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Why CrossFit Shoes? What makes Reebok Nano 2.0 a good CrossFit Shoe?

Things to know about CrossFit Shoes : CrossFit is a blend of many activities done at high intensity. The CrossFit workouts are varied day by day. And there are also different types of CrossFit competition, where the athletes do not know the exercises in advance. Because of this CrossFit shoes have to be fit to do a variety of different tasks. CrossFit involves weight lifting, running, climbing, jumping, core, kettlebells, dumbbells, burpees etc. Because CrossFit is such a varied sport it means that the shoes must be versatile enough to survive many strenuous tasks completed at high intensity.

What Makes For A Good CrossFit Shoe?

Reebok Nano 2.0 Crossfit Shoe

This is much a matter of personal debate and opinion. Much comes down to user preferences and the physique of the individual athlete. However, there are a number of common characteristics. At the most basic level, a good CrossFit shoe will find a balance between a running shoe and a lifting shoe. This means that it is important that the shoe is capable of doing an adequate job at each of these two separate activities.

A CrossFit shoe also has to be durable and resilient. This is due to the intensity of each activity and the different types of activity, which involve twisting, turning, climbing, jumping, crouching etc. Good CrossFit shoes will have a tough outer mesh which stops external abrasions as well as an appropriate level of comfort. The style of a pair of shoes is more of a personal preference but it is very important that the athlete likes the shoes. This will ensure a positive feedback loop into the performance of the athlete as he/she gets a psychological confidence boost.

Ultimately, the best CrossFit shoe is one that suits the participant of the sport. There is no one size fits all approach to any type of sports gear, and this applies especially to CrossFit shoes.

Buying Guide for Reebok Nano 2.0 Cross Training Shoes 2023

Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 2.0 Cross-Training Shoe

Reebok has practically taken over CrossFit. In 2011 the brand engaged in an agreement with CrossFit (CrossFit is a company) that Reebok would be the official brand for CrossFit. The agreement is set to expire in 2021. The explosion of the popularity of CrossFit is what revived the stagnating Reebok brand. But that said, Reebok were the first brand to seriously invest in CrossFit with the invention of the Nanos, a line which is still around and growing in popularity.

Other shoe brands were banned from CrossFit events in 2016, and this has led to brand warfare between Nike and Reebok (Nike launched its own brand of CrossFit shoes, the Metcons). The Reebok Nanos are more common at CrossFit events than any other shoe. And it is not just because of marketing and branding, many customers report that the Nanos are the best shoes available for CrossFit. But it is by no means a closed case.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 is still a favorite among CrossFit athletes, despite the current 7th version of the Nano. At first glance, the Nano might seem a little too vibrant and bright, which might appeal to some and not others. The colors are not subdued and the shoes are supposed to stand out. The Nano’s excel at all exercises involving any degree of movement. They are also ideal for box jumps due to their support and flexibility.

The cramping that is often apparent in minimalist shoes does not exist with the Nano 2.0, and indeed all Nano types. The Nano 2.0 also passes the rope and row test with flying colors. Many a good pair of CrossFit shoes fails in one of the two exercises. They are highly resistance to rope abrasion from climbing and are thick enough to provide protection against the rope strap on the rowing machine (unlike other shoes such as the Vibram five fingers). They do not suffer from burns from the rope (unlike CrossFit shoes such as the Innovs) and provide excellent traction against the rope.

Men’s Reebok Shoes – Why Do You Need It ?

The Nano CrossFit 2.0 features a 4-millimeter heel to toe drop. This is probably the most important technical element of a CrossFit shoe. The heel to toe drop is the difference between the heel height and the toe height. 4 millimeters is the standard for CrossFit shoes, though it is often much higher for Olympic and powerlifting.

The movements in both these weightlifting categories are features in CrossFit, but having a higher heel to toe drop is simply too much of a sacrifice in terms of the vast majority of other exercises which involve some form of movement as opposed to static positioning.

The Nano 2 has a rubber outsole with sidewall lug wraps. This is what provides it with its grip and external durability. It features an open mesh forefoot for breathability and an IMEVA midsole. Unlike many CrossFit shoes, the Nanos retain their structure after repeated use, not stretching or widening.

The shoe is wide at the toe top, a feature that has people split down the middle, as some prefer a narrower toe. In terms of functional fitness, they have a slight edge over the Innovs and the Vibrams, and the same can be said in terms of comfort (however as a multi purpose outdoor shoe the Vibrams and Innovs probably have the edge over the Nanos. But not for CrossFit).

