Benefits of Treadmill Workout – That Will Make You To Run More in 2023

What Are the Benefits of Using a Treadmill?

Treadmills offer a variety of benefits and functions that will ensure that you stay fit and healthy. These machines can also assist you a lot in weight loss. Moreover, you can also combine interval training exercises with a treadmill.

Workouts are often like a chore. Our motivation to workout can be derailed by external factors like inclement weather or the hectic travel to the gym.

But, there is a straightforward and efficient solution to keep you fit without leaving your home.

Here, we are going to take a look at the following points to look deeper into the benefits that treadmills offer.

Health Benefits Of Working Out On The Treadmill

Treadmills offer a very versatile way to workout. Best Treadmills can work the same muscles as walking outdoors or on track. Moreover, you can work out the same irrespective of whether the weather is ready to cooperate.

The difference is that you can also adjust the incline and speed. Walking on treadmills can also vastly improve cardiovascular health. It can also help in combating weight loss as you burn more calories.

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain

Walking or running on a treadmill can strengthen your lower body muscles which include hamstrings and quadriceps in your thigh, gastrocnemius, and soleus in the calves, gluteal muscles, and hip flexors.

Walking on the treadmill will give you higher speed and resistance to build stronger and defined muscles as well.

Insane Incline

Insane Incline

If you are ready to escalate the intensity of your walking or running workouts, you can make use of the incline of the treadmill. This will work your muscles in a different manner and will help you burn more calories as well. The steeper the incline, the more your gluteal and quadriceps muscles engage.

Feel the Burn

Feel the Burn

Building muscles are not the only benefit you will get from walking or running on the treadmill. It also helps in burning more calories. For example- If you are a 160-pound person and if you walk at 3.5 mph, you will burn around 314 calories. Even though, the impact is not instant, with consistent and regular walking workouts you can burn more calories and be fit.

Bringing in Upper Body

Bringing in Upper Body

Individual treadmills come with built-in handles that can help in adding your upper body to the treadmill workout. These can be used to bring your upper body into treadmill runs. You can also use light dumbbells of 2 to 5 pounds to do overheads presses and biceps curl as you walk.

Treadmills for Weight Loss in 2023

Buying and assembling a treadmill will not automatically help you to shed the excess fat. However having access to a treadmill can help a lot in burning calories and losing some weights. Using treadmill for weight loss have a lot of advantages as well. Let’s take a look at them.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It is vital to be dedicated to exercise. But, never forget that you cannot experience weight loss overnight. It is a slow process, and if you follow everything correctly, you are likely to lose one or two pounds a week. Attaining a weight loss goal depends on your ability to achieve a caloric deficit by the burning higher amount of calories than you consume.

Perks Of A Treadmill In Weight Loss

It is true that you will not be able to enjoy the birds chirping and the fresh air when you are running on the treadmill. But there are a lot of perks associated with running on the treadmill. Increasing the incline plays a very significant role here. With every degree you increase, you are burning more calories. Many treadmills also provide caloric burn data, this way you will be able to track your weight loss progress.

Walk or Run Towards Weight Loss

Are you a sporadic treadmill user? Then you should not expect to see drastic weight loss results. In general, is important to spend a considerable time consistently to lose weight. For example – If you are planning to walk briskly, have a weekly goal of 300 minutes. If you are planning to jog, a goal of 150 minutes will be appropriate. The difference in the minutes is due to the different rate at which you burn calories while you are walking and jogging.

Stand Tall

Regardless of the amount of time you dedicate to jogging or walking on the treadmill, it is important to take the proper approach that will facilitate maximum caloric burn.

Many of us hold the handles while jogging on a treadmill. Some of us begin to lean on the handle. But, do you know that this can drastically reduce your calorie burn as you are no longer supporting your body’s whole weight? Research suggest that leaning on the handles while running on the treadmill can cut your calorie burn by twenty to forty percent.

Maximum Calorie Burn Through Treadmill Interval Training

It is important to notice that treadmill is an excellent exercise machine to burn calories. But, the number of calories you burn depend on a lot of factors including the intensity of your workout. For many people who exercise regularly, the best way to increase strength and burn new calories is through interval training.

Interval Training Burns Calories

Interval training can let you burn more calories than your routine walk on the treadmill. When you do intervals, you are alternating between lower and higher intensity periods of workouts. That is if you are a person who walks on the treadmill. You can incorporate short bursts of jogging into your workout session. If you are an individual who jogs, then you can add some sprints in the workout. In short, by increasing the intensity of your workout, you will be able to burn more calories and ultimately lose weight.

