Dip Bar Reviews 2023 – Top Dip Bars Compared

What is a dip bar, what does dip stand for, and what is a dip workout? What muscles do a dip bar work and how to build a pullup and dip station?

The following article seeks to answer these questions with a detailed look into dip bars, pull up bars, and their different applications.

A dip bar is an exercise equipment that basically consists of two parallel bars and is usually U-shaped measuring 1” in width and the bars are positioned around the waist.

dip exercise equipment can be made of iron, wood or other strong material that can withstand human weight. The versatile equipment can be constructed at home using easily procured materials or it can be bought from the stores. How to build a dip bar or how to make a dip bar is not a big challenge when one has a detailed manual and all the right tools.

The dip station can be easily acquired from sports equipment stores. Many times people prefer buying a portable dip bar, this is one that can be dismantled and assembled easily.

One of the amazing things about a dip bar is its simplicity considering the scope of its effects in body-building and body exercises. The original dip bar exercise equipment was used to target arm and chest muscles only, but as with most other exercise equipment, it has been used effectively to target other muscle groups as well.

What is a Parallel Dip Bar?

This is a variation of the dip bar, with the difference being that the bars are not connected. It is designed specifically for gymnastics although it can still be used at home for regular training. An advantage of parallel dip bars is that the height can be adjusted for any gymnast.

There is such a wide range of dip bars in the market that individuals can always find ideal dip bars which fit their specific requirements.

For example, there are several dip bars fitted with a dip rack, which is basically an attachment to allow for height adjustments. For those who would rather purchase a used dip bar, there is never a shortage of people who put up their dip bar for sale.

What Muscles Do a Dip Bar Work?

Many muscle groups can be worked by a dip bar but there are two major muscle groups and these are worked out depending on the positioning of the arms.

The first position is where one places the elbows on the same level as the bars. A dip executed from this position targets the triceps muscles. This routine using a tricep dip bar is very effective.

The second position effectively works the chest muscles. In this method, the elbows are placed on the outside of the bars.

In both positions, the back muscles are also worked. Other muscles that are targeted are the abs and neck muscles which get worked as a result of the upward lift.

Dip Workout and Brands of Dip Bar

This is a compound workout that basically targets multiple muscles on the arms, chest, shoulders, back, and stomach muscles. The ultimate body press dip stand can be used to achieve outstanding results in a short period of time.

During dip workouts, the person doing the exercise hangs from the bar using both hands to lift the rest of the body in an up-down motion. It is specifically designed to build the upper body (chest, shoulder and back) muscles.

As the body continues to get used to this exercise, the trainee can add weights for more resistance and maximum effect according to the user’s goals. An advantage of using dip workouts is that people with less power can also use it by utilizing an assisted pull-up gadget.

Below we will take a look at some popular dip bar models and brands in the market

Dip Bar Brands to Consider in 2021

The Power Tower

No doubt this is one of the best equipment when it comes to dip bars. The power tower is one of the most sought home workout dip bars because it comes fitted with both a pull and dip station. This makes it stand out uniquely because the combinations it provides saves a lot on space and the hustle of moving from one equipment to another. Some power towers come fitted with push-up stations and other extra features.

The exercise routines performed on this equipment involve pushing up the body to a vertical position while pressure is on both hands. The body is then lowered until the upper part of the arms is horizontal and at the same height with the bars.

This movement is repeated severally according to the user’s abilities. As the body gets more accustomed to the exercises, weights can be added to provide more resistance and thus build more strength.

Having this equipment means that it can be used for almost all the dip bar workouts needed. Another outstanding feature is that there are some models which can be compacted and they, therefore, require very little space. his equipment which you can buy at any sports store or online retailers like Anytime Sports Supply, is slightly more expensive due to these combinations but it is a good investment when it comes to home workouts

However, before buying the power tower, two issues need to be carefully considered. The first is to confirm its strength and stability. The power tower must be able to withstand all the weight without swaying. The second consideration is to make sure the power tower will fit in the space where it will be stored in.

Powerline PPR200X Powerline Power Rack

Body-Solid Powerline PPR200X Adjustable Power Rack for Weightlifting and Strength Training

The power rack consists of a metal frame that forms a pull-up bar and a dip bar. As an added advantage, it has arm rests which help in performing pull-up dips and squats too. The arm rests are padded to prevent skin chaffing as one performs these exercises. For an item that provides all these combinations, the power rack occupies very little space.

