August 23


Stay Home, Stay Fit: 50 Best Weight Training Exercises

50 Bodyweight Training Exercises At Home You Don’t Want To Miss!

COVID-19 has affected how we used to communicate, socialize and even exercise. 

But that doesn’t mean you should stop keeping yourself in shape. 

And that’s where bodyweight training exercises at home come into play.

People have been using home bodyweight workout no equipment routine since lockdown. And as it covers all types of workouts, people are getting more and more into it.

Today, we are going to take you on a venture of bodyweight training exercises at home. From what are bodyweight exercises to their benefits, how it compares to other workouts, and the 50 best bodyweight exercises, everything will be covered in the piece.   

Bodyweight Exercises 101

As the name suggests, bodyweight exercises are exercise at home routine that involves a person’s own weight to build endurance, strength, flexibility, resistance, and coordination.

Unlike weight training at home or gym, bodyweight training exercises at home only use the weight of one’s own body. For example, have you ever done pull-ups or push-ups in your home? If you nodded, then you have already tried one of the hundreds of bodyweight exercises.

You can also think of bodyweight exercises as home workouts without equipment.

Long-story-short, bodyweight exercises are strength-training exercises that don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere and anytime with one’s body weight.   

Why Choose Bodyweight Exercises? – Top Benefits

Home workouts without equipment or simply known as bodyweight exercises are pretty underrated. After the pandemic hit, when people were forced to carry out different types of exercise routines at home, only then they realized the true potential of bodyweight training exercises at home.

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    Here are the top benefits of bodyweight exercises:

    Works The Full Body

    Whether you are doing a push-up or jumping jacks, you are utilizing your whole body. From your arms to glutes and legs, everything is engaged, hence building all parts of your body at once.

    Hundred Percent Efficiency

    Bodyweight exercises are short, but they are hundred percent efficient. You can easily get impressive results by mixing out multiple bodyweight exercises in your bodyweight workout routine.

    Gives You Freedom

    Unlike weight training exercises and other different types of workouts based in gyms, bodyweight exercises give you freedom. You are free to follow any type of bodyweight exercise at any time and at any given moment.

    Best For Burning Fat

    Do you want to learn about exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment? Enter bodyweight exercises. By performing a full-body bodyweight workout, you can easily burn the fat inside you.

    Ideal For All Fitness Levels

    Whether you are new to fitness or you rock proudly, rock those six-pack abs, bodyweight training exercises at home works for all fitness levels.  

    How Bodyweight Exercises Compare To Other Workouts

    To give you a rough idea about what bodyweight exercises brings to the table, we compared it with other types of workouts.

    Bodyweight Exercises vs Free Weights


    • You don’t need to buy any sort of equipment to perform the best bodyweight workouts.
    • No special place or gym is required to carry out bodyweight fun workouts at home or any other place.
    • Weight training exercises require one to be extra careful, whereas a bodyweight workout without weights invites no danger.
    • Exercises without equipment mean you can easily switch to various exercises and mix & match different workout routines at once.
    • Bodyweight exercises require assistance that can be carried out digitally. But exercise with weight requires physical & in-person guidance and assistance from a professional.


    • Scaling up the difficulty of free weights exercises is more controlled and gradual as compared to bodyweight exercises. For instance, you can use different amounts of weight to tweak the difficulty level of a weight-based exercise. But you can’t gradually level up the difficulty of bodyweight exercises.
    • For people who are looking forward to getting bulky and gaining mass, bodyweight exercises aren’t enough. Whereas, with free weight training exercises at home or gym, one can easily gain weight and get bulky.
    • As compared to bodyweight exercises, free weight exercises make the individual get those gains more quickly.

    Bodyweight Exercises vs Gym


    • Anywhere, anytime, and any way you like, you can perform a bodyweight total body workout according to your preferences and choices. There’s no one stopping you, no even your so-called excuses when it comes to bodyweight exercises.
    • Bodyweight exercises are free! There are hundreds of apps available that help you perform bodyweight exercises for free with tips, videos, and many more valuable resources.
    • You don’t need any equipment to perform bodyweight exercises for beginners, professionals, or experts. In addition, you can do all types of bodyweight exercises without using any sort of equipment.
    • A bodyweight exercise routine makes you independent of place, time, and equipment. You get to fully control your fitness routine without the interference of any third party. 


