September 20


Ways to Get Thicker Thighs Without Overdoing It

Have you ever encountered comparing your slender thighs to those of your athletic mates even once in your life? Have you felt a sudden rush of insecurity washing you just before you begin to sink in self-sabotaging thoughts?

How to Get Thicker Thighs Without Exercising Too Much

Don’t be worried. Though there is no rocket technology that can easily blow up your slim muscles, this goal is still well within your reach. Moreover, you do not have to overdo it. How to get bigger thighs and how to get wider hips are what we aim to discuss in this article.

Exercises for Wider Hips and Bigger Thigh

You must tone your hips and thighs and consume enough calories to support muscle growth. Although you can improve your curves, how much your body form changes is wise to be realistic.

While thighs are generally focused on in the leg, hips are often disregarded. This is a problem because your body needs to work equally on all body muscles, including hips.

Here are some exercises you can do to develop your hips and thigh equally:

How to Get Wider Hips through Deadlifts

Deadlifts can appear as easy tasks, but they stimulate so many sections of your body, in particular your thighs and hips. Like every other workout, mortality takes a correct shape to achieve the best results and prevent injury.

To perform this, take a breath with your feet apart and take a barbell or a kettlebell into your hand, lower your hips and fold your knees until your shins come in contact with the bar in front of you.

Look forward, keep your chest raised, and push your heels to transfer your weight and to breathe out. Pull your shoulders back and forth after the bar crosses your knees, drive your hips into the bar. Lower the bar and repeat for 3-5 sets 10 times.

How to Work on Hip Extensions

Hip extensions can be performed on a weightless mat, band, or GHD machine. The goal of hip extensions is to maintain your back stiff and flat, focusing on rotating your hips while keeping your lower body firm. Lay down on a mat on all fours. Lift one hip as you exhale with your knees bent. Squeeze your butt and hold your core tight while raising your thigh.

How Lunges Can Help You Get Bigger Thighs

Static Lunges and deadlift lunges, being its two kinds, lunges can help you get bigger thighs as well as expedite the process of lowering your body muscle. This type of exercise is also being done in routine by most teams and players listed in the

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    Side Leg Raises as Exercise for Wider Hips

    You can improve your balance by lifting your side leg. Stand straight and raise up your left foot and lower it in a smooth yet controlled manner. With a free weight or resistance band on your knee, you can raise your lateral legs to improve your hip muscles.

    Squats to Get Bigger Hips

    Squats aim at both thighs and hips – great to create a bigger booty, thus they are fantastic exercises to integrate often into your training days.

    Consider asking a personal trainer to ensure that your form is also right. A personal trainer can assist you correctly and protect you from being injured.

    How to Get Thicker Thighs Even Without Exercise

    Having thicker thighs without exercise may be crucial for people who are far too overloaded to squeeze into their jam-packed schedule or who do not care about sweating bullets, get out of breath, have muscular cramps, or simply put it – exercise.

    How Long Until You See Results?

    Your body will not transform overnight, but when you look in the mirror, it’s so delightful that you start to see a change.

    Understand that it will take time but your efforts will be worth it, since each time you go to the gym you become more healthy.

    If you are interested in tracking your progress, take measurements or pictures before and after, but do not always look at the photo, take the work for a month and then think about comparing photos.

    Again, it is crucial to understand that heredity cannot be completely circumvented. In specific locations, your body is particularly constructed and can gain weight easier than others.


    Getting bigger thighs and broader hips need to be combined with weightlifting, nutrition, and dietary habits.

    However, if you work out and eat attentively, you are likely to observe effects. Be patient, work hard, and remember to celebrate your achievements.