Best Pedometer Review 2023 – Top Step Counter Pedometer Compared

How do you choose the best pedometer/step counter in 2019?

If you are looking for the most accurate pedometer work review then you are at the right place. Our expert curated review helps you to find the most accurate step counter for for your money in 2019

What Is A Pedometer/Step Counter?

Pedometers are convenient, small electronic devices. They are user-friendly and are made for keeping track of how many steps you do every day.

They first appeared in the United States, in the 1990s and their popularity have grown over the years. Nowadays, a pedometer will allow a person to keep score of the number of calories they have burned, calculate the progress they have made and of course, set a goal for exercising each day.(Check Out Our : Best Yoga Mat Reviews 2019)

How Does A Pedometer Work?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, this easy-to-use device will provide the user with the ability to establish a more realistic training goal.

By seeing how many steps you have accomplished, a pedometer will better motivate a person trying to lose weight and get into shape. Meanwhile, they also have a beneficial effect on the mindset of a person, by confronting her with the end-game, the finish line they have to cross every day.

Some of the best pedometers for walking have multiple functions and can even store data so that you can connect it to a computer and analyze your exercise routine.

Benefits Of Having A Pedometer

Pedometers Are Great Motivators

Whether you choose to turn walking into a family activity in which all members can take part, or just want to be able to set a clear score for yourself, a pedometer will do the trick.

As the saying goes “seeing is believing.” By being able to keep count of how many steps you’ve taken today and being very aware of the target, you will boost your self-esteem, and you will have the courage to face a new challenge.

Pedometers are devices that can increase the competitivity level of a group or a family. By comparing data from various members, you can turn this form of exercising into a group activity, which makes it more fun and entertaining.

A Pedometer Will Offer A Realistic Baseline

At first, when you buy a pedometer, you should wear it normally and just see the number of steps you take every day, without setting a goal. This will help you get a clearer image of the level of activity you do every single day.

El Paso Independent School District put together a chart that offers information based on various activity levels. For example, if you walk up to 5000 steps per day, the chart categorizes you as a “not very active” individual. If the number of steps raises to 7500, you fall into the “low active” section. If you accomplish the 10.000 range, the results say that you are a “somewhat active” person. Over 12.500 steps daily will grant you the title of “a highly active” person.

Pedometers Will Improve The Activity Levels

The Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports sustain that by using a pedometer, a person will be more determined to increase the number of steps taken daily, somewhere between 1.800 and 4.500 steps. This figure actually means that if you achieve the number of steps, you walk around 1 to 2.25 miles per day.

A study developed by the University of Minnesota reveals that by using a pedometer, you will be determined to walk more. The study divided the people into two groups. The first group received a pedometer, and the results have shown that the people increased the number of steps by 30%, compared to the second group that didn’t receive a pedometer.

A Pedometer Will Restore Your Health

By motivating you to keep walking, you will lose weight, get in shape and have a healthier body. Through exercise, the blood pressure decreases, which leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, diabetics improve their insulin levels by losing the extra weight. Also, the presence of a pedometer will determine its user to keep going and thus, to pay more attention to his goals.

What’s The Daily Goal?

Researchers from the American Heart Association showed that taking 10.000 steps a day will ensure a desired activity level, in order to lower the risk of heart problems.

Also, these 10.000 steps, the equivalent of 5 miles per day will lower your body mass index, help you achieve a smaller waist and reduce the risk of type two diabetes.

How To Choose The Best Pedometer For You In 2021?

In order to select the best pedometer for your needs, you must think about the following aspects:

  • Do you desire to know the exact level of exercise you do each day?
  • Do you want to be able to transfer the data and do a chart?
  • Are you also interested in counting the lost calories?
  • Would you like to play games on it?
  • Would you prefer a watch or want to place it on your belt?
  • What is your budget? (pedometers prices can vary a lot)

The Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip

Overview: It combines multiple features, and it’s user-friendly due to its interface. Fitbit Zip allows you to set your own goals and transfer the data via Bluetooth. It’s considered to be the top rated pedometer of 2019.



It’s highly accurate for counting steps and is probably the most accurate pedometer on the market. Also, Fitbit is a very light and easy to carry product.

Although it’s water-resistant, this device is not waterproof so you must be careful to take it off if you’re going for a swim.

The Withings Go

The Withings Go

Overview: This pedometer has two screen modes, thus making it easy to use. The battery lasts for up to 8 months, so the chances of it dying in the middle of a workout are slim. Being waterproof, you can use it to track the sea or pool activity also. It attaches through a clip, either on your clothes or you can choose to wear it on your wrist.



Besides the fact that it is waterproof, this pedometer will count one stroke in the water as a step. You can dive up to 50 meters with it. So, given this amazing feature, we can say that it’s probably the best wrist pedometer available on the market.