    • The staff, trainers, people working out, and the overall vibe and environment of the gym can be a total game-changer for people who don’t feel like exercising and working out alone.
    • For some, paying a monthly or yearly fee to the gym can be troublesome. But for many, it can be one of the pushing and motivation factors to anyhow just step into the gym and work on their fitness.
    • Beginners can start bodyweight simple at home workout drills, but some gym machines can be more friendly for people who are just getting into the world of fitness.

    Bodyweight Exercises vs Cardio


    • Bodyweight home workouts without weights continue the burning process even after one has done it. And that automatically enhances metabolism, strength, endurance, and more in the long run. But cardio workouts like running only burn you when you are working out.
    • Intense body weight training exercises at home will get your body up and running just like any run or sprint. The difference is, you’ll have to leave your home. So why not just get the benefits of running while staying home and make the most of bodyweight exercise ideas?
    • The majority of body weight training exercises at home will give you the same advantages as cardio.  


    • Cardio activities like running in a park or on a sidewalk open you up to the whole world. You get to use all of your five senses, including the hidden sixth sense, when running down a park or street. Moreover, you also get to communicate with people, socialize and make bonds. And all of that isn’t present in-home bodyweight workout routine.
    • There are many researchers that have shown that cardio exercises have a significant impact on the overall health and fitness of the human body. That’s why you must go on a run or perform any other cardio exercise from time to time.

    Bodyweight Exercises For Beginners

    We’ll first start the list of our 50 bodyweight training exercises at home with bodyweight exercises for beginners. The following are some beginner-friendly bodyweight exercises that will get any rusty human being up and running in no time.


    Tighten up your shorts, get together your hair and be ready!

    1. Look for a step or bench near you.
    2. Then, put your right foot on the step, bench, or the elevated surface you have found.
    3. Step on the surface until your right leg gets straight.
    4. After that, return to the initial starting position.
    5. Repeat the same routine on each side of your leg, aiming around 10-12 reps.

    Once you get comfortable enough, you can challenge yourself to stand up on the elevated surface with one leg on the surface and the other in the air to your knee.  

    Standard push-up 

    There’s a reason why every fitness contest begins with a push-up challenge. And now you can too take part in the challenge, here’s how to train yourself for it:

    1. Start by positioning yourself on your hands and knees.
    2. Step back your feet and straighten up your legs in a way you are balanced on your palms and toes.
    3. Your body must be making a straight line from head to hips to heels. And your hands must be directly under your shoulders or slightly apart.
    4. While keeping your body in one straight line, bend your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your body from a high plank position and lower your chest towards the floor.
    5. Pause for a second, then push the floor away from you using your palms and come back to your initial high plank position.     


    1. Whatever is most comfortable, stand with your feet parallel or turned outwards at 15 degrees.
    2. Slowly, start crouching by bending your hips and knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor.
    3. While you are at it, make sure not to rise up your heels from the floor.
    4. Press on your heels to return back to your initial posture.

    Shoulder bridge 

    Okay, so this shoulder bridge exercise is one of the funniest bodyweight training exercises at home.

    1. Lie down with your knees bent to 90 degrees and your feet hip-portion apart.
    2. While keeping your head, feet, arms, and shoulders on the floor, gently lift up your spine and hips.
    3. Then, lift one leg while keeping your core solid and slowly bring it back down.
    4. Continue the movement at least ten reps per leg, then lower your spine on the floor and repeat with the next leg.    


    Not instantly, but this exercise has the potential to build your abs.

    1. Lie facedown on the floor with your forearms on the floor and your elbows directly beneath your shoulders.
    2. Extend your legs and rise up onto your toes only.
    3. Make sure to keep your back straight and keep holding the position as long as you can. 


    1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hands on your hips.
    2. Step your right leg forward and gradually lower your body to stretch your posture until your left knee is close to or touching the ground.
    3. And make sure your left knee is bent at least 90 degrees.
    4. Return to the starting position and repeat the steps using the next side.  


    Burpee is one of the most effective bodyweight training exercises at home.

