October 26


Pilates – A Slow Aerobics, Aerobics for the Lazy People, or a Perfect Way to Keep Fit?

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Anyway, keeping fit or losing weight you gained during coronavirus could be also considered a special challenge. Pilates is a special kind of fitness, which is also called “slow aerobics”, but it is also one of the most effective fitness techniques for weight loss.

So how does it help women stay in shape? And what do you need to do in Pilates to achieve stunning results?

About the History of Pilates

So, Pilates is a special kind of fitness in which movements are smooth, slow, with a special system of breathing and concentration on the body. Pilates helps gradually, so do not count on quick results, but the effect is stable. And even if the movements in Pilates are smooth, it’s not that easy to do it.

Pilates was developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates from Germany, who believed there was a connection between physical and mental well-being. He created exercises that were initially intended for the rehabilitation of soldiers.

After emigrating to the United States, he founded a studio in New York and became a famous trainer.

What Makes Pilates So Unique?

The goal of Pilates is to train the entire body gently and evenly. The method is based on mental concentration, conscious breathing, and controlled movements that target specific muscle groups.

Nowadays, the exercises are mostly performed on mats, sitting or lying down, or with the help of special equipment. Unlike yoga, there are no static positions, as the flowing movement plays an important role.

Only amateurs claim that “slow” types of gymnastics, such as yoga and Pilates, do not help you lose weight. The fact that you lose much less weight in one session than you would with aerobics, or any other sport is true.

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    Pilates does not aim to lose weight quickly; everything about it, like its movements, should be gradual. Lose weight slowly and in a way that benefits your body.

    It is also to be noted you need to change your diet, give up foods that can damage the figure, and include products that are healthier and more useful if you would like to maintain the effect made on your body with Pilates.

    The exercises in Pilates are aimed at the training of such body areas as the abs, hips, and chest, as these parts of the body are problematic areas for many women. This makes this type of fitness very attractive and popular. Anyway, there are no restrictions – don’t hesitate to try it, if you are a man!

    What Is Pilates Good for Except for Losing Weight?

    As a recognized and very popular form of gymnastics, Pilates finds its application not only as a workout in leisure time but also as a form of prevention and therapy in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

    It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of back pain and movement deficits. The Pilates movements are easy on the joints and reduce the risk of injury, which means that even motor-impaired or elderly people can benefit from it.

    Increased flexibility, increased strength, relaxation, stress reduction – these are only a few positive effects Pilates has on the human body and mind except losing weight. In general, Pilates emphasizes strengthening the core muscles of the human body.

    In addition, because Pilates exercises are based on adaptