ASICS Men’s GEL – Intensity 3 : The Best Crossfit Training Shoes For 2024

What makes Asics a good crossfit shoe?

CrossFit has exploded in popularity in recent years. This is due to the fact that it is not actually a sport but a strength and exercise program. Because of this, it is suitable for people of all ages, gender and professions. It is based on a particular philosophy that encourages competency across the 10 recognized categories of health. The program is built on these principles. The exercises are done at high intensities and varied day by day. This is to ensure that the participant is adaptable to any training conditions.

Things To Know About A CrossFit Shoe

The reality is that most athletes are actually only “fit” in terms of their own sport. This is why long distance runners sometimes develop ankle, hip and knee injuries. If they engaged in different activities, it many have strengthened up these areas. CrossFit encourages strength across all sports, and holds that strength and conditioning are not sports specific.

It is based on 9 key movements that will benefit all athletes. In CrossFit, a number of different training modalities are exercised. This includes, swimming, running, rope climbing, gymnastics, cycling, calisthenics, core, kettlebells and weight training.

All exercises in CrossFit are done at high intensity. CrossFit will burn a lot of calories, increase endurance through an elevated heart rate, reduce risk of injury and also prove quite fun and entertaining, as participants do not know what to expect.

The CrossFit shoe has to be robust enough to withstand all of these different types of training. View More Information on Crossfit Shoes.

Characteristics Of A Good CrossFit Shoe

In terms of shoes, CrossFit can be divided into running, jumping and lifting. Shoes can be evaluated with regard to how well they perform in each category. Usually, the better a shoe performs in running, the worse it will perform in weightlifting. This is because these shoes have opposite technical features, the running shoes being light, flexible and cushioned with the lifting shoes being strong, inflexible, hard and with a .75 inch raise on the heel.

Some athletes prefer to have a general CrossFit shoe and a pair of weightlifting shoes, others a general CrossFit shoe with a pair of running shoes. And more prefer to have just a single shoe to perform each different activity. At the end of the day, a lot comes down to user preference. The physique of the athlete is also important in terms of choosing a CrossFit shoe.

For those with short Achilles tendons a stiff foot is needed, and for those with more pronation, extra arch support is more optimal. Some shoes are fit for those with a wide foot, other CrossFit shoes are fit for those with a narrow foot. It is impossible to perfectly cater to both markets.

Buying Guide for ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 3 CrossFit Training Shoe

The ASICS gel intensity 3 is known for their incredible toughness and durability. They are even fit for machine washing. ASICS are not as well known in the CrossFit community as opposed to the big three of Nike, Reebok and Adidas (and possibly New Balance and Innov). However, they are renowned for their ability to provide high quality running shoes, and are the best brand in the running shoe market.

The ASICS cross training shoes are durable in all environments and are one of those shoes that are good for all activities due to their toughness. They simply do not get worn out or stretched out of shape, from marathons, hill walking, cross country or rowing. And paradoxically they are still flexible enough to perform as a CrossFit shoe for box jumps, burpees and other activities. The breathability of the ASICS weightlifting shoes is adequate but perhaps not the best as compared to other brands, such as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14.

The best part of the shoe is what ASICS are well known for – the comfort. The gel cushioning on these shoes is a dream. While the gel cushioning is springy it seems to offer more support than it should in terms of weightlifting.

Generally, the more cushion the more shock absorbed from the ground, and also the less power generated in terms of weightlifting. However, for some reason the cushion seems to offer more support than it should in terms of weightlifting, defying much of the physics which apply to many other brands of running shoes which are a complete failure when it comes to lifting weights.

The ASICS cross trainer 3 contains a flexible piece of plastic in the middle of the sole, propelling the wearer forward and absorbing the nasty shocks from running that will inevitability lead to knee damage in regular, long distance running. This system is known as the Trusstic system. The outside protection of this shoe is fantastic. Even compared to the legendary Nano 4.0, the protection on the ASICS GEL 3Weight training shoes are second to none. It shows little abrasion after hundreds of rope climbs, a rare feat for CrossFit shoes.

The interior of the ASICS gel 3 is water and odor-resistant. Water evaporates quickly from the shoes and they do not retain sweat like many other CrossFit shoes. Sweaty shoes are a huge nuisance to regular CrossFit athletes doing intense workouts. The upper part of the shoe is reputed to be more than 80% waterproof. The grip on these shoes is excellent, even on wet surfaces. And it offers incredible stability, not as much as the best weightlifting shoes but not as far off as it could be. They are better at acting as a pair of weightlifting shoes that they should be, given they are very effective at running.

The shoes are also quite comfortable, though like a lot of shoes may take a couple of weeks to get broken in. While not the most comfortable shoe in the market, it does a more than adequate job and no users have reported blisters due to use, unlike other brands such as the Reebok Sprint 2.0.

The shoes lace up tightly and are of good quality (a feature that seems obvious and necessary but is lacking in more CrossFit shoes than one might think). One criticism of the ASICS 3 is that it is not as stylish as other shoes. And this is indeed a valid criticism, compared to the Nanos, the Nike Metcons or the Adidas Adipowers, it takes quite a beating in aesthetic design, though it makes up for this in terms of value and durability.

Final Thoughts on ASICS Cross Trainer Shoe 2024

Truly one of those rare brands of CrossFit shoe that caters well to all 3 markets and does not favor either. Usually a CrossFit shoes does well at either lifting or running and performs ok at the jumping/body movement component of fitness. The ASICS gel 3 seems to do a good job at each of the components and is one of the few shoes that can do a good job at CrossFit without having to purchase an extra set of shoes. The odor free, rope resistant and waterproof capacities of the ASICS gel 3 also propel the shoes forward for a variety of uses.

It is also one of the best shoes on the market with regard to value for money. It is ridiculously durable and will last a long time, as well as being able to sustain all types of outdoor and CrossFit exercises. And they can also serve as an ordinary pair of runners for everyday use, or used to play soccer and other activities. Most specialist shoes do not have this capacity and fall apart after everyday use. No shoe is as multifunctional as the ASICS gel 3 at the same price and it is definitely an excellent purchase. Possibly the best all-around shoe available at present. The only real criticism is the design, but this is minor compared to all its other functionalities.

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