The main criticism of the Nano 2.0 is their weakness in performing the two Olympic lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk. However, this is a criticism that applies to many CrossFit shoes. Shoes that are good at these lifts are usually not good at the other exercises, which actually count for around 95% of CrossFit. If this is an issue it might be a good idea to get a pair of lifting shoes to just do the lifting part of CrossFit. Do-Wins and VS Athletics are both a viable option for these lifts.

The issue is that changing shoes can be a hassle, and like everything else, it is a tradeoff and down to the individual to determine whether or not it is worth it. Another criticism with the Nano 2.0 is the color. It seems that Reebok built the shoes with the idea that they would be recognized anywhere within a 10-mile radius. It is not just that the color is bright, it is that the color that is advertised is less bright than the Nanos when they actually arrive on the doorstep.

The bright color combinations do little to halt the overbearing effect, and the Nano 2.0 loses out significant to many other brands, Nike and Adidas included, in terms of aesthetic appeal. Another initial problem with the Nano 2.0 was that the wrong size shoe was often shipped out. However, this has since been remedied.

Nano v Nano – CrossFit Nano 2.0 vs 3.0

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 3.0 Training Shoe

It has to be said that the CrossFit Nano 2.0 and CrossFit Nano 3.0 are very similar. This can be said of practically all the Nano models, and it is not worth going up unless the previous version is very old and depreciated. The 3.0 is a little bit wider and has more rubber, meaning they are more durable and slightly better for rope climbs. The downside of this is that they have less breathability and can get hot in the summer.

The general consensus is that the price difference is definitely not enough to justify a change from the Nano 2.0 versus the Nano 3.0. It is even debatable whether or not the Nano 3.0 is better than he 2.0. A significant change can be seen in the Nano 4.0. The main change came in the design. The Nano 4 actually looks…good. And not just good, but very good. The colors are not as bright and the fin pattern and meta split flex grooves added to the outside grip of the shoe while also adding to its aesthetics.

Specific outside protection (RopePro wrap) made the shoe even better at rope climbing. And flexible cushioning was also added to the midsole which enhanced the flexibility of the shoe overall. A new rubber toe top was the main functional change aside from the design. This further enabled the grip of the shoe. The flat lace was also received more favorably than the previous round laces.

It could be argued that that the Nanos are possibly the best CrossFit shoe in terms of durability relating to rope abrasions. The main issue with the Nano 4.0 is that some users report blisters on their feet after use, usually around the toe area. Those with wider feet will need to purchase a size larger, as the toe box is more rigid.

CrossFit Nano 7.0

Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer

The Nanos run all the way up until 7.0. It is generally accepted that the jump from one model to another is not big enough to justify the jump in price unless upgrading from an older pair of shoes (The exception to this being the Nano 4.0 where significant features were changed).

Unfortunately, user reviews have been mixed on the latest Nano model. Some contend that the latest model is bulky and overweight compared to the 6.0. The Nano 7.0 is more stable and is obviously designed with weightlifting in mind. They are the best Nanos for lifting and squats. Unfortunately, while being slightly better at weightlifting (specifically the squats due to the flat sole) they are significantly worse at most of the other exercises, which make up the majority of CrossFit. This could be a blunder from Reebok that will allow Nike a larger share of the marker.

The Nano 5.0 and 6.0 are recommended over the 7.0 and it has so far been regarded as a step backward for Reebok. Each model up to the 6.0 was slightly better than the last in a process of incremental improvement, unfortunately, this was not the case with the Nano 7.0. The 6.0 is regarded by Nano enthusiasts as the best Nano model available. While the shoes do look impressive in the design compartment, they are too stiff and sacrifice too much for weightlifting gains.

Fans would have been happier with a simple redesign with the same functional specifications of the 6.0. However, despite overall negative feedback, there are a few who think the shoe is an improvement, and it could again be down to a change that takes getting used to as well as the different shape of the feet of individual athletes.

Final Thoughts on Reebok Nano 2.0 Cross Training Shoes 2023

The Reebok Nano 2.0 is an excellent all around shoe. If the color is not an issue, then it is ideal for CrossFit. For maximum performance in CrossFit workouts, it is perhaps best to have a set of Nanos for most of the exercises and a set of good quality (yet quite cheap) lifting shoes such as the Chuck Taylors or Do-Wins. To sum up, the Nano 2.0 is the perfect CrossFit shoe aside from the color.

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