    1. Start off by positioning your body in a low squat posture with your hands on the floor.
    2. Kick your feet back to a push-up position, complete one push-up and return back to the squat position.
    3. Don’t forget to jump and lean as high as possible when returning back to the squatting position and moving back into the push-up portion of the exercise.

    Arm circles 

    Arm circles is one of the easy-looking exercises you can do at home, and expect to gain arm strength within a few days. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Remember your PE class in school or college? Well, it’s time to go down memory lane.
    2. Stand still with your arms extended by your side, at 90 degrees to your body’s trunk.
    3. Slowly and gradually, start making clockwise circles with your extended arms about one foot in diameter for 20 to 30 seconds.
    4. Reverse the movement and make anticlockwise circles with your extended arms.

    Arm circles are one of the shortest workouts you can do at home without any special arrangement or training. 

    Chest & Back Bodyweight Exercises

    We are past the basic bodyweight training exercises at home; let’s discover some chest & back-specific bodyweight home workouts without weights. 


    No, you won’t get the actual powers of the famous DC Superman by doing this exercise. But hey, your chest and back strength will surely increase.

    1. Firstly, lie facedown on the floor with your legs together, and arms spread wide in front of you.
    2. While maintaining your core, squeeze your back muscles and simultaneously lift your arms, chest, and legs off the ground to form a curve.
    3. Pause for a second, then lower your limbs and repeat the cycle.

    And if you feel like taking off, that’s why this exercise is called Superman.   

    Reverse Fly 

    1. Grab two full cans or bottles.
    2. Then, stand up straight with one foot in front of the other while slightly bending your forward knee.
    3. While grabbing the two bottles and cans and your palms facing each other, with the help of your waist, bend forward and extend your arms to the side while squeezing your shoulder blades.
    4. Repeat the process.  

    Judo push-up 

    Judo push-up is one of the most effective and electrifying chest and back bodyweight training exercises at home.

    1. First, get into a standard push-up position and then raise your hips.
    2. Lower your upper body until your chin comes close to the floor by using your arms.
    3. While keeping your knees off the floor, lower down your hips and swoop your head and shoulders upwards.
    4. Reverse back and come back to the initial position where your hips were raised.
    5. Try repeating the exercise for about thirty to sixty seconds.

    Handstand push-up 

    Before you debate with the inner-you on performing a handstand push-up, we would like to warn you that this move is only for ones who dare!

    1. Quickly find a wall near you and get into a handstand position against that wall.
    2. Properly adjust yourself to the new position and then slowly bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle.
    3. You’ll be doing an upside-down push-up, meaning your head will be moving towards the floor while your legs will remain against the wall.
    4. Gradually increase the pace and reps according to your comfort level with the new exercise.

    Donkey kick 

    Relax! You are not going to kick a donkey in this exercise, believe us.

    1. Position yourself in a push-up position but with your legs together.
    2. Tighten up your core and kick both of your legs in the air with your knees bent. Then make your feet reach back toward your glutes.
    3. Gently land when returning back to the initial position. 

    Dolphin push-up 

    You don’t need to get dropped into an ocean for pulling off dolphin pushups; your home will do just fine.

    1. Begin in a downward-facing dog pose with your elbows on the floor.
    2. Lean forward into a plank position until your head is over your hands.
    3. Then push up with your arms and return back to the starting position.

    Contralateral limb raise 

    By just reading the name, we are sure that just like everybody else, you think that this is one of the hardest chest and back bodyweight training exercises at home. But that’s not the truth.

    1. Start by lying on your stomach with arms outstretched and palms facing one another.
    2. Slowly lift your arm from the floor while keeping it straight and not rotating the shoulders.
    3. Side-by-side, lift the leg of the opposite side of your raised arm and hold the position.
    4. Then, lower down your arm and leg and repeat on the other side. 

    Core Bodyweight Exercises

    Now let’s see some of the core bodyweight training exercises at home.

    Sprinter situp 

    Now, you aren’t going to run and perform situps in this one. But this exercise will surely make you capable of it.