Sample Interval Plans

You interval plan should be set up after considering your comfort with the treadmill and your fitness level. You can begin with your standard warm-up such as walking at a moderate speed for five minutes. If you are planning to workout for 20 mins, you can include two 5-minute walking periods and two 5 minute jogging periods. Another way to introduce interval training on a treadmill is through incline and speed adjustments. This way you will get the almost unlimited number of options as well.

Sprint Away Calories With High-Intensity Intervals

You interval plan should be set up after considering your comfort with the treadmill and your fitness level. You can begin with your standard warm-up such as walking at a moderate speed for five minutes. If you are planning to workout for 20 mins, you can include two 5-minute walking periods and two 5 minute jogging periods. Another way to introduce interval training on a treadmill is through incline and speed adjustments. This way you will get the almost unlimited number of options as well.

Try to do at least 8 to 10 intense intervals in a 35-minute session. Ensure that you carry on this workout for six weeks by doing it at least twice a week. This way, you will be able to see considerable changes.

Mind Your Form

The form is of supreme importance. It doesn’t matter how you train, but maintain good form to enjoy the most efficient calorie-burning workout. Walk or run with an erect posture and swing your arms while exercising on the treadmill. This applies to the recovery periods which are between intense intervals. Don’t hold the machine handrails unnecessarily unless you must do it for balance.

Elliptical Machine or Treadmill – Which Machine Will Help You in Fat Loss?

Both Elliptical trainer and exercising on under desk treadmill are excellent cardio machines that will help you get a great fat-burning workout. If you are a person who enjoys brisk walking or running, then the treadmill is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for a low-impact full-body workout, then elliptical trainers can suit you better. Both these machines will help you burn fat. And maintain good cardiovascular health and energy levels.

The key factor here is the intensity of the workout. That is, if you are running at a fast pace and is making a high-intensity sprint; then you will burn more calories using the treadmill when compared to the elliptical machine. But, if you are going with the same intensity, then the elliptical machine might be a bit better in burning more fat.

Types of Treadmills

Depending on the design and functionality treadmills can be divided into the following.

1. Manual Treadmill

This is the most basic type of treadmill. Functions like incline have to be adjusted manually. These are comparatively more inexpensive as well. Manual treadmills are the preferred choice for seniors.

2. Motorized treadmill

These are more advanced than manual treadmills and comes with a variety of features. The majority of the treadmills that you get these days are motorized. The level of inclination can be adjusted. But, these are comparatively costlier than manual treadmills. These treadmills also come with a lot of functions and features that the manual treadmills lack.

3. Folding treadmill

This is the most popular treadmill in recent times. These are perfect for people with limited space. Most of the folding treadmills are manual ones. If you have a small apartment or if you want a treadmill at your office, this will be a perfect choice.

Things to consider before choosing a good Treadmill in 2023


Stability is what everyone who exercise needs. Each and every treadmill is different and will affect the person’s body differently. Testing the available models at the store is the best way to ensure that it suits your comfort. Weight limits can vary depending on the machine. So, consider that also before making the purchase.


Treadmills can take a significant amount of space, even folding ones. Exercisers should ensure that there is enough free space around the treadmill. This way, even if you fall off the machine, injury risks can be minimized. Also, note that treadmills are not easy to move. So, keep it away from the children and pets as they can be injured by it.

Motor And Warranties

For home treadmills, a continuous duty rating of 2.5 is more than enough as it doesn’t sustain very vigorous exercises. Warranties can vary according to the place you purchased the machine from. So, look for the product and the store that gives you the best warranty. Choose models that give you a warranty of at least one year. A treadmill with three years warranty is the favored choice.


Extras include the different workout programs that come along with the treadmill. It can also include built-in entertainment features like a touch screen with an internet connection or TV. These features are not for everyone, but for people who are looking for extra motivation to work out. At the end of the day, list down the functions that matter to you the most and choose a model that offer those features.


Price is one of the first things that people look at while buying an item. It is important to understand that treadmills are available at different price points. If you don’t plan on using the treadmill regularly, then a very basic machine will be enough. What buyers should look for is whether they get what they pay for. You can also take a look at the rebates and sales before making a decision.

Buying A Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmills are comparatively cheaper than motorized ones. There are only a very few parts to maintain, and you need not worry about things breaking down. A manual treadmill is a lot of quieter than motorized ones.

When it comes to manual treadmills, it is important to notice that you cannot change the incline while you are running. You have to stop and then change it.

Manual treadmills can help if you want to do vigorous running workouts. The treadmill’s belt movements are entirely dependent on your body as there is no motor to assist in actuating the belt.

The tips and products listed above are sure to assist you in choosing a treadmill and achieving your fitness goals. Ensure that you pick a product that is comfortable and apt for your requirements. Reap the benefits of the treadmill by integrating it with interval training as mentioned above. Also, ensure that you are motivated and committed to working out and staying fit.