The pull-up bar is used to perform exercises that mainly target the upper body. However, with the addition of arm-rests, exercises targeting abdominal muscles can also be done. Most power racks are designed with foot grips too. These help when performing push-ups and squats. Other common exercise applications for the power rack include:

  • Knees
  • Chin up
  • Push-up
  • Pull-up
  • Squats

What this means is that the exerciser is able to do multiple exercises using one equipment. When using power racks, the exercise routines performed are easy on joints and muscles as compared to using weights. The fluid motion requires less strain on muscles which is a huge advantage because there is less risk for pain or injury.

A major advantage of the power rack is that it can be adjusted to fit different individual heights. The right height choice also depends on the type of exercises one wants to do or the muscle groups that one intends to target.

Wall Mounted Folding Power Rack

This power dip rack can be purchased in parts and assembled at home. It is designed to fit in small areas which makes it very appealing for home users. For athletes who are really pressed for space, and those who do not fancy visiting the gym for every work-out, this is a valuable exercise equipment to have. All that one needs to have to comfortably use this equipment is an empty wall and a little floor area.

The folding power rack comes with a complete rack that can opened and folded. This rack can be fixed on the wall permanently, or it can be folded. This means that when the workout is done, the rack is just folded against the wall. This means that during the workout, it is fixed on the wall but after the workout, it is folded and removed altogether, leaving room for other use.

When assembled properly, the wall mounted folding power rack can hold any weight. When it is paired with the pull-up bar, it represents almost all the equipment that one might need for nearly any kind of workout. Another great advantage is that, like the power rack, it can be customized to hold other equipment like the dip station or pull-up bar.

When buying a folding rack, it is important to consider the height of the room, the kind of steel and the hardware size. While it is important to consider the price, it is equally important to buy good quality steel.

The best steel size recommended is 2”x3” for the upright bars. It is also a good idea to buy US made steel because it has less flaws and imperfections, and it ultimately lasts longer. Although it might cost more, one can be sure that it will hold any weight. Of course there are other cheaper priced brands but it’s better to spend a little more and not risk disappointments.

Fuel Pureformance Dip Station

For maximum effects in exercise workouts, owning a fuel pureformance dip station at home can provide the desired results in a very short time.

This equipment targets the entire upper body including the chest, triceps, neck and back muscles. This workout utility item can help increase motion range and increase muscle mass on almost any part of the body. It can be used to build power for the lower body through leg lifts and lunges. For extra comfort, the pure performance dip station comes with padded grips making it easy on the hands.

Due to the fact that some brands come designed with a pair of angled hand grips, it is ideal for suspended workout exercises with knee raises and of course, dips.

Like the power rack above, the pure performance dip requires a very small area for use which is advantageous for home users. Additionally, this dip station can be assembled and dismantled and moved anywhere the trainee wants to place it with ease. Like other workout equipment, the pure performance dip station is built to last which means it also saves on costs.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

This is probably the lightest dip bar model in the market. It can be carried around anywhere the owner wants it. It is also extremely easy to assemble, it takes less than 5 minutes to do it. Another plus for this dip stand is it that it caters for all heights.

Many people consider building homemade dip bars but they have challenges such as how would you build a bar? Especially one that is strong and sturdy?

How Do You Make a Homemade Dip Bar?

Dip bars for home use are convenient additions for personal exercise routines. An added advantage is that they cost less and can be customized according to an individual’s taste.

Constructing a dip bar for home use is very easy. However, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is the availability of materials to build the dip bar, whether there is suitable space where one can use the dip bar, and the complexity of building the dip bar.

Below is a simple guideline of how to build a homemade dip bar

Step 1: Select a convenient space in the yard at least a length of 5 feet and 3 feet wide of open ground. The structure is approximately 4 feet high, 4 feet 8 inches long and 25 to 30 inches wide.

Step 2: Draw a chalk line around the space, to create a rectangle that is 4 feet, 8 inches long, making sure that the width is the same as the shoulder width (of the person going to use the dip bar) – plus 6 inches.

Step 3: Dig a hole on one of the corners that have been marked with chalk. It must be 2 feet deep and 8 inches wide.

