Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Reviews

Why should you buy a Iron gym upper body workout bar?

Pull-ups are one of the best ways to increase upper body strength and are an all-time favorite of many strength and conditioning coaches. They are also one of the more difficult types of exercises, particularly for weightlifters who are good at lifting weights but are not as efficient when it comes to calisthenics and body movements.

Pull ups are particularly effective at targeting the lats and biceps. Pull ups are compound movements which work on a large number of muscle groups at the same time, including the back, shoulders, and arms. Many have likened the pull up to the upper body equivalent of the squat, in that a pull up does to your upper body what a squat does for the lower body. Makes it really strong, really quickly.

Advantages of Pull-ups

One of the main advantages of pull ups is their convenience. Unlike squats which require time, effort, space, weights and a bar, pull ups can be conveniently done in 30 seconds in the morning, afternoon and night, after breakfast or before sleep. Few exercises offer so many returns for so little effort, even if it is a tough 30 seconds.

Other benefits of pull ups are that there is an infinite amount of variations that can be done to vary the workout routine. There are three main types of pull ups, the overhand pull-up, the underhand pull-up and the hammer grip/commando pull up. The overhand pull-up is the standard pull up where the palms face away from the face. When the chin rises above the hands one repetition has been completed.

The underhand pull up is also referred to as the chin-up, where the palms are facing towards the body. And the hammer grip pull-up is where the palms face each other, meaning the hands are gripping two parallel, horizontal bars. The grip can be widened or narrowed in order to increase the intensity on certain muscle groups.

Generally, a narrow grip means that the biceps and shoulders are getting a better workout, whereas a wider grip places more of an emphasis on the lats. There are also specialized kinds of pull ups including kipping pull ups, plyo pull ups, and one arm pull ups. These can be great additions to the pull-up workout once an appropriate level of proficiency has been achieved at the three basic types of pull ups.

Adding weight to the waist is another way to increase the intensity and variety of the workout, as well as the tempo- how fast or slow each pull-up repetition is completed.

When completing a pull-up, form, like in all exercise activity, is crucial. Step one is to hang from the bar, using the selected grip/pull up type. Next slowly pull yourself forward so that the chest touches the bar, if possible. It is important not to hunch the shoulders, as people hunch their shoulders all day long by bending over a computer screen. Do not arch or swing the legs when completing the repetition.

And slowly lower to the starting point. The most important thing to remember is to complete the repetition slowly and repeat to failure. Many people execute quickly using momentum to break records or boast how many they can do. Just focus on an effective workout to failure and the rep count will take care of itself.

Of course, before starting off on any pull-up workout protocol, you will need a high-quality pull-up bar. Preferably one that does not break when executing a pull-up. The main consideration in terms of work out bars is that they are strong, safe and durable. Other important points are that they are cheap and easy to assemble.

Adjustable pull-up bars also offer a little extra in terms of vertical adjustment for some people, but the best pull up bars are those that are well made and designed to last, and preferably don’t do too much damage to the door frame. One of the best pull up bars on the market is the iron gym total upper body workout bar - extreme edition. There are many pull up bars and many pullup bar reviews, but the iron gym pull up bar is definitely one of the best on the market for reasons outlined below.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

One of the factors which make the iron gym workout bar the best doorway pull up bar on the market is the fact that it offers four grip positions. The standard is usually three grip positions for pull-ups, chin-ups, and hammer grip pull ups. This offers narrow, neutral, wide and extra wide. Usually, pull up bars go as far as the wide grip, but the extra wide grip allows serious pull-up enthusiasts to focus extensively on their lats. Because of this fact alone, it is arguably the best pull up bar for home use. The bar can also be used on the bottom of the door frame to provide support for sit ups. It does not require any fasteners to attach to the door frame.

The iron gym ceiling mounted bar is suitable for a wide range of doorways, to a length of between 24 and 34 inches wide. This is a much wider length than most pull up bars allow. The trim width is 3.5 inches for the doorway ledge. Assembly of this product is quite easy, taking around 15 minutes. It is one of the best pull-up bars available right now. It is a great home chin up bar and can also be used for many other purposes for a full body workout. It is a very strong product that can take a long of weight.

Final Thoughts On Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition

Simply put, this is probably the best workout bar on the market. Few other pull up bars offer as much functionality and fit into as many door frames. It is not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive pull-up bar on the market.

It is a very well-engineered product with great functionality, durability and easy assembly. In other words, it has all the best qualities of a good pull up bar at a reasonable price. Not much more can be asked for. A minor downside is that it can damage some weaker door frames.In Addition to this you can find more information about the Perfect Fitness Pullup Bar reviews.