    1. Start by lying faceup with your legs straight, arms by your side, and your elbows bent at a 90-degrees angle.
    2. After that, sit up and bring your right knee towards your left elbow or vice versa, just like you are making a sprinting posture.
    3. Then, return back to the initial position and repeat using the other side.  

    Single-leg abdominal press 

    1. Lie on your floor mat with your face up, knees bent, and your fleet flat punched on the ground.
    2. Tighten up your core and lift up your right leg, and bending your knee at a 90-degrees angle.
    3. Using your core, push your right hand on the top of your lifted knee in a way you are creating pressure between your hand and knee.
    4. Wait for five seconds and maintain your position.
    5. Then, lower down to your initial position and repeat the exercise with your other side.

    Side plank 

    1. Lie on one of your sides with your arm of that side bent and your elbow under the shoulder. 
    2. Form a straight line by pushing your feet and forearm to raise your hips off the ground.
    3. Hold on to the position for as long as you can, and then switch sides.

    Segmental rotation 

    It’s time to stretch your core; enter Segmental Rotation, one of the most underrated core bodyweight training exercises at home.

    1. Take your position by lying faceup on the ground with your knees bent to 90 degrees and core tight.
    2. Then, let your knees fall gradually to one side until you start feeling a good stretch.
    3. Hold the position for about 5 to 10 seconds and return to the initial position.
    4. Repeat the process on your other side.

    Russian twist 

    1. Start by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and heels resting on the mat.
    2. Lean your upper body, so it makes about a 45-degree angle with the ground.
    3. Now bend your elbows, keep your hands together and start rotating your torso from side to side, first left then right.
    4. Remember to keep the motion slow, steady, and stretchy.
    5. When you are comfortable, hold a weight in your hands or lift your heels off the floor.  

    Rotational push-up 

    1. Come to a standard push-up position, then rotate your body to the right side by extending your right hand overhead, making a T shape.
    2. Return back to the normal position, do a standard push-up.
    3. And then, rotate to the left, making a T position once again.
    4. Pull off at least 10 to 12 reps, then rest and repeat.


    1. Lie faceup with both of your hands behind your head, elbows wide, and legs in a tabletop posture with your knees over your hips.
    2. Now bring your right knee towards your chest and your left elbow to your knee as your left leg straightens.
    3. Reverse by bringing your left knee towards your chest and your right elbow to your knee as your right leg straightens.
    4. Continue alternating for 10 to 15 reps per side.


    Crunches are one of the best core bodyweight training exercises at home to build up your abs.

    1. Lay on your floor mat with your face-up, knees bent, and your feet flat planted on the floor.
    2. Put your hands behind your head and slightly lower your chin.
    3. Now start peeling your head and shoulders off the ground with the help of your core.
    4. Continue bending your upper back towards your core until your backside is off the mat.
    5. Hold the position for some seconds, and then lower your upper body back towards the floor. 

    Double-leg abdominal press 

    Remember single-leg abdominal press? Well, this exercise is the same, but it makes use of both legs instead of one.

    1. Lie faceup, knees bent, and hands planted flat on the ground.
    2. Using your core, lift both of your legs up, bending them at an angle of 90-degree.
    3. Then, push your hands on the top of your knees to create pressure between your hands and knees.
    4. Wait for a few seconds, then lower down and repeat.

    Dynamic prone plank 

    1. Start in a standard plank position, as start raising your hips as high as you can.
    2. Then, lower them back down and continue this movement for as long as you can.
    3. While you are at it, make sure to keep your back as straight as a line and don’t drop your hips. 

    Flutter kick 

    1. Lay down face up on your floor with your arms at your sides and your palms on the ground.
    2. Extend your legs and just lift up your heels about six inches from the ground.
    3. Then, start doing quick up-and-down pulses using your legs while keeping your core stable and engaged.
    4. Keep kicking for a minute and calculate how many times you have kicked, and try to beat your score next time you do this exercise.  

    L seat 

    1. Sit on the ground with your legs extended long and your feet flexed.
    2. Then, place your hands on the floor and lift yourself up from the hip side with your legs straight.
    3. Hold the lifted position for five to ten seconds and then return back to your initial position.
    4. Repeat and try to do at least ten reps.

    Full body

    You can use the following exercises in your full-body workout routine at home. From mountain climber to tuck jump, we have listed the most popular and effective full bodyweight training exercises at home in this list. 

