Is Ab coaster really useful?

Did you try a range of fitness gadgets and not-so-useful equipment which although promised you to provide a slim belly and toned figure, but didn’t do any good? That extra bulge around your belly still kills you a bit every time you see your favorite celebrity sporting six pack abs?

Well, ditch all these old age methods and instead witness your body attaining a figure of your dreams just in a few days, all with the help of ab machines!

Yes, you read that right! Ab machines can really help you in shedding those extra pounds by helping you tone your abs and in turn, reward you with an attractive body which you have almost dreamt of.

Ab Roller Machine: What is New?

You might have already tried or spotted ab machines at the gym. But did you ever thought of including them in your workout schedule? Or how about buying them? We’re sure, by the end of this article, you will surely look for ab machines for sale by which you can grab them at best prices!

Do Ab Machines Really Work?

Undoubtedly, they do! You might hear people calling ab machines as expensive fitness gadgets which won’t help you lose any weight. But the truth is far different from this.

While certainly, sit-ups and crunches are the best exercises that you can stick to in order to have chiseled and flat abs. But, let’s not forget, that they are so boring, and no matter how determined you are to have six pack abs, you actually end up messing your exercise regimen.

And this is where ab machines show their magic and give cent per cent results. Since you invest a considerable amount of money in buying abs machines, chances are only high that you will exercise with them in order to fetch the best returns on your investment while also attaining toned abs.

This serves as an extra dose of inspiration and motivates you to workout which otherwise was not possible amid your hectic schedules. Try the benefits of ab machines yourself and you’ll feel the difference.

This was enough to convince you of the goodness and effectiveness of ab machines. So now that you are curious to know more about them, let’s discuss in-depth about Ab Coaster and see what it has on offer!

In this article, we’ll have a quick look at the features of Ab Coaster, it’s working, its review and finally how you can make the most out of it. Get set reading!

Features of Ab Coaster PS500

Ab Coaster PS500 is the right combination of technology and design which is sure to provide you with visible and guaranteed results. Here is a quick insight on its many features:

  • Steel bearings
  • Can support up to 300lb person in losing weight
  • Upgraded steel rail system
  • Highly durable frame made up of heavy duty steel
  • Easily supports people with height between 4’10” and 6’10”
  • Easily target obliques with its multi-angle knee pad
  • Digital counter
  • Comes equipped with 2 meal plans, an easy to read manual and a DVD
  • Upgraded foam pads and nylon covers
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Quick Ab Coaster Review

Ab Coaster PS500

As already mentioned, Ab Coaster is one robust machine which can help bulky and muscular people to workout. No matter what your weight is, the machine won’t make you feel bad about your weight and would function smoothly, sturdily and silkily with no jerking, squeaking, and rocking.

There is no doubt that the company claims Ab Coaster is compatible with a person weighing up to 300lbs, well, because the machine is robust enough to meet up the claims. The heavy duty steel tubing along with heavy welds make the machine durable and powerful enough to handle heavy weights, perhaps, this is why it is known for providing guaranteed results.

The machine is not just designed in a way to handle wear and tear but is comfortable too. The high-density foam used as the padding for the knees coupled with the pads and arm padding just provide a top notch comfort level to the users.

This is not just it; the machine is customizable such that one can adjust the angle to target the love handle area as per the comfort level.

How Working Out On Ab Coaster Really Feels Like?

Worth it! Yes, the experience provided by the Ab Coaster is worth it! Undoubtedly, the results provided by floor crunches and hanging leg raises are nothing in front of the results provided by this machine, just because Ab Coaster hits your abs more perfectly than what these manual exercises would achieve. Further, let’s admit that you won’t be able to complete more than a few of hanging leg raises if you have a weak abdominal which is a limitation overcome by new Ab Coaster machines.

The machine works by engaging your muscles, tummy pooch, and belly button up to the uppermost abs, thus toning them professionally.

Ab Coaster works your abs the same way leg raises and floor crunches do, but without straining and threatening your body. And do you just think that once you have attained stronger abs and have trained your abdominals , Ab Coaster machine would turn useless?

Well, no, my friend! Instead, it will be all the more necessary as we’re sure you won’t like to bid adieu to them so quick, and it takes a lot more efforts to maintain them than to achieve them, which nevertheless, would be a piece of cake with this machine ( at least seem to be!).