Step 4: Place the measuring tape to the width of your shoulders (if you are the one who’s going to be using the dip bar) plus 6 inches

Step 5: Place one end of the tape at the center of the hole and the other end to the other chalked corner of the structure. Mark with the chalk on the ground at the end of the tape. This is the center where the second hole should be dug.

Step 6: Place the measuring tape at the center point of the first hole, extending it to the length of the proposed area to build the bar. Mark 4 feet, 8 inches from this hole.

Step 7: Work on the third hole, digging 2 feet deep, and 8 inches wide. Place the tape to the last corner also considering the width of your shoulders plus 6 inches.

Step 8: Place a pole in one hole, taking care that the pole’s flat side faces the holes on the other side.

Step 9: Pour the fast-drying concrete in the hole with the first pole, checking that the concrete is mixed well for it to set quickly.

Step 10: A very important step is to make sure that the poles are level. If not adjust it correctly and support it by nailing two two-by-fours on its opposite sides.

Step 11: Place another pole in the hole near the first one and repeat the process in step 11.

Step 12: Repeat step 11 and 12 for the other two holes, making sure to make any adjustments, checking the level of the poles before the concrete dries.

Step 13: Secure screws at the top of the poles.

Step 14: Place the 4 foot pipes into the top of the poles and secure them tightly with the screws.

How to Make a Dip Station

A dip station is a variation of the dip bar. Unlike the regular dip bar, a dip station is portable. A portable dip station can be easily constructed using inexpensive materials, especially if the aim is to save money. The added advantage is that it can be customized to fit the owner’s requirement. The materials required to make a dip station include:

  • PVC pipe which is 1.5 inches thick, 20 feet long
  • 4 PVC elbows
  • 4 PVC joint connectors
  • 4 PVC caps
  • Glue
  • Thick grip tape
  • Marker pen
  • Tape measure

Step 1

Measure the pipes according to the required length by marking it with the pen as follows:

  • 6×2 feet in length
  • 8×1 foot in length

Step 2

Cut the pipes’ length using a handsaw. Make sure the pipe is held securely when cutting in order to be accurate.

Step 3

Taking one of the 2 foot long pipe, apply some glue on both ends. Secure a 90 degree PVC elbow on both of those ends making they are screwed on properly. Repeat this step for the other pipe.

Step 4

Secure the other 2 foot length pipe to the other end of the elbow joints, applying the glue first. This is one of the legs for the dip station. Repeat this step on the other pipe.

Step 5

Connect the T joints to the ends of the four legs whose ends are already glued. After doing this, place the 1 foot long pipe in each T joint end to make the legs for the dip bars. Place a cap on each foot.

Step 6

After connecting the joints, apply an extra layer of glue around each joint. This helps to make sure that they hold properly.

The dip station is now complete.

How Do You Build a Pull-up Bar Outside?

What is the best way to build a pull up Bar? In addition to building a dip bar and assembling a dip bar station, the third increasingly popular kind of bar is the pull-up bar. The pull-up is also very easy to construct. All you need is enough space in the backyard and the following tools and materials:


  • 2×5 inch poles, at least 10 feet high
  • One bar, preferably with welded brackets
  • 4×4 inch bolts and their washers, at least 10mm thick
  • 2 bags of fast drying postcrete
  • At least 6-10 bags of mixed concrete
  • A bag of gravel
  • Paint to protect the poles from rust


  • Wheelbarrow to mix concrete in
  • Drill with the appropriate drill bit
  • Spanner
  • Spade
  • Paint brush
  • Long rod
  • Tape measure

Step 1

Select the space to work on and put 2 marks for the poles, at least 5 feet apart.

Step 2

Dig two holes, each a square of 10×10 inches. The holes should be at least 3 feet deep.

Step 3

Paint the poles beforehand so that they dry properly.

Step 4

Place the poles in the hole and find 2 people to hold them, making sure that they are of the same height and at the same level.

Step 5

Pour some postcrete in the holes and once again make sure the poles’ level is okay for both the poles. Stir the mix with a long rod while adding water. This mix usually dries within 3-4 minutes.

Step 6

Prepare the concrete and pour on the hole up to ground level. This takes 2-3 days to dry.

Step 7

Measure the exact place at the tops of the poles where the bar is to be placed. Hold it exactly where it is to be placed making sure it is level and mark the holes to be drilled. Take down the bar and drill the marks.

Step 8

Insert the bolts and washers using a spanner onto the two poles and the pull-up station is done.