Ultimate Review Of Best Smith Machines In 2023 – Top Smith Machines Compared

If you are looking for the Best Smith Machines For Your Home Gym in 2021, then boy do we have great news for you! Our exclusive, hand-picked, home smith machine review can help you find the best smith machine for your money in 2021

What Is A Smith Machine For?

This machine was created for weight training, and basically, it allows only vertical movement. Although The Smith Machine is still highly controversial, Jack Lalanne, one of the greatest inventors for gym equipment throughout history, has designed it in an effort to be able to lift weights without a spotter.

Jack has actually sketched this design on a napkin, but Rudy Smith turned the creation into a real machine.

By the 1970s, this device was commonly found in American gyms, but by the 1990s, experts have argued that a Smith Machine isn’t safe, that it may not offer enough support or that it places a lot of stress on certain muscles, which could lead to muscle injuries.

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The Differences Between Using Free Weights And A Smith Machine

The debate that lasts until today poses the same question: is a Smith Machine better than lifting free weights?

1. Exercises

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • They will determine you to use your whole body and thus, make you work more muscles, but it takes time to learn the proper technique.
  • You can only work on particular groups of muscles, but it was built so that you would be able to use it safely on your own.

2. Movement

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • They allow you to move horizontally, vertically, forward and backward.
  • The only dimension available is vertically or near vertically, but it is easy to use and is great for rehab patients that need a specific muscle workout.

3. Variation

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • You can do different exercises only by using a dumbbell.
  • It’s recommended for inexperienced users, because they are less likely to hurt themselves, or for rehabilitation.

4. Location

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • You can use them anywhere, at home, or even keep some at the office and exercise during your breaks.
  • They are usually found in gyms, but you can buy one for your home workout as well.

5. Price

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • They are more accessible and you can exercise without paying for a gym membership.
  • It costs more, but if you have one at home, you will be able to workout without bystanders around and even without a spotter.

6. Time

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • Will allow you just to get in shape, or get a little workout in, taking things at your own pace.
  • Its limited movement makes it a good piece of equipment for someone more advanced or who wants to use more devices.

7. Focus

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • You have to know what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. According to that, you will do different exercises and so, you have to keep your focus on the task at hand.
  • Will put the accent on the effort, not on the mechanics. This will allow you to think of other aspects of working out, rather than the set of movements.

8. Safety

Free Weights

Smith Machine
  • You should always have a spotter when doing bench press exercises or when you are lifting heavy weights. At the same time, free weights will allow you to move in more than one direction.
  • It makes it possible to train on your own and increase the weight without worrying about safety. Still, working solely on a determined muscle group could result in injuries on the long term.

How To Use The Smith Machine:

Who Can Use A Smith Machine?

Beginners – Learning the proper technique for lifting free weights takes time, and it’s best to have someone assist you, preferably a trainer. A Smith Machine is fairly easy to use and pretty safe.

Rehab patients: Getting back in shape after a trauma may be difficult, especially if you don’t know your body strength at that moment. Doing exercises on a Smith Machine will ensure that you are not going to hurt yourselves, especially if you don’t have a trainer.

Bodybuilders: It will efficiently increase their muscle volume and aesthetics.

What Types Of Smith Machines Are There Available?

According to your budget, fitness goals, and free space, you can choose what kind of Smith Machine is best suited for you. Here are a few tips to consider:

Residential SmithMachines

  • Are designed with lighter grade frames than commercial Smith machines.
  • They can include different features, such as butterfly attachments or squat cages.
  • A Smith Machine destined for home use will have the capacity of 300-400 lbs.
  • An economy model will have a nylon bushing system, but its use may be improved by using a silicon spray.

Example: Marcy SM4008 Smith Machine or a Body-Solid Powerline PSM144X

All-In-One Smith Machines

  • Is a superior home gym equipment.
  • It balances the individual’s needs by offering the option of adding an element of free-weight.
  • Includes various stations.
  • It offers different resistance options.

Example: Yukon Smith Machine CPKG-CCO or a Body-Solid Powerline PSM1442XS Smith Machine Package

Selectorized Smith Machines

  • The bar’s height is adjustable.
  • Its resistance may vary due to a selectorized weight stack pin.

Example: Body Solid GS348QP4 Series 7 Smith Gym with Bearing Smith Machines and Selectorized Latch by Body Solid

Commercial Smith Machine

  • It’s a stand-alone piece of equipment.
  • Found in many gyms or facilities.
  • It’s safe to use even with heavy weights.
  • It cam be bolted for extra resistance.
  • It has a walk-through design, so you can place it anywhere without problems.
  • It can be custom made.

Example: Body Solid PSM144X Powerline Smith Machine

Counterbalanced Smith Machines

  • This type decreases the weight of the Olympic steel bar so that you can work on smaller group muscles as well.
  • A good machine will include counterweights.
  • Has protective shrouds to offer an extra element of safety to the user or the people passing by.

Example: York Barbell 54033-55033 Counter Balanced Smith Machine or a SportsArt A983

Angled Smith Machines

  • Some Smith Machines have a bar that offers a 5-7 degree angle.
  • It will accommodate more naturally the body’s range of motion.
  • Offers better support to muscle group isolation.

