New Balance Men’s MX713V1 Crossfit Shoes Reviews 2024

What makes a New Balance Minimus a good CrossFit shoe?

CrossFit is a unique program. It has taken the world by storm due to its novel blend of science and sport.

The Importance of Good CrossFit Trainers

New Balance Minimus Crossfit Shoes

CrossFit is founded on key principles and makes use of short bursts of high-intensity training across a range of key activities. There are a number of functional movements involving lifting that are viewed as fundamental, and CrossFit does recognize that correct weight lifting is the ultimate form of fitness, as it improves posture and alignment and also transfers to any sport that is undertaken.

It is important that CrossFit trainers are designed to help with performing they key lifts of CrossFit, which include the front squat, the air squat, the overhead squat, deadlift, medicine ball clean, sumo deadlift high pull, push jerk, push press and shoulder press. Thus, CrossFit trainers need to be strong enough to withstand heavy weights and also assist with the lift itself through a raised heel which is particularly effective for squats.

Without a pair of trainers that actively assists with the lifts, the athlete is at a significant disadvantage compared to those who have an effective pair of shoes designed to help perform these maneuvers. CrossFit trainers need to be able to not only withstand weight lifting requirements but also the myriad of exercises associated with CrossFit, including running, rope climbing and jumping.

Each of these activities puts a different type of strain on the shoe, thus a mix of durability and flexibility is required for twists in different directions and abrasions from ropes and climbing walls. Many of the shoes designed for CrossFit will state they are cross trainers.

However, in terms of functionality they really mean CrossFit, as cross training generally refers to two or three sports, the main ones being running, swimming and cycling. Pure cross training shoes are not designed for CrossFit as they only have a few sports in mind, whereas CrossFit caters to a much wider variety of activities.

Different Type of Weightlifting

New Balance Minimus Crossfit Shoe

There are a number of different kinds of “weightlifting”. Thus, there are different types of shoes which are better are some types of weightlifting. Olympic lifting consists of the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Participants attempt to lift as much weight as possible in a single lift. Three attempts are allowed in each. Powerlifting is the same in the sense that participants attempt a max lift with three attempts. The difference is that the lifts in powerlifting are the deadlift, bench press, and squat.

Regular weightlifting refers to any type of performance where weights are lifted, while Olympic and powerlifting refer to the specific exercises mentioned above. Not all types of lifting are the same with regard to functionality and depreciation of the lifting shoes. Deadlifting is not the same as squatting and the “best” shoes for each could be quite different, with barefoot actually being the best option for the deadlift.

The Importance of Good CrossFit Trainers

New Balance are relatively new to the CrossFit market and do not have a wide a share as the big three of Nike, Reebok, and Innov. The shoes feature the standard 4-millimeter heel drop, allowing the athlete to remain neutral when lifting weights. They provide minimalist shoes much like Innov, generally meaning a lighter, more flexible shoe that suits the natural curvature of the foot more organically.

Buying Guide for New Balance CrossFit Shoes 2024

New Balance Men's MX713V1

The New Balance Men’s MX713V1 CrossFit Training Shoe is a no-frills-attached shoe, waterproof, with an easy lacing system.

The sole of the shoe is designed from Vibram rubber and it has exceptional grip, an essential quality for a CrossFit training shoe. The outsole is also made of Vibram, which is the best material for mountain climbers, as it gives multi directional traction and maximum surface contact. The upper region of the shoe is quite flexible, making it ideal for many of the movements associated with CrossFit, including running, burpees, box jumping and skipping.

The sole has been touted as one of the finest available. It has excellent breathability and a wide toe top. Similar to the Nanos it provides all around protection in one unit. The best quality of this shoe is its durability and toughness. It is probably one of the most durable shoes on the CrossFit market, particularly resistant to rope abrasion. On the other hand, the tradeoff for this durability is that it is not the most comfortable shoe on the market, which is to be expected given its minimalist nature.

They are also not sleek and flashy like many of the other counterparts from Reebok, Nike, and Innov. The New Balance mens cross trainers are more like gaudy, sturdy, functional shoes as opposed to flashy, stylish Adidas Adistars or Reebok Nanos. The shoe is also odor-resistant and waterproof. The New Balance Men’s MX713V1 is designed mainly for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These shoes are a hybrid between the barefoot running shoes that have become more popular with the rise of the naturalist movement and multipurpose all-around shoes that survive all conditions.

The New Balance weightlifting shoe features a see-through, breathable wireless mesh. The breathing holes in the upper part of the shoe ensure that it stays dry and is bacteria resistant. The New Balance Men’s MX713V1 is also ideal for athletes who do not wish to wear socks to training, due to its anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. One of the criticisms of the New Balance Men’s MX713V1 is that arch support is minimal compared to other weightlifting shoes. The sole is so thin that lightweight running may not be comfortable on the road, but is perfect for the gym.

Final Thoughts About New Balance Minimus Cross Training Shoes Review

This new balance weightlifting shoe does exactly what it claims to do. It is probably not the best pure CrossFit shoe, as the weightlifting aspect may let it down somewhat. However, it is extremely durable, waterproof, odor resistant and tough. It is ideal for hikes and running long distances.

It is incredibly lightweight (only 198 grams) and extremely flexible, with the minimalist design which suits many people who dislike using their CrossFit shoes as fashion statements. The New Balance Men’s MX713V1 cross trainer is one of the best minimalist shoes on the market. It is good value for money and is highly durable.

It is not a shoe designed purely for weightlifting. However, it is probably one of the most versatile CrossFit shoes around, ideal for hiking, running, jumping, rope climbing, sprinting, burpees and box jumping. A shoe for all terrains. They have been reported to so very well in less than optimal conditions, such as snow and muddy mountain trails. This is an ideal shoe for someone who does lots of activities other than CrossFit. It is also the most flexible CrossFit shoe on the market, literally and figuratively speaking.

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