February 6


The First Steps to Building Your Own Home Gym

After the closure of all the gyms during the pandemic many people found themselves giving up on their usual exercise regime and a lot of us have struggled to get back into it again.

Maybe you are still not comfortable being around so many people, sharing equipment or perhaps your gym is near to the office, and you work from home now. Regardless of the reason, you might find it massively beneficial to set up your own gym at home.

You can get all sorts of equipment online for a space of any size from dumbbell sets to power racks and cages. Here are some tips to get you started on your home gym journey

Choose a Space

The first step to building your home gym is to find the best place to put it. If you have limited space, then using your garage is a great idea or setting up a partition in one of the rooms to separate it off. If you are lucky enough to be faced with a few options then go for whatever room has the most natural light, plenty of space for equipment, good ventilation, and ideally nowhere where the noise will disturb any neighbors.

Decide on the Equipment You Need

There are a lot of factors to consider what equipment you need, and you do not want to be spending money on anything unnecessary. Think about how much space you have available, how much money you have to spend, and what workouts you plan on doing.

Try to prioritize the most important pieces that you are going to use the most, you can always add more equipment over time.

Try multi-use pieces of equipment like a power rack with a barbell and weights – there is a huge number of different workouts you can do with just those few pieces of equipment.

Jo Green from the THFI says “Try multi-use pieces of equipment like a power rack with a barbell and weights – there is a huge number of different workouts you can do with just those few pieces of equipment.”

Design Your Gym

Now you have chosen the place for your gym and prioritized what equipment you want then you need to design your gym. Make sure that the equipment you want is going to fit and consider extra storage if you need it. Decide where everything is going to go before you purchase anything.

Alongside specialist websites like our own, there are expert consultants and garage gym designers who you can contact for bespoke requirements such as the Training Station

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    Add Some Accessories

    Add some accessories to your gyms such as a sound system or a TV. The benefit of a home gym is that you can choose your own music and pick what goes on the TV. You can follow workout routines watch YouTube videos or even just watch your favorite show whilst your power walks on your treadmill.

    Invest in Storage

    Depending on where your gym is and what equipment you have, you may need to install shelves and wall racks. You need somewhere to store weights, dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands and somewhere to throw any dirty laundry.

    Leaving things on the floor is not only a tripping hazard but a messy room can affect your motivation and distract you. If you are short on space then you might want to consider foldable, easy-to-store exercise equipment.