Example: Legend Fitness 3124 Angled Smith Machine or an American Built AB-M49 Angled Smith Press

Three Dimensional Smith Machines

  • The machine is not limited to the vertical path but can move horizontally as well.
  • Simulates the natural free weight lifting.
  • It includes a second set of guide rods and linear bearings.
  • The list of possible exercises varies from conventional lifts to competitive movements and even Olympic lifts.

Example: Commercial Jones Machine designed by BodyCraft or TuffStuff XPT Trainer

What’s The Difference Between A Residential Smith Machine And A Commercial Smith Machine?

The answer to this question is the use of linear bearings. A residential Smith is more expensive due to a heightened quality level. Linear bearings offer resistance to the machine. So, by improving the functions, the price raises.

Top 10 Smith Machines of 2021

Bowflex PR1000 (It has multiple purposes)

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

  • The maximum admissible user weight is 300 pounds
  • It offers up to 210 pounds resistance
  • It can be folded for storage
  • Great for muscles, as well as cardio exercises
  • Shows workout descriptions through a workout placard
  • It has upholstered roller cushions that offer comfort for leg curls and extensions

Other features: multi-use hand-grip, sliding rail, ankle cuffs.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage (it has multiple purposes)

Marcy Diamond Elite MD MXM6 Smith Cage System

  • This Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with linear bearings offers style to your home gym
  • Excellent for over 100 types of exercises
  • It is a safe Smith machine
  • Has a dual-function leg press bar and developer
  • It presents roller pads contoured made of high-density foam
  • Has an accommodating curl pad
  • Unfortunately, this Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine is difficult to assembly on your own

Other features: It includes a pulley for foot rest, it has vinyl upholstery

Powerline BSG10X (it has multiple purposes)

Powerline BSG10X

  • It is easy to put together
  • It has a height of 6 feet and occupies only 4 feet
  • The tension strength features 2.200 pound
  • It presents an adjustable and comfortable seat post
  • The weight stack weights 160 pounds and you can’t upgrade it
  • It has a high resistance to impacts

Other features: traditional press bar, no cable change needed

Bowflex Blaze (it has multiple purposes)

Bowflex Home Gym Series

  • It’s great for an intense workout
  • Offers extra safety
  • Has 60 exercise types for strength
  • Due to the angled lat bar, it allows the user to work his shoulder muscles
  • Not recommended for people with a height of over 6’4″, according to reviews
  • The resistance can be upgraded from 210 pounds to 310 pounds or 410 pounds

Other features: easy to store and assemble, has a leg curl attachment

Marcy Combo Smith Machine (it has multiple purposes)

Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine

  • It provides an extra element of safety through the adjustable safety stops
  • Has an independent motion pulley system
  • Marcy Smith machines are high-quality products and are very durable
  • The seat can change positions
  • The back pad can be adjusted to flat, incline or decline poses
  • It includes a leg developer
  • You will probably need specialized help to assemble it
  • People taller than 6’4″ could find it uncomfortable for certain exercises

Other features: can be upgraded by two storage posts

Body Solid Smith Machine EXM3000LPS (it has multiple purposes)

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym for Light Commercial and Home Gym

  • It has a multi-press station
  • Presents a leg extension or leg curl extension
  • It features dual 210-pound weight stack
  • It occupies minimal space
  • It incorporates various workout options
  • The padding is of top quality
  • Putting it together may prove difficult to accomplish

Other features: comes with a DVD, has a calf press station and an ab crunch

Gold’s Gym XR 55 (for the chest and arms)

XR 55 Home Exercise Gold's Gym

  • It can offer up to 330 pounds weight resistance
  • It occupies little space
  • It features a high and a low pulley system
  • Not recommended for tall people
  • Has fly stations and a 4-leg developer
  • It doesn’t offer as much resistance as other home gyms

Other features: comes with an exercise chart

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 (it has multiple purposes)

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym

  • Features various possibilities for exercises
  • Has a four-roll leg developer
  • The weight stack is 112 pounds
  • No help needed for assembling it
  • Offers a combo between chest press and a butterfly arm station
  • Not recommended for tall people because it can minimize the movements during some exercises
  • Great for beginners

Other features: comes with a workout chart

Powerline P2LPX (it has multiple purposes)

Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Equipment with Leg Press

  • It can be used for a variety of exercises
  • Designed for any height
  • Offers an ergonomically correct press arm
  • Features an adjustable seat, according to your height
  • It’s resistant and durable
  • It has a leg developer for curl exercises

Other features: is delivered with a manual

Bowflex PR3000 (it has multiple purposes)

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

  • Presents a vertical bench press
  • It can be folded for storage
  • Offers up to 210-pound resistance
  • Doesn’t require a cable change
  • The ankle cuffs provide three different uses
  • It’s suitable for users up to 300 pounds
  • It presents more than 50 possible exercises
  • Your workout area should be at least 100/80 inches

Other features: upholster roller cushions, comes with a workout placard


In conclusion, the best Smith machine for you should be the perfect combination for your needs, your preferences, You can check out the Multi gym machine here.

A Smith Machine is a great addition to your home and will allow you to train on your own without worrying about injuries or bystanders.