September 21


How to Become a Personal Trainer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today, there’s a great demand in the fitness niche. People want to move more, eat better, lose weight, and gain muscle mass — and becoming a fitness trainer might help you fulfill their needs and earn some money.

This line of work may easily provide you with financial security, as even inexperienced trainers can earn about $25 per hour, with the amount increasing as you acquire knowledge and experience. So, if you want to improve your fitness skills and become a personal trainer, now may be the ideal time to do so.

Of course, just as in many other career paths, this one will require you to dedicate some time to achieve success in it. To become an exceptional fitness trainer, you will have to get some education in the niche, complete an AED/CPR course, choose a specialization, prepare for the certification and pass an exam, start looking for jobs, and build a portfolio.

If that sounds a little complicated, don’t worry — in the article below, we’ll tell you more about all that in greater detail.

Educate Yourself First

The first thing you need to do is get some education. Personal trainers need to know everything there is to learn about dietary supplements, such as creatine. Additionally, they need to learn how to use and take care of the gym equipment like a rowing machine or a foldable stationary bike.

There are multiple fitness certification programs that you can choose from, and the right one for you largely depends on your plans for the future. For example, if you want to start working right away, you may be better off investing in an online certification program that doesn’t require your presence on campus.

On the other hand, if you want to get certified to get a scholarship or even a college degree, you should consider attending an accredited school.

Furthermore, you have multiple options for studying in person or online — some schools may offer both. And while some of them are very affordable, others are more expensive. Therefore, when choosing a program, don’t just look at the cost.

It’s essential to find out what type of knowledge you will receive and how you can benefit from it in the future.

Get Certified

Once you have the education part behind you, you will have to get certified. This process can be a little complicated and time-consuming, but it’s essential if you want to become a professional trainer.

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    There are many organizations that provide such certifications, and you can choose from among them depending on what kind of credentials you need. For example, if you want to work in a gym or become a personal trainer, you should go for an ISSA certification.

    On the other hand, if you want to focus on nutrition and strength training, you may consider getting a NASM or ACE certification.

    It’s also important to mention that some organizations may require you to pass an exam, which may include multiple-choice questions, essay questions, case studies, and even practice tests. If you want to pass the exam successfully, you must study beforehand.

    We advise you don’t try to pass the test on your own. It’s better to enroll in a course offered by one of the accredited schools. This way, you will get all the necessary instructions at your disposal.

    Choose a Specialization

    Once you’re done with the certification, you can start looking for a job as a personal trainer. However, this may be a little challenging since you will have to compete with other professionals for a limited number of job vacancies.

    In order to help yourself, you should choose a specialty — pick the type of fitness training that you want to focus on. For example, if you plan to work in a gym, you may consider becoming an aerobics instructor.

    Besides, you can invest in some more advanced courses and training, as doing this will enable you to prepare your own individualized exercise program. Do a little bit of soul-searching and take the path that seems like the best one for you.

    Look for Jobs

    Once you’ve acquired the appropriate certification, the next step is to start looking for jobs. You can get job offers from multiple sources, including schools, college career centers, job boards, online classifieds, and even online directories. This can help you write good resumes and application letters.

    If you want to get listed on these sites, you will have to create a professional profile. It means that you have to write a letter of introduction, list your strengths and achievements, take some nice-looking pictures, and upload your resume.

    Furthermore, don’t forget to mention all the relevant details. For example, if you have other certifications under your belt, you should definitely mention them here.

    Although many people think that getting hired depends solely on their educational background, this is not the case — it also depends on your experience and how well you present yourself. Nonetheless, you may need to send out dozens of resumes before you get an offer.

    The main thing here is to keep trying and ensure that your profile is up to date and contains all the information that employers need.

    Build Your Portfolio

    Building a portfolio is another essential part of the process, as it can help you present your best features and skills in front of your future employer. A portfolio is usually a collection of documents that showcase your knowledge and experience.

    For example, if you’re applying for a job in a gym or a similar place, it’s essential to provide some examples of workout plans and training programs that you’ve prepared in the past.

    Of course, it’s essential to maintain your certification and stay active in the niche — doing this will help you gain more experience and become more competitive. In addition to that, you can also try doing some freelancing.

    This way, you will build your portfolio much faster and earn some money at the same time.


    Becoming a personal trainer isn’t easy, but it can bring you some outstanding benefits and financial rewards. Nevertheless, before you get certified and start looking for a job, you should invest in some education to get more clients and improve your hiring chances.

    You might also want to pick a specialization to avoid getting stuck in the general niche.

    The key to success is taking action, so if you want to become successful, don’t hesitate — get started today! The job of a personal trainer is a wonderful one and can be a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget.


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