Best Fitness Tracker Reviews for You in 2024:To Track Your Fitness

Why you need a Fitness Tracker?

The first month of the year is the perfect timing to make new decisions to improve our health condition.

Thus, as soon as you feel motivated to go in this direction, you should establish a set of goals and work towards attaining them.

In this direction, an activity tracker watch can do marvels. Such a device is exactly what you need to make sure you are going in the right direction, which, in the long run, helps you to stay motivated. It’s no secret that motivation is a key ingredient for staying healthy and fit.

How to choose the Best Fitness Tracker ?

On that note, we thought we should make an activity tracker comparison. We selected the best devices in this department, and we will outline our experience with the products. We have also considered activity tracker reviews in our search to make sure that the information we present is reliable

Design and form: Considering that you intend on wearing the best activity tracker on a regular basis, it should have a versatile design that makes it easy to wear and equally versatile. Luckily, activity trackers come in many forms, sizes and colors, wristbands, watches, chest straps, and so on. It is needless to say that your personal preference plays a major part in this respect.

Water resistance: If you plan on wearing the best exercise watch round the clock, including while showering or swimming, it’s quintessential to make sure it’s waterproof. Bear in mind that there is a significant distinction between water resistance and waterproofness. Water resistant often implies that the device is resistant to splashes alone. Nonetheless, waterproof fitness watches are fitted for swimming activities as well.

Battery life: This is another important element one should consider while browsing for the best budget fitness tracker. Recharging your fitness watch as often as you charge your smartphone is far from being convenient. On that note, you should consider this element as well.

Heart monitoring: Many users consider that heart monitoring is a crucial feature that every activity tracker watch should encompass. Nonetheless, note that the readings provided by such devices aren’t 100 percent accurate. Such information has a purelffity informative purpose. Without further anticipation, let’s have a look at the very best fitness trackers and the elements that characterize each product.

Best Fitness Trackers Reviews

Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus

This device focuses on delivering high performance, over style. It is meant to fit the needs of swimmers, runners, and cyclists, which is why we categorize it as the best activity tracker for runners. Without a doubt, this gear will attract fitness enthusiasts, since it presents a set of attractive features.

It is equipped with a barometric altimeter, an accelerometer, an optical heart rate monitor and a GPS. In plain English, if you choose this, you have pretty much every base covered. Due to its waterproof design, you can leave it on at all times.

During our tests, we noted that the distances were accurately measured while the heart rate didn’t present any awkward results. All in all, this is a device that motivates you to push your boundaries and surpass them every time. This is better suited for avid fitness enthusiasts.


  • Waterproof design
  • Heart rate and GPS monitoring
  • Up to 5-day battery life


  • Unappealing design

Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is better than ever, embodying the perfect combination of features. It automatically detects exercises such as cycling and running.

Nonetheless, if you want to receive 100 percent accurate results, we think you would be better off adding the actual activities yourself. In comparison with the previous product, this one presents enhanced pulse recordings as well as the capability of establishing challenging fitness goals.

Featured by an altimeter that informs you of the number of steps you’ve climbed, this tracker is a dependable activity tracker watch, which is why it’s so popular. It is comfy to wear and stays in place, whereas the design is discreet and neat.


  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Excellent, useful app


  • Unreliable pulse monitoring
  • Odd run tracking

MOOV NOW – 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach

The MOOV NOW is an improved version of the original MOOV for numerous reasons. Firstly, it is created to be worn on the ankle or wrist, being supplied by two separate wraps.

We added it to our top because it’s a reliable, comprehensive tracker that analyzes a full range of activities. It is specifically created to offer you assistance during your workouts. Furnished with a nine-axis Omni Motion sensor, the tracker monitors every move.

Furthermore, you benefit from 12 separate guided workouts that are accompanied by a voice coach to keep you motivated. Because this fitness band utilizes a coin cell battery, you benefit from up to six-month battery life, which is convenient.


  • Dustproof and waterproof design
  • Real-time coaching accompanied by voice feedback
  • Tracks a variety of activities including swimming, walking, cycling, running, sleeping, boxing, and so on


  • The latch that holds the watch is a bit flimsy
  • The app isn’t as user-friendly as it should beng

Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

This state-of-the-art sports watch balances simplicity and high performance; and, most importantly, it comes at a surprisingly affordable rate. This is a fantastic option if you’re in the market for the best activity tracker for runners.

