What makes Brooks Beast a good CrossFit shoe? Why should I buy Brooks Beast 12?

When buying any type of shoe, the most important variable is the activity that the shoe is going to be used for. If you buy a pair of soccer boots in order to play baseball, then you are going to be disappointed with the results.

What Makes For A Good CrossFit Shoe?

Good CrossFit shoes are a mix of the three elements of CrossFit exercise – running, weight lifting and” other”. To summarize what a good CrossFit shoe does, it will be a mix of these three. After this, it largely comes down to user preference and the shape and size of the athlete to determine the “perfect” CrossFit shoe. The 3 main sports shoe types are examined below.

What Are The Things To Know About A Running Shoe?

Running shoes are obviously designed for running, but within this category, there are numerous subcategories depending on what type of run is being undertaken. There are shoes which are designed for sprinting and shoes which are designed for marathons, and both will incorporate different features. Sprint shoes are characterized with their track spike.

Sprinting shoes are not especially relevant for CrossFit, as they are too specialized. The spike would not suffice across the wide range of activities undertaken in the CrossFit strength and conditioning program. More conventional running shoes are ones that are comfortable and durable over longer distances, typically in the range of 400 to 1500 meters which are more standard distances for CrossFit workouts.

Road running shoes will always have a nice cushion to absorb the impact from the ground. Without this absorption, the shock would cause damage to the athlete over time. They are meant to be light and flexible. These types of standard running shoes are designed for pavement, but there are trail-running shoes which are again different, and optimized for stability, grip, and support to survive difficult terrain of all types.

The most important aspect of a good running shoe is the gait of the runner, which can be tested in most shops. How one runs can be divided into neutral pronation, overpronation and under pronation (supination), and this determines the what type of running shoes are appropriate.

Factors of A Good Lifting Shoe

Like running shoes, lifting shoes can be divided into a number of categories. Lifting shoes can be divided into Olympic lifting, powerlifting and regular lifting (pretty much all other lifts except those within the category of Olympic or powerlifting). It is important to realize that Olympic and powerlifting are sports. They each involve three attempts at lifting max weight in a certain type of lift.

Olympic lifts include the snatch as well as the clean and jerk. And powerlifting includes the deadlift, squat and bench press. There are certain shoes designed for each type of sport, as they improve athletic performance in the lifts. The hallmark of lifting shoes, in general, is the heel height, which means the heel will usually be taller, in the generally accepted region of .75 inches. The elevation enables the athlete to improve posture and get underneath the bar for certain lifts. The exception to this is the deadlift, where it is usually best to go minimalist or barefoot (the elevation becomes a hindrance when standing over the bar).

Lifting shoes will always have a flat hard sole, as the cushion typical in running shoes will absorb the power meant to go straight into the bar in the more stable, grounded lifting shoes. Most shoes do double as Olympic and powerlifting shoes (Adidas Adipowers, Innov 8, Reebok Nanos) however, some are specifically tailored for Olympic (Nike Romaleos). And within the community, there is debate as to what is the best technical specification and individual preferences as to what constitutes the best lifting shoe.

One example is the niche group who contend that 1-1.5 inches are optimal heights for squats, with another niche group contending that barefoot is best in the long-term for such lifts. The most popular consensus is in the middle, at .75 inches, but debates such as these are common. Much will come down to the consumer in determining the correct shoe. Like gait for runners, the lifting technique of the athlete will have an effect as to what type of lifting shoe is most appropriate.

Alternative Shoes for Multipurpose

In the context of CrossFit, “other” really means rope climbing, box jumps, burpees, rowing, calisthenics, gymnastics and other types of CrossFit activities, such as skipping and jumping. They have to durable enough to withstand this diverse array of exercises and perform adequately at each of them. This means they cannot be too heavy, must be able to withstand abrasion from ropes, must be durable to survive intensity across multiple exercises and must have appropriate traction on the bottom and the shoe exterior for rope climbing. Many CrossFit shoes perform sufficiently at most of these exercises, but fail at either rowing or rowing, the two crucial CrossFit shoe tests. A heavy shoe is inefficient when it comes to box jumps, skipping and burpees, but shoes do need to be somewhat sturdy for durability and for heavy lifting. A balance has to be found.

Buying Guide for Brooks Beast 12 CrossFit Training Shoe

Brooks Beast 12 CrossFit Training shoe

To start with the advantages of the Brooks Beast 12 running shoes, they are breathable, sturdy, comfortable and affordable. Where the brooks beast shoes stand out is their grip, which is outstanding on all surfaces, as well as their comfort and support. The Brooks shoes are fabulous for running and are incredibly comfortable. The shoes are designed to keep the feet dry, a neat feature not available in many types of CrossFit shoes.

An additional benefit of the Brooks shoe is that it is very durable. It has all the qualities of a good CrossFit shoe – study, durable, light and comfortable. Brooks beasts athletes are generally runners as opposed to lifters, and running is where the shoe really excels. The shoe is described as a shoe for those who suffer from moderate to severe overpronation in their gait. The main focus is stability and cushioning, with bonus features of breathability, grip and a padded collar and tongue. It has an adaptive cushioning system for runners of different types.

They have prominent support for the heel and arch, which may take a while for people to get used to. Brooks beast men’s shoes are more suited to those who have a narrow foot and are perfect for those with flat feet. For those who walk/run a lot and need to preserve their feet, it is a bargain given the durability, comfort, and support offered by the brooks beast 12 shoes.

One of the criticisms of the shoes is their design. It is not very appealing and there is no option to customize colors or design, unlike many other models such as the Nanos or Adistars. However, the designs are not what one would call terrible, just a little plain. It is nice to be able to choose a distinctive, unique color on an already distinctive design. However, this is not a game changer, the Brooks beast 12 is still an excellent shoe at a very competitive price.

The shoes fall down when it comes to durability. Unlike some models such as the Reebok Nano 4.0, they do not feature Kevlar on the outside, meaning that when the time comes to start climbing a rope, the shoe will get worn and torn over time.

Final Thoughts on Brooks Beast CrossFit Shoes 2021

To sum up, this brooks beast running shoe review, the shoes are excellently designed and great for comfort and running. They are made of top-quality materials and made to last. It is more of a cross training shoe than a CrossFit shoe. It will not hold up to heavy lifts or rope climbing. Thus, it is more suited as a supplement to a lifting shoe for the purposes of CrossFit. It can be described as a very good and well-made running shoe that can also be used for gym lifts and calisthenics. The emphasis is on running, and it is ideal for someone who suffers from an injury, due to its comfort, durability, and support. It can also be used as a pair of everyday shoes, or for people who stand a lot in their jobs, as its most impressive characteristic is its comfort.

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