You will have to sync it with the app every ten days considering its short span memory.

The Misfit Shine 2 ( Best Wrist Pedometer Available on the Market. )

The Misfit Shine 2

Overview: This is a top rated pedometer due to its chic style and many possibilities to be attached to basically, everything. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or even on your pants due to the clip. The Misfit Shine 2 has a beautiful design and it’s also waterproof.



You can wear it under any form, and will look fashionable, not only practical.

Although its step tracking isn’t bad, it could use some improvements. Also, the number of burned calories isn’t quite accurate, so you may want to take care with that.

The Yamax Power Walker

Yamax EX-210 Power Walker EX Pedometer

Overview: The Yamax Power pedometer is a reliable device that is pretty accurate. Considering it can’t be attached to anything, you have to remember to take it with you every time you leave the house, but other than that, it’s possibly the best pedometer for walking.



It has a lot of memory and can keep track of your exercise routine for up to 30 days.

Because it’s a traditional and very accessible pedometer, this one doesn’t allow you to transfer the data. So basically, you won’t be able to keep score of the workout you’ve done for more than 30 weeks. Newer versions of pedometers are more user-friendly and can be connected with various devices.

The Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone UP MOVE Activity Tracker

Overview: It’s a small and accurate device which allows you to move around freely by attaching it to a pocket, T-shirt or even your shoes.



It can be considered the best pedometer due to the fact that it has a lot of memory space so you can go about your steps every single day for about nine months without any worry.

Another benefit of The Jawbone Up Move is that it can also register the distance you’ve traveled, not only the number of steps. Also, it can keep count of the quality of your sleep.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t have a screen, you won’t be able to check in real time to see the progress you’ve made. Syncing it with the app becomes mandatory and a little unpleasant.

The Fitbit One

The Fitbit One

Overview: This is one of the best pedometers for keeping track of your daily steps. It is not only easy to use and small, but it’s also very accurate.



The screen is bright and you can see your steps without problems. The Fitbit One has a button that controls it so that you won’t get lost within a multitude of features.

Once you sync it with the app, you will be surprised by the many attributes that the FitBit App offers.

It can be attached solely through its clip.

Omron HJ-327T Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker

Omron HJ-327T Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker

Overview: It’s a simple to use pedometer that can track only the most important things, like steps, calories, and distance.



The life span of the battery is six months, so you can use it without any care and recharge it only two times a year. It has a certain vintage look to it, and it is very user-friendly, besides having a bright display.

It has only a couple of features and can track calories, distance, and steps. The Omron HJ-327T Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker doesn’t offer the possibility of tracking active minutes, so you’re going to have to wear a watch to be up to speed in that aspect. Still, this is the best pedometer for a traditional person who wants to enjoy a simple workout.

The Striiv Fusion Lite

Striiv Fusion Lite Activity Tracker

Overview: This pedometer has multiple features like call notifications, touchscreen or smartwatch features.



It’s easy to use considering it has a touchscreen and you can wear it as a bracelet. It probably has the best pedometer display.

It contains the necessary features like the number of steps, the distance, the calories and the active minutes.

Possibly due to its many features, The Striiv Fusion Lite has to be frequently charged. The memory lasts only four days and the battery, five days. If you don’t plan to make it a hobby syncing the data with the app, you will constantly lose all the information.

The Misfit Flash

The Misfit Flash

Overview: Its accuracy level isn’t very high, but it can transform from a pedometer into a normal watch in a second.



The Misfit Flash is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking it with you to the pool. It can be worn all day as a watch, a pedometer, or both.

The accuracy of this pedometer isn’t great. It will provide you with a general idea, but that’s about it.

So, these nine pedometers come with their cons and pros. So, even though you may know which is the best pedometer on the market, it may not also be the best choice for your lifestyle.

Top 3 Best Pedometer Apps for Android

Now, let’s take a look at some Android apps that can help you keep track of your workout routines:

  1. Walk with Map My Walk is the best step counter app for Android because it can track and monitor your movements. It also offers users the possibility of logging onto the website and view the route they’ve taken on a map.
  2. Moves app can record any activity you do, regardless if it’s running, cycling or walking. This app also shows you the number of calories you’ve lost due to each activity. Though it will remain ON for as long as you keep it, this app is easy to use and very reliable.
  3. Runtastic Pedometer Step Count is also one of the best step counter apps for Android and can track the time for each fitness activity and also calculate the time it took to cover a certain distance.

Final Thoughts: Top Pedometers 2021

Nowadays, people stay connected to the Internet almost 24/7, even if it’s for work-related purposes, or for entertaining. A pedometer can be the perfect combination of exercising, staying active, and enjoying the perks of the Internet in a healthy way. Choose the best pedometer for you in 2019 and take advantage of its features!