February 7


The Budget Home Gym Essentials That Will Serve You For The Rest Of Your Life


The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do things and how we live our everyday lives. As part of preventive measures to stop its spread, people have been advised by health authorities to work from home. This has led to the popularity of home gyms, as people seek to stay fit while indoors.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a home gym, then you are at the right place. Although most gym equipment don’t come cheap, you can do some good planning and acquire some that can suit your budget. The following gym essentials will definitely last a lifetime if you handle them well.

Squat Rack/Power Cage

This is usually the centerpiece of any home gym because of its versatility. It is where you press, squat, do pull-ups plus a multitude of other exercises. Most squat racks usually come with multi-grip pull-up bars. However, some may include extra attachments such as pull-down or dip handles.

A good squat rack should last a long time and provide the safety you need while doing your exercises. However, keep in mind that a rack which includes additional attachments will be more expensive. Nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, you can still get one that will serve you well.

Everyone’s needs will be slightly different, so be sure to compare the best squat racks on the market to ensure you end up with a quality piece of equipment that suits your goals.

A Good Barbell

The barbell is one of the most essential components of any gym. You can use it in strength training as it allows you to load your body with heavy weights during exercises. Note that there’s a big difference in durability and performance between a top-quality barbell and those cheap steel rods that some manufacturers produce.

This means that you shouldn’t compromise quality over price when procuring a barbell. Olympic barbells are the most durable as they come with a strong shaft, aggressive knurling, and power lifting knurl marks. They also come with lifetime warranty meaning even your grandkids can inherit them from you.

Weight Plates

Once you have a squat rack and a barbell, it is only sensible that you purchase things to use with the latter. Weight plates are available in various colours, sizes and materials at the many online shops around. However, it is advisable to also look for iron Olympic weight plates if you’ve got an Olympic barbell.

These plates come in different prices, but you can still find some budget-priced options online. No matter the type, you will always be assured of good performance and durability. What’s great is that the plates come with precise weight accuracy and will not mess up your barbell during exercise.

A Flat Bench

Many people think that we only use a flat bench for bench presses. However, this piece of equipment can actually be very versatile if you put in a little creativity. A flat bench can be used for everything including box squats and split squats, and so much more.

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    A good flat bench should provide a robust platform, a strong foam pad and should be about 17 inches from the ground. In fact, some may even come with a vinyl covering which further enhances the aesthetics and durability. You can buy a flat bench from one of the online stores at a budget price.


    You’ll need some flooring in your home gym for protecting your foundation and lowering the noise when you drop the weights. There are lots of options out there. However, avoid foam flooring as it usually tears up in the long run making it a less durable option.

    Instead, go for rubber horse stall matting as it is a cost-effective option. Mostly, you can obtain such from the local farm store. These mats are normally made for horses, but you will practically find every gym using them. One piece weighs up to around 100lbs and can sustain any abuse you throw at them.


    Installing a fully equipped gym at home can be an expensive undertaking. However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be done in a cheaper way without breaking the bank. The fact is that it is possible to have a real home gym that has the necessary training equipment. With the aforementioned essentials, you can have one that will serve you for a lifetime.

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