Best Home Gym Equipment

The best home gym equipment is simple, cheap, and easy to set up and store away. There are a wide variety of exercises that can be done with the simplest of machines. These include the barbell and weights and a set of kettlebells. This is because the clear majority of exercises can be done with these items. They are easy to set up and store. And they are free range exercises, meaning you are not sitting in a chair statically while doing them. All the main exercises can be done with the barbell, including the squat and the deadlift, the two ultimate weightlifting techniques which target all muscle groups. The kettlebells can be used in many ways to target any areas that the user thinks may need strengthening. The number of exercises that can be done with a kettlebell is astonishing. For value and functionality, kettlebells and the simple barbell are unparalleled. However, there is also the choice of a home gym machine which can be used to perform many specific exercises. This can is a good choice for serious gym goers who are used to performing exercises. Skipping ropes and gym balls are alternative options for core strength.