Still, this does much more than that; it also tracks your fitness progress in the case of other activities as well, such as swimming and yoga. Some people say it’s the best fitness band out there.

Featuring a heart rate sensor, and an accurate GPS, this fitness watch informs you if you didn’t engage in physical exercise for an extended timespan. Regarding performance results, they are quite reasonable as well. The only downside we could think of is that heart rate tracking involves a chest strap.

Moving on to the design – this sports watch looks so neat in comparison with other GPS watches that are bulky, even obtrusive, when on the hand.


  • Slim and light design
  • Fantastic features for the price
  • Tracks heart rate, daily fitness, and GPS


  • It lacks route navigation
  • Chest belt required for monitoring heart rate

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

If you plan on purchasing a cost effective fitness tracker, the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is an excellent alternative. After thoroughly reviewing the performance of the fitness band, we could say that it is incredibly cheap and it represents a blend of decent features.

Regarding design, we liked the matte finishing and the sleek features. A minimalist design is always a good idea, not to mention that this is unexpectedly lightweight as well. It fits comfortably on the wrist, and you won’t feel the need to take it off.

What about its tracking performance? The manufacturer indicates that this tracks distances, steps and estimates the calories burnt. Still, the question that follows is: are the results accurate? So and so. We established that this overestimates steps now and then.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate readings of heart rate, sleep and steps
  • Great value for the price tag


  • Calorie tracker isn’t precise
  • The tracker can pop out of the silicone band

Samsung Gear Fit2

Those who are in the market for a high-quality Android fitness tracker should consider purchasing the Samsung Gear Fit2.

The manufacturer has significantly enhanced the overall performance of the device, and the result is an Android-friendly gadget that is worth your money. Still, iOS users shouldn’t feel left out; Samsung now provides iOS support as well, which means all users can take advantage of this high-quality fitness watch.

In contrast with the first Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Gear Fit2 encompasses a range of enhancements one cannot miss noticing.

We liked the minimalist design, which isn’t different from the first generation device. The new generation alternative is charged via its charging dock, which is more user-friendly than the first product that required carrying additional cables.

If a fitness wearable watch isn’t comfortable, what is the point of wearing it, right? The good news is that this band feels sublime on the wrist. Gear Fit2 monitors your lack of movement, and it can also detect specific motions and follow each without requiring your input. Regarding accuracy, we couldn’t be more pleased.

On the whole, this is a great product we would gladly recommend to a broad class of users looking for a qualitative fitness band.


  • Excellent value
  • Broad capability
  • Impeccable look


  • Excellent value
  • Broad capabilityImpeccable look

Fitbit Charge 2

In comparison with the Fit Charge HR, the Fitbit Charge 2 is the right choice for you if you’re into a more accurate fitness tracking and want a large display to highlight your results.

This device highlights the heart zone you’re in during exercising. This way, you can either increase or diminish your efforts based on real-time, accurate data. Other specific additions that enhance the device include a new battery percentage indicator, as well as do not disturb modes.

This gear illustrates that Fitbit concentrates, first and foremost, on making wearable fitness tracking accessible to every user as opposed to utilizing complicated tech.

Note that this fitness band isn’t waterproof. It is, however, resistant to splashes.

Similar to other Fitbit wearables, this also monitors your steps during the day. Nonetheless, this permits you to adjust your goals as you wish. A key enhancement is that this fitness band is featured by multi-sport tracking, which means you can monitor treadmill running, running, weight training, walking, elliptical trainer, bike, interval workouts and so on.


  • Comfy strap
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Large screen


  • Lack of GPS
  • Expensive straps
  • Limited phone notifications

Withings Activité

Without fear of contradiction, this exercise watch is one of the best-looking pieces in this category. It balances a unique old-school charm, and the result is amazing: a sports watch that looks like a designer piece.

Firstly, it monitors runs, steps, and sleep while also being waterproof. A secondary dial indicates how close you are to complete your daily fitness goals, which keeps you motivated.

The watch functions with the Withings Healthmate app, which can be used with both iOS and Android devices. Nonetheless, even though the watch will congratulate you for reaching your targets, it won’t give you a nudge when you don’t.

On a final note, this watch is user-friendly, works ideal for its purpose and is compatible with third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal.


  • High-end, luxurious design
  • 8-month battery life
  • WaterproofUseful app


  • Pricey
  • It doesn’t monitor elevation change