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What makes a Nike Metcon 2 a good CrossFit shoe?

CrossFit shoes are essential to CrossFit. A standard pair of gym lifting shoes will not do. Because CrossFit encompasses such a wide variety of different techniques from a number of different areas, the shoes have to be fit for the task.

Why You Need CrossFit Shoes?

Nike Metacon 2

The feet are the first point of contact with the ground, where the energy is pulled from. Thus, when executing lifts a good pair of shoes could mean the difference between a good lift and a bad lift. A good pair of shoes is also essential to avoid injury. In CrossFit shoes are even more essential, as they have to be comfortable as it is not just lifting that is undertaken.

CrossFit includes a variety of exercises using kettlebells, core, running, sprinting, cycling, barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics and rope climbing. It is difficult to get a shoe versatile enough to do a decent job across such a wide range of activities, however, there are a number of good brands that do just that.

It is important to remember that it is practically impossible to get a pair of shoes that will do a brilliant job in each individual task. In terms of CrossFit, it is about getting a pair of shoes that does a reasonable job at all of them.

This is because it is nearly always a tradeoff between two different exercises. Running shoes are light and comfortable. Lifting shoes are heavy and hard. To get a shoe to be the best at both is not possible. Similarly, the deadlift requires a smaller heel, while other lifts require a taller heel. Again, it is an impossibility for a shoe to be the best at each of these opposites.

Thus, despite a number of core characteristics, many individuals will be more suited to certain types of shoes depending on what type of exercises they are doing and their physique. A good CrossFit shoe will not be best suited for deadlifts, the snatch, rope climbing and jogging. However, the best shoes will provide a good tradeoff between all of these lifts.

Features of CrossFit Shoes:

CrossFit Shoes need to be adaptable enough for both running and lifting. Thus, they have incorporated elements from each field. They have a higher heel to provide elevation for lifts. It is well known among lifters that squats are made much easier by having a heel at the back, as well as many other lifts. The taller heel also helps with alignment of the body when performing such lifts. Alignment is everything in terms of lifting and really in all sports.

The body is designed a certain way and if the body is in alignment then energy, strength, and power will flow smoothly in the appropriate direction. And alignment starts with the feet. If the feet are positioned correctly then the knees, hips, shoulders, neck and head will often align perfectly. A misaligned body leads to injury and inefficiency.

The ideal CrossFit shoe will have a balance between softness and firmness of the sole of the foot. Because it needs to be flexible enough to cater for both lifting, which requires a flat, hard sole, and running, which requires something of a cushion. The more cushion, the less weight that it lifted. Like trying to perform a squat on a mattress. The less cushion, the more force that can be generated upwards. Good when lifting weights. Bad when the knees now take the place of the cushion, constantly deteriorating under relentless impact. CrossFit shoes will have a cushion of around 4 millimeters, which is an appropriate balance. The shoes also have to be comfortable, which usually depends on the midsole width and the cushioning. This is best tested out directly by trying on the shoes, much like all shoes. The consumer should know whether it is comfortable enough instantly. Again, more comfort can be attained with more cushioning, however more cushioning will lose points in lifts.

And the best CrossFit shoes will have to be durable. This means they will last long enough. CrossFit is for many a 6 day a week intense hobby. It would not do to have to replace a pair of shoes a month, or even 2 months. Thus, user reviews are excellent here, as these errors will be quickly highlighted and the manufacturer will make adjustments, else go out of business.

Durability is CrossFit also relates to the strength of the outer layer. The outer layer of the shoe can suffer from abrasion due to the friction of ropes on the outer mesh. And it has to be strong enough to weather jumping, gymnastics, skipping, running and many different lifts.

There are certain “tactics” to make the most out of your CrossFit shoes in terms of durability. It is feasible to have a pair for lifting, a pair for running and a pair for Olympic lifting. Perhaps more feasible is to have a pair for running and a pair for lifting.

This would ensure that both pairs of shoes are used for their designed purpose, and the results would be maximized along with the durability of each pair of shoes. However, movements involving kettlebells, dumbbells, and squat jumps can often be left in no man’s lands. It is ultimately a choice for the athlete to discover what works best for him or her.

Buying Guide for Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit Shoes 2024:

The Nike Metcon 2 CrossFit Training Shoes are hailed among many as one of the best CrossFit shoes around. They have the advantage of doubling as a pair of extremely stylish ordinary runners, a testimony to how versatile they really are. They are particularly suited to those with wide feet and a high arch. Many people with these characteristics are unable to use the Nano’s, which are a great shoe but are reputed to be too narrow for many. Perhaps the most popular feature of these Metcons is their outstanding grip. It should be noted that these shoes (like a lot of CrossFit shoes) run a bit small, so it is best to order half a size larger than the normal shoe size. And on an even more important note, these are not running shoes, but definitely cater more to the lifting side of CrossFit, where they perform more than adequately. They will work for short distances but serious running will wear them out very quickly. Users report that in terms of deadlifting and squatting these are much better than other CrossFit shoe brands, such as the Nanos.

The difference between these shoes and the original Metcons is slight, so of you have a good pair of the original Metcons it is not worth trading in for. The main difference between the two is that the sole of the Metcon 2 is firmer, which is good for lifts and bad for running. This has the added benefit that the shoe is more durable as a whole and feels firmer during lifts, as well as lasting longer. The heel height is approximately half an inch, a standard height for weightlifting. They are also a wide range of Nike CrossFit Shoes Womens to choose from, and the Metcons are probably the bests Nike shoes for weightlifting thus far. There is also quite a range of Nike powerlifting shoes, but the Metcons can perform this function more than adequately.

There are a couple of strong criticisms to this otherwise fantastic shoe. First off, there are reports that a few of the products come with serious defects. This happens in a lot of manufacturing, but it does seem to happen somewhat more with the Nike Metcons.

Final Thoughts on Nike Metcon Crossfit Shoes Reviews 2024

The Metcon 2 is a fantastic CrossFit shoe. The choice between the Nanos and the Metcons is really a matter of user preference. The Metcons look a little nicer and may be more appropriate for certain core work and lifts. However, the Nanos are cheaper and are probably an all-around better CrossFit shoe. All in all, the Nike Metcon 2 is a great shoe with excellent grip and stylish exterior, and for those with a wide foot, it is the perfect choice for a pair of CrossFit shoes.

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