Vibram Komodo CrossFit Shoes Reviews 2023

Why Vibram Komodo shoes?

The most important element when choosing any product is what it will be used for. It is a key factor that applies to iPads, games consoles, sports equipment, design, tools and everything else. It must do the job that it is required to do. Within any category of sport, business or leisure there will be subcategories, such that specific tools are required to get the job completed in the most efficient manner possible. Thus, it is very important to understand what CrossFit is, in order to establish the best shoes for the job.

What Should I Know Before Buying A CrossFit Shoe?

Thus, CrossFit encompasses a variety of different movement. So, what does this mean in terms of purchasing a CrossFit shoe? Essentially the main point about a CrossFit shoe is that it has to be able to perform weightlifting and running adequately.

CrossFit shoes have to provide a balance between a pair of weightlifting and a pair of running shoes. These two are polar opposites. In weightlifting, the shoe is planted in the ground with a hard sole in order to maximize power and stability. In running the shoes has a cushion to absorb power and has to be light and comfortable.

A good CrossFit shoe has to find the appropriate balance between the two. The outer layer of the CrossFit shoe also has to be tough and durable. Abrasions from ropes and rough surfaces are common given the varied nature of CrossFit. The basic elements of any good sports shoe are:

  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Heel to toe drop/heel height
  • Weight

The issue is that that appropriate levels of each characteristic are different for different sports, and CrossFit can be described as a sport with many sports. Also of importance is the physique of the athlete and his or her individual opinions and preferences. There is much debate among athletes with regard to how flexible a shoe should be, the right heel height, weight and so forth for each individual task. Thus, with CrossFit, a lot does actually come down to user preference.

What Are The Considerations Before Buying A Running Shoe?

Good running shoes will have a number of core features. The best running shoes will be tailored to the gait of the athlete, as well as the contour of the foot. This can be done by going into a shoe shop and getting tested. Running shoes will typically be light and flexible.

They will have a cushion running along the bottom of the shoe. This absorbs the shock from the constant thumping of the ground, which usually ends up in a damaged knee. This trademark of a running shoe will have a negative effect when lifting weights, as the energy that should be channeled into the bar is lost as it gets absorbed by this cushion.

Some running shoes are better suited for long-distance running, such as the New Balance Vazee Pace v2. These shoes are comfortable and durable over long distances and are also very light. These are more suited to CrossFit than pure running/ sprinting shoes, which are light as a feather and offer little in the way of support, relying more on the application of correct technique by the athlete.

Factors of A Good Weightlifting Shoe

A Good weightlifting shoe will generally have the opposite characteristics of a good running shoe. Weightlifting shoes are designed with the idea that the athlete is static while executing lifts.

When executing these lifts the shoe has to grounded and stable, so that power goes directly from the ground up the torso and into the bar, in the case of most lifts. So, the sole of the standard weightlifting shoe is going to be hard and firm, as opposed to the comfortable cushion of the typical running shoe.

Some contend that in the long run, this minimalist approach is better, as it forces the athlete to improve form and move naturally, in the sense that the cushion in the shoe only weakens the human system overall.

What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is a cross training regime. The popularity of CrossFit is due to its independent nature – it is useful for all sports and activities as it is not a sport, but a strength and conditioning program. Police officers, athletes, fireman and martial artists can all benefit from CrossFit. This is due to the wide variety of exercises incorporated into the training regimen. CrossFit involves running, sprinting, kettlebells, gymnastics, throwing, core and rope climbing, ensuring the athlete has a good all-around level of fitness, flexibility, and coordination.

CrossFit also recognizes that weightlifting is the essential part of a functional strength and fitness program. Thus, CrossFit has weightlifting at its core and is puts emphasis on nine fundamental movements which increase power across all sports. The 9 movements are broken into basic, progression 1 and progression 2.

The three basic movements are the squat, press and deadlift. Progression 1 includes the front squat, push press and sumo deadlift high pull. And progression 2 includes the overhead squat, push jerk and med ball clean. Notice each movement is a progression from the previous movement. Competency in the nine fundamental movements are held to be crucial to a variety of movements and even ordinary living. They strengthen posture correctly so that even while standing or sitting at a desk proper alignment becomes second nature.

To run and jump properly, correct weightlifting technique will be of assistance. CrossFit also takes into account the 3 standards of fitness, as well as the ten general physical skills recognized by sports physiologists, the ability to perform well at any physical task, and metabolic engines for energetic action. The 10 general physical skills include stamina, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and accuracy. CrossFit is designed with these skill sin mind and aims to build competency across all these areas.

CrossFit is built on a particular philosophy. In CrossFit, the workouts are constantly varied. This is built on the principle that the body never becomes accustomed to the routine and the workouts will also be more fun and varied for the participant. All exercises are to be performed at high intensity sequentially for short intervals. All exercises are designed on natural, functional movements. Isolation exercises which target only a single muscle groups are one of few exercises which have no part in CrossFit. This is not a natural movement and nowhere in real life/natural living is a single muscle group isolated to complete a task/movement.

Buying Guide for Vibram Komodo Sport CrossFit Training Shoe 2023

Vibram Komodo Sport CrossFit Training shoe

The Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport LS Multisport Shoes are unlike standard CrossFit shoes. They are distinctive in every way. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip into. The shoes have a quick lace closure system allowing for an easy fit for a range of feet sizes. They also have a number of unique features that make them distinctive from other CrossFit shoes, as well as a unique design.

The design leans more towards minimalist/functional as opposed to the trendier, stylish designs of Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. These are not shoes that one would casually wear for everyday use. However, for a multipurpose shoe, there are not many like this unique five finger training shoe. They are the perfect shoe for trail running and climbing due to their mix of durability, traction, flexibility and comfort. They are also brilliant for glacier and mountain hiking, as well as gymnastics.

They have been described as gloves for the feet, and this is an apt metaphor. They are incredibly natural while also providing extreme protection in a variety of different training conditions. They naturally improve balance, technique, and posture due to their natural design while also providing protection and grip for the feet. They have all the benefits of walking naturally barefoot with added protection for adverse training conditions.

Definitely one of the best all-around training shoes. They are said to be on the knees than traditional running shoes (by some). They are not recommended for distance running longer than 5 miles, thus not to be used as a primary pair of shoes for serious runners. They do provide a thin layer of cushion on the feet. One criticism of these shoes is that they tend to be quite warm. And they also can take quite a while to get used to. For those transferring from running shoes to minimalist, it may take a couple of months so that the feet realign themselves.

This is because the whole body actually adapts to the type of footwear worn over time. There is no heel to toe drop in the Vibram Komodos, meaning that the shoes are perhaps better orientated to cross training than CrossFit, however many athletes are fans of barefoot lifting, and lower heel drops are the best baseline for performing the deadlift and its variants while being less than optimal for squats.

The main attraction to these shoes is that they can be used practically for anything. They are the ultimate multipurpose shoe due to their minimalist design, grip, comfort and durability. For fans of barefoot minimalist design, there are none better.

Final Thoughts on Vibram Komodo Sport CrossFit Training Shoe Reviews 2023

As a general multi-purpose pair of shoes, there really is none better than the Vibram Komodos. Though they are not the best for weightlifting or running, they do provide a good balance between the two while being quite comfortable and ideal for a range of outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and watersports. They are also insanely comfortable while preserving the natural design of the foot for those who prefer the minimalist design. They are not the most expensive CrossFit shoes, and their versatility ensures they are great value for money for those who undertake a lot of activities.

Another pair of good Crossfit Shoes is Nike Metcon 1 Cross training Shoe. Check out our reviews in this article to know more.