    Bear crawl 

    Bring out the bear inside you with this one of the most exciting full-body exercises.

    1. Stand up straight on your floor, then lower down your body and plant your hands on the floor and bend your knees.
    2. Raise your hips towards the ceiling and by using your palms and feet, take steps forward.
    3. First, move your right hand and foot, then your left hand and foot. 


    Inchworm is one of the most popular full-body workout routines at-home exercises.

    1. Stand up high and tall with your legs straight and knees unlocked.
    2. Lower your upper body towards the floor and use your hands to walk forward.
    3. Once you are in a push-up position, take tiny steps towards your hands.
    4. Continue the practice for about 8-10 reps.

    Mountain climber 

    1. Position yourself in a high plank position, brace your core and form a straight line from your head to heels.
    2. Bring your right knee to your chest and quickly extend it out to the starting position.
    3. Then, bring your left knee to your chest and quickly return it back to the initial position.
    4. Alternate legs as quickly as possible.

    Plank to push-up 

    Plant to push-up is one of the best full bodyweight training exercises at home.

    1. Gather yourself and position yourself in a plank position.
    2. With your back and core engaged, place one hand at a time to lift your body into a push-up position.
    3. Then, move one arm at a time back to turn yourself into a plank position.
    4. Repeat the routine by alternating your arm that had made the first move.

    Tuck jump 

    1. Start in an initial squat position with your legs slightly wider than hip-distance apart.
    2. With a minimal bend in your knees, jump as high as possible and use your arms for momentum.
    3. When you are in the air, crouch your knees into your chest.
    4. Try to land lightly on the ground and transition right into the next rep.
    5. At least aim to do 10 to 12 reps.

    Stair climb with bicep curls 

    It’s time to turn those stairs in your home into an effective bodyweight training machine.

    1. Grab some heavy household objects in both of your hands.
    2. Then, brisk walk up and down the stairs while simultaneously doing bicep curls.
    3. Stair climb with bicep curls is one of the best total body weight workout you can do at home.

    To challenge yourself, you can lift up even heavier objects than you are currently using to do this exercise.  

    Prone walkout

    With prone walkout, you’ll find your whole body grinding for that fit shape you have been dreaming of. 

    1. Lie down on the floor in a high push-up position.
    2. Slowly walk your hands forward by staying on your toes and keeping them in a constant position.
    3. Next, while maintaining your stability and balance, gradually walk your hands back to the starting position.
    4. Repeat the movement for about 10-12 reps.

    Plyometric push-up 

    Plyo or Plyometric push-up will PUSH you to the limits. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Start in a standard push-up position.
    2. Lower down to complete a push-up, and when you are coming back, powerfully push off of the floor.
    3. While you are in the air, try clapping your hands together.
    4. Then, land gently with your elbows slightly bent and go right into the next rep of the plyo push-up.


    Are you looking for the best bodyweight leg exercises? Well, we have got you covered. Here are the top leg weight training exercises at home that you can do without any equipment. 

    Wall sit 

    Do you know that you can use your wall as a chair?

    1. Go to the nearest wall in your home and slowly slide your back body down the wall until your thighs are in a parallel position to the ground.
    2. Keep your back straight, and make sure your knees are straight above your ankles.
    3. While keeping your posture steady, stay in the position for about 60 seconds.

    Squat reach and jump 

    It’s time for one of the energetic legs weight training exercises at home.

    1. Get into a squat position and perform a squat.
    2. When you are getting back up, jump up as high as you can while making your arms reach straight over your head.
    3. Then, land on a squat position and jump right into the next rep.
    4. Aim for about 10 to 15 reps; once done, take a deep breath and continue the grind.

    Single-leg deadlift 

    1. Stand upright with your feet together and arms straight by your side.
    2. Slightly lift your right leg.
    3. Now lower your arms and upper body while raising your right leg backward.
    4. Keep your left knee bent and make your arms reach the ground as close as possible while keeping them straight.
    5. Raise up your upper body and lower your right leg to the initial position.
    6. Switch legs and keep going for about 10 to 12 reps per leg. 

