by the tongue-twisting name of this machine. This particular one has one of the best price-quality ratios out of the leg press machines that you can find on the market. It contains a good, solid platform that will protect your legs and knees from potential injuries while working your leg muscles. Not only that, but due to its small, compact size, you can even place it at home, as it does not occupy much space.


  • Good, reliable support of the neck and back – You are guaranteed to feel comfortable while doing exercises on this machine. This is the first aspect you should consider before buying a leg press machine, as the back, shoulder and neck injuries can be pretty severe..
  • Powerful, resistant deck – Like any serious leg press machine, the deck on this one is solid. In this case, it’s super important because, since you will be sitting on your back and your feet will face the ceiling, you do not want to slip and injure your leg. You will feel safe while working out.
  • Busing made out of nylon – Like the deck, the nylon busing will guarantee your safety while you exercise your lower body.

Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154

Fitness experts regard the Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154 as one of the best leg press machines that you can find on the market. One of the main advantages that this model has is that it can be used both in a professional gym environment and at home, due to its accessible size. It is also very cost-effective, making it an ideal choice both for hardcore fitness enthusiasts and casual athletes who do not want to invest too much of their finances on workout equipment.

Like any good leg press machine, by using it, you will develop strong, healthy calves, quadriceps, hamstring, and glutes. Like the previous entries on this list, the Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press can be easily fit in your living room, so do not worry if you are too busy with work.


  • Dimensions – The biggest feature of this leg press machine is its size. With a height of only 50’’ (127 cm), it is ideal if you live in a small apartment.
  • Support for the back – The smooth and comfortable surface of the back support will prevent you from any injuries and pains after finishing your workout session.
  • Footplates – This is the most critical component of a leg press machine because it is the most likely to cause injuries. The solid, stable plates will prevent your feet from slipping, no matter what types of shoes you are wearing.

XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

Another reasonable option is the XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616. This particular example is designed around solo workout, so you will not need a spotter to make sure that the machine is adjusted correctly. While it is a bit expensive, it is one of the most durable leg press machines on the market, and the price totally reflects that. It will not show any signs of damage even after a year of usage, so it is definitely worth a few extra hundred dollars.


  • Comfort – Your comfort while exercising will be guaranteed due to the strong support of the back, head and shoulders. The smooth, durable surface will significantly extend the duration of your workout sessions because you will be less likely to take rests due to back or neck pains.
  • Boards – The footboards come with four positions that you can adjust using the locking pin. As a result, the machine offers a pretty broad array of angles that you can work with.
  • Calf presses and hack squats – Thanks to its smart, ergonomic design, this device will offer you plenty of opportunities to work your leg muscles, with a special focus on the calves and the posterior muscles of the legs.
  • Compact size – This too can be easily fitted in the house, as it occupies a 6 x 6 surface. As for the construction of the machine itself, the designers have used the most powerful and durable materials, so you will not need to buy another leg press machine for many years.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works leg press machine deserves a spot on this list due to its excellent price-quality ratio. The Weider Ultimate Body Works leg press machine has loads to offer, including the opportunity to work on your legs from the comfort of your own house. Do not let the price tag fool you, because it reflects in no way the quality of the product.

Unlike other workout machines of this type, the Weider Ultimate Body Works will not only focus on your legs, but will also offer you the opportunity to work your back, hips, thighs, and calves.


  • Size – This machine is a true space saver due do its ingenious and ergonomic design. After you are done working out, you can fold it in such a way that it can very easily fit under your bed. Thus, if you live in a tiny apartment or a crowded house, do not waste your time thinking where to store it.
  • Bands – The four bands are very sturdy, allowing you to increase the resistance up until 23 kg (50 pounds).
  • Pulley system – Despite the price point, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is made out of durable, high-quality materials. The pulley system is resistant and versatile, offering a wide array of options and work out motions that cater to every need and preference. Thanks to the pulley system’s versatility, it allows the user to focus on specific groups of muscle, while reducing or increasing the overall workout time, depending on the case.

