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How to Stick To Your Workout Schedule Even on a Vacation

If you are a fitness buff, you will want to stay on top of your schedule around the year. But the biggest challenge for fitness enthusiasts is to stay in shape during a holiday. It is easy to gain pounds and inches while traveling because you indulge more and work out less.

Moreover, you feel lazy and want to relax rather than move around and work out. Everyone deserves a break, and you should get one too. After all, that’s what holidays are all about, but you wouldn’t want to end up with weight woes when you are back.

A sedentary vacation can disrupt your fitness initiative and even lower your motivation levels eventually. You may find it hard to pick back on the old routine after you return from a lazy break. The last thing you will want to happen is to feel stressed as you return from a vacation.

Thankfully, a little effort can help you stay true to your workout schedule even as you travel. You can enjoy exercise and eat without guilt if you stick to the routine. Here are some tips that can help.

Plan a Stop-Gap Program

Anyone following a daily fitness routine understands the downsides of traveling. You get out of routine and eat more. Both ways, your fitness program can easily get off-track. But it shouldn’t be the reason to give up on your holiday plans.

You can try an alternative program that keeps you fit when away from your home and gym. But it is crucial to take a realistic approach to the change. Avoid trying to replicate your current program because it is not practically possible.

Focus on activities you can realistically pack into the available space and time while you are away.

Create Time for Exercise

The most important thing is to create time for exercise, even during a vacation. Although you are in a leisure mode, you may want to skimp on physical activity. But you can easily include it into the holiday schedule too.

It is easier than you imagine, provided you are motivated enough to work out every single day. All you need to do is wake up an hour early and use that extra hour to exercise. You can do it easily because holidays are all about fun and rest.

You don’t have to prepare breakfast or rush to work, so it is easy to set apart time for working out. It makes sense to pick a bit out of your schedule and dedicate it to your fitness initiative.

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    Carry Your Fitness Gear

    Surprisingly, you can pack your fitness gear into your suitcase without worrying about the extra weight. You need not worry about bulky equipment such as weights and dumbbells. There are other options to keep you moving without the load.

    It is a good idea to invest in gym resistance bands because they are lightweight and travel-friendly. Ask your trainer for recommendations on the best resistance training exercises you can do during the vacation.

    Don’t forget to pack the right pair of shoes and sportswear you can wear for your daily jogs. The right clothing and accessories keep you motivated and going, so make sure you pick the trendiest styles for your vacation.

    Pack Exercise into Holiday Fun

    If you cannot follow an exercise schedule while traveling, there are ways to integrate it into holiday fun. You only have to be creative enough to mix the vacation activities with physical movement. It is easier than you think, provided you do not let laziness take over.

    Choose walking tours instead of riding a bus or cab, and you will burn more calories than you can imagine. Taking stairs instead of elevators is a good idea. Swimming a few laps instead of just soaking in the pool is a good way to fuel your fitness initiative.

    Move as much as you can, and you can get the benefits of a regular workout schedule. Find opportunities to do physical activities and pick them.

    Support with the Right Diet

    Apart from staying active, you need to support the new routine with the right diet. It can make all the difference because eating right will make simple workouts more effective. Conversely, overindulging can add extra calories every day.

    You will have to exercise more to burn them, and there are good chances that you will end up with a calorie surplus. It is vital to follow a healthy and balanced diet even as you enjoy the holiday cravings. You may have an occasional cheat meal but make sure you get enough energy to keep moving.

    Avoid indulging in sugar, alcohol, and fatty food. Packing healthy snacks like nuts and seeds, whole wheat cookies, and protein bars is a good idea.


    A vacation shouldn’t get you off your fitness goals, and it is completely possible to keep them on point. The best way to stay stuck is to pick activities you can easily fit into your schedule and enjoy doing. Follow these tips, and you are good to go.

    You will probably return as fit and healthy as you were before.


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