    Quadruped leg lift 

    1. Initially, start the exercise on your hands and knees while keeping your back flat and core engaged.
    2. Start raising your left leg straight back. And stop when your foot has reached the hip level, and your thigh is at the parallel position of the floor.
    3. Keep yourself balanced as long as you can.
    4. Then, raise the toe of your right leg slightly from the floor while fastening up your abs, butt, and back.
    5. Hold your position for a few seconds, and then switch legs. 

    Pistol squat 

    No, it’s not about squatting and holding a pistol in your hand.

    1. Start off by stretching and grasping your arms straight out in front of your body.
    2. While flexing your right ankle and pushing back your hips, raise your right leg.
    3. Lower down your whole body by squatting on your left leg while your right leg is in the air.
    4. Hold your posture and then return back to the standing position.
    5. Switch legs and repeat. 

    Calf raise 

    Calf raise is one of the easiest yet fruitful leg weight training exercises at home you don’t wanna miss.

    1. Stand up straight and raise slowly rise up on your toes (stop spreading your arms, it’s not a movie scene), keeping your heels off the floor and knees straight.
    2. Hold for a second or two and then come back down.
    3. Repeat for about 10 to 12 reps.
    4. To make the exercise challenging, try doing it on a step or any other elevated ground.

    Chair Pose squat 

    Caution! This exercise will hit all your butt spots.

    1. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart, and while swinging your arms up, lower down into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
    2. After that, stretch and straighten up your legs. Then, lift up your right knee while swinging your left arm just outside your right knee.
    3. Once done, return back to a standing position and mimic the movement on the other side.    

    Clock lunge 

    It’s time to move your body like a clock!

    1. Complete a standard forward lunge.
    2. Then take a big step to the right side and lunge again.
    3. After that, take a big step backward and lunge again to complete a semi-circle.
    4. Aim for about 10-15 reps and switch legs alternatively.

    Curtsy lunge 

    1. Start in a lunge position but when lunging, step your right leg back behind your left leg while bending your knees.
    2. Keep lowering your hips until your left thigh is almost parallel to the ground.
    3. Not to mention, keep your hips square and your upper body straight and stiff.

    Lunge jump 

    At first, you’ll find this leg’s weight exercise as some sort of super stunt. So make sure to gather some crowd around you first.

    1. Stand upright with your feet together and lunge in the forward direction with your right foot.
    2. Jump up as high as you can while stretching your arms forward and keeping your elbows bent.
    3. In mid-air, switch your legs and land in a lunge with your opposite leg in the forward direction.
    4. At least do ten reps and keep switching your legs.

    Lunge to row 

    1. Do a standard lunge.
    2. Now instead of bringing your forward leg back to the starting position, raise it off from the ground while lifting your arms overhead.
    3. Note that your legs must remain bent at about 90 degrees.
    4. To add more difficulty, you can lift some weights.

    Shoulders and arms

    Last and certainly not least, here are some great shoulders and arms weight training exercises at home for you.


    1. Bend your upper body in the forward direction until it’s parallel to the floor while standing with your feet hip-width apart and knees bent.
    2. While keeping your elbows in, extend one arm forward and the other one backward.
    3. Hug back your arms and keep switching them.
    4. And make sure to do 10-15 reps as Muhammad Ali might be watching you from the sky.

    Diamond push-up 

    Diamond push-up is one of the most powerful shoulders and arms weight training exercises at home.

    1. Get into a push-up position but make sure your hands are in a diamond shape, meaning your thumbs and index fingers are touching.
    2. Now, what are you waiting for? Start the push-ups, and you’ll see that slight diamond shape amendment juicing up your shoulders and arms.  

    Shoulder stabilization series (I-Y-T-W-O) 

    1. Lay on your floor mat facing down with your arms extended overhead and your palms seeing each other.
    2. Now move your arms into each letter formation one by one, I, Y, T, W, and O.

    Tricep dips 

    1. Sit to a floor near an elevated surface in a like a step in a way it’s behind you with your knees slightly bent.
    2. After that, reach and grab the edge of the elevated surface to straighten up your arms backward.
    3. Bend your arms to a 90-degree angle and straighten again to lift yourself while your heels are pushing against the ground.