Maxxus 2 in 1

A proper, effective, safe and, not to mention, healthy leg training session is totally dependent on the quality of the machine and its resistance. Maxxus 2 in 1 offers just that.


  • The ergonomic design of the Maxxus 2 in 1 provides plenty of opportunities for athletes. So, it may not be so friendly for those who work out occasionally. Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, though, will feel extremely satisfied and fulfilled after using it.
  • Maxxus 2 in 1 features incredibly durable materials, with a stable steel frame that weighs about 130 kg.
  • The resistance of the weights can be increased up to 300 kilograms.

Bodymax CF800 Leg Press/Hack Squat

The Bodymax CF800 Leg Press/Hack Squat machine sits comfortably somewhere between the machines for professional athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts. Unlike other models, which focus on a few particular leg muscles, with this one, you can work all of them in one sitting.


  • The versatility of this model allows you to do hack squats once you are done doing leg presses. By adjusting the foot platforms, you can easily switch between leg presses and hack squats.
  • Bodymax CF800 Leg Press/HackSquat features an impressive weight capacity that goes up to 454 kilograms.
  • The machine is constructed out of sturdy, durable, high-quality materials, so it is a safe investment if you want the best thing that your budget allows you.

BH Fitness Global Multi Gym – Leg Press & Dipping Tower

The BH Fitness Global Multi-Gym is one of the best leg press machines out there. It has been launched as the flagship of this particular range, and it is highly regarded by fitness enthusiasts, as well as professional trainers.


  • The first important characteristic that this particular model has is the adjustable leg press, which allows you to switch between angles and levels of resistance.
  • It comes with a digital monitor that lets you see clearly how much resistance you have set for your pads and the progress that you have made up until that point.
  • The pulley system is designed in such a way that it offers the utmost comfort while working out, preventing any injuries to the knees, legs and arms.

Other than that, the BH Fitness Global Multi Gym comes with every utility that other leg press machines have right out of the box: low pulleys, a chest press and pec deck and a leg developer. It is one of the most complex machines out of this list, so make sure you are really into working out before throwing money at it. Otherwise, it is the perfect leg press device if you want to take it to the next level.

Pro Heavy Duty Seated Leg Curl & Extension Machine by XS Sports

This machine is one of the cheapest models you can go for. Like it is in the case of other affordable ones, do not let the price tag fool you because it does not reflect the quality of the product.


  • Weight resistance that goes up to 80 kilograms
  • The thigh holder can be easily adjusted and even removed to fit your requirements
  • Comfortable backrest that will prevent any potential injuries or pains

Despite the low cost of purchasing it, the design is solid and very well made. Its ergonomic construction is perfect even if you are taller than average or slightly overweight. When it comes to the overall quality of the materials, it is similar to what you will find in a regular gym, so do not shy away from buying it if you set your eyes on it.

Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym – Can fit two users at the same time

Do not get fooled by its size because it is, in fact, a brilliant space saver, and the reason is quite obvious from the image: it allows two people to work out at the same time.

Moreover, the design of the machine lets you do two types of exercises: one part is equipped with two 65 kg stacks of weights that focus on the shoulders, and the other part of the machine is dedicated to leg presses. This mix of exercises allows you not only to alternate rapidly between them, but also to save space because you will not need to buy two machines.

The price tag might put off some people, but if you are serious about working out and have enough space in your house, you should definitely consider buying it.


  • The leg press can be adjusted according to your preferences
  • Contains a straight bar, an ankle strap, and an independent shoulder press
  • Steel frame – 1 gauge, 5 x 5 heavy duty
  • 4 inch pulleys with sealed bearings
  • It goes up to a maximum of 145 kg resistance

Final Thoughts

Leg presses on a leg press machine are some of the best exercises that you can do to improve your lower body and enhance your physical capabilities in general. Whether you are focusing full time on leg presses or you are doing them just as a warm up, buying a leg press machine is a good idea thanks to their versatile nature and the fun factor. Hopefully, this guide will prove useful and help you find the leg press machine that caters to all of your needs and preferences.