Interval Training Workouts That Will Boost Your Metabolism

What is interval training?

Interval training is the alternate training between high-intensity training exercises and low-intensity training exercises. It is a workout that does not require the same routine every time. Every workout during interval training has to have a high-density training period, this a period of very vigorous training, followed by a low-density training period, which is the same training but with less vigorous input, after which there is a rest time.

Interval training doesn’t have any specific length of time of how long every workout should be.

Before embarking on interval training, it is very important to start your workouts by first doing some cardio interval training. These should be done a few times a week. They are meant to prepare you for more intense fitness exercises. Cardio interval training burns your calories and will boost metabolism while keeping you fit.

Interval training workouts

HIIT training or high-intensity interval training incorporates many different activities. These could be HIIT running, interval weightlifting, interval training on treadmill, and many others.

Every HIIT workout you do helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat from the body. A 20 minute treadmill workout is an intense exercise on a treadmill for 20 minutes which has intervals of high density training, low-density training, and a rest period. The best way to do high interval training on a treadmill is to start with an easy warm-up. The warm should be slow and steady. This same pace is the same one you will use for your low-intensity period.

After the slow warm up pace, select the treadmill speed. This speed should be high and fast. Make a 30-second fast sprint on the treadmill. Then choose the low-density speed and for a minute or so, walk at a slow speed.

Repeat this fast and slow interval treadmill exercise 8 more times. This will take you 20 minutes. You can have your treadmill mimic conditions from outside by adding an incline to your treadmill. Start by having a low incline and as you train more, increase the incline.

If you can’t workout on a treadmill, you can do interval running workout. Just like treadmill training, interval running also requires both high and low-intensity training intervals. Start your training with a short warm-up of about 4 minutes. Then after the warm up, start running but do not pick your full speed at once. After about a minute, increase your speed. After another minute, slow down and jog or walk at a much slower pace. Then take a complete rest for another 3 minutes or so and start the whole exercise all over again. Do this for another 30 minutes, and that is enough interval training running for a day.

High interval training does a lot to kickstart your metabolism. Besides this, interval training also does this to your body.

It helps to burn your calories

HIIT training burns more calories from your body than many other regular exercises. The increased intensity training sessions burn a lot of calories, and this helps or aids in a much-improved body composition.

It is easier to adhere to

It is easier to adhere to HIIT than many other regular continuous exercises. The workout is easier to follow and is more enjoyable to carry out than other exercises.

It boosts your endurance

Regular intervals of high-density training and low-density training improve your endurance. Your body becomes more flexible, and you don’t tire easily from doing simple chores

It improves your health

HIIT training helps your overall body health. Your blood pressure is improved, and there are better, and mitochondria counts become high. These help in fuelling your brain and your entire body. It helps in your overall body flexibility and better elasticity of your veins and arteries. People with some ailments of the coronary artery can tolerate interval training than they do other regular exercises.

Helps you to lose weight

HIIT training helps you burn calories which in turn help you to lose any extra fat that you have. HIIT specifically targets abdominal fat. Though you lose fat from all parts of the body, the biggest proportion of fat loss comes from the abdomen area.

Helps to build body muscles

HIIT helps you to build more and firmer muscles while helping your body lose any extra fat at the same time.

Saves you a lot of time

Some people may not have enough time to go to a gym. You can do your interval running workout from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to train every day to get results

One or two HIIT training sessions every week are enough to give your body the kind of results you want.

You can turn any sport into HIIT training

If you love boxing, you can have high and low-intensity training intervals as you do shadow boxing. You can also turn your kickboxing into an HIIT session.

HIIT helps to increase your metabolism fast

While HIIT is one way of boosting your metabolism, the following have to go hand in hand with HIIT for an increase in your metabolism fast.

How to increase Metabolism fast

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

A good healthy well-balanced breakfast is one way of how to increase metabolism to lose weight. Start your day by eating a well-balanced breakfast. A healthy and filling breakfast will give your body the energy it needs before the next meal. The study shows that people who skip breakfast snack in between meals and this leads to weight gain.

2. Take lots of water and other non-sugary liquids

Water will hydrate your body well and help to clean up and remove toxins from the body faster. This is through urine, sweat, and excrement. The more liquids, you drink, the more waste your body release through the natural ways.

3. Eat a balanced diet always

Take foods to boost your metabolism. These are proteins, minerals, carbs, vitamins and everything else that is essential to your health and wellbeing. Include lots of fruit, vegetables, and foods rich in fiber in your daily diet.

Interval training if done well is very easy to do and has tremendous benefits to your health. It not only boosts your metabolism, but it helps you to lose weight and other health benefits. Start your HIIT training today and see your body go through changes that you will love.