So, Finally, Will Ab Coaster Work?

Yes, it will absolutely do! Engaging your core muscles along with abdominal muscles, it surely does a far better job than floor crunches and leg raises.

But the truth should be said…

Not all we tell you, but ab machines work on the principle of spot reduction which doesn’t do much in helping you get rid of flabby stomach and love handles. Undoubtedly, working out with the help of Ab Coaster would help you in achieving a stronger and toned body, but you might not be able to flaunt those dream six pack abs just with the help of this machine.

This is because these machines would tighten and tone your muscles but you will end them having under layers of fat which is the least you would ask for.


If you want to flaunt a super flat stomach, it is highly recommended to fetch the goodness of abdominal machines in combination with a right diet, cardio, and full body training. We tell you how!

How To Lose Weight Fast On Ab Coaster Machine?

Drop those stubborn pounds by burning calories. Here is a hidden secret. Continue reading to find out!

Get your eating plan revised

No, simply doing Ab Coaster workout again and again won’t do any wonders and help you lose weight until and unless you are careful in choosing your food. Maintain safe distance with wrong foods including the processed foods like fried food, sugary drinks and so on. Include a lot of lean protein in your diet including the likes of turkey and think fish.

Extract the goodness of fresh vegetables. Frame your eating plan in such a way that it consists of the goodness of healthy fats, whole grains along with fresh fruits.

It is highly recommended to keep a track over your calorie intake. An online calculator can be of help here. If you aim to lose 1-2 pounds in a week, you should intake 500-1000 fewer calories than what you burn per day. However, in the mad race of losing weight quickly, don’t fall prey of any diseases. Make sure that you lose fastest but in a healthy and safest way!

And yes, limiting calorie intake by no way means that you start starving your body. A woman should never intake lesser than 1200 calories per day, and man should intake 1800 calories no matter what!

Get set go!

If you think that a session on Ab Coaster counts as movement, well, not exactly! A few minutes session on your favorite machine won’t help you achieve your goal especially when you are looking to lose weight quickly. It is highly recommended to indulge yourself in a moderate intensity exercise of at least 250 minutes per week in order to get some visible results. Thus, you should involve yourself in a 30-minute session which aims to pump your heart. A brisk walk, or a bike ride – anything will work!

Lift weights

No matter how sturdy and robust Ab Coaster is, just sliding it every time from beneath the table and keeping it back won’t serve the purpose. You need to additionally involve yourself in lifting weights in order to boost your body’s metabolism which will thereby help you in burning more calories. It is highly recommended to not just stick with abs and instead try your hands over a body resistance training in order to train all your muscle groups.

Go through the diet plans provided by Ab Coaster

As already mentioned, Ab Coaster comes with 2 diet plans that aim at losing belly fat. This 14-day express plan provided by them guides you:

  • Which food to eat and what to remove
  • What kind of supplements to intake
  • What should you intake your meals and snacks

and so on.

However, it is highly recommended by them to stick to this plan for not more than 14 days and gradually move onto the meal plan after that.

Final Thoughts About Ab Coaster Reviews 2021

ab coaster

This was all just about Ab Coaster, but there is a range of other ab machines too which can help you meet the purpose. Ab Slide is one of such machines which help you shape your abs. You just need to slide it on the floor as you kneel. Ab slide is not only pocket-friendly but is easy to carry along with you.

Ab rocker is another ab machine which can help you in training your lower abdominal muscles and upper abdominal muscles. The machine comes with 3 levels of difficulty and thus helps in the quick building of strength.

All you need to do is rock the machine in back and forth motion and needs just 5 minutes to workout.

Among all, Ab Coaster is the best as it is a perfect fit both for fitness clubs and homes. Undoubtedly, it would cost you a bit more than others but is definitely worth it. The machine comes in two models made specifically for home and gyms respectively.

The design of the machine is such that it is easy in other parts of our body like neck or back. The whole idea of doing a workout with the help of this machine revolves around pulling and kneeling your knees to tone your muscle groups.

This was enough of info on the ab machines. What are your views on this? How do you think ab machines are beneficial? Have your tried ab machines before and what were the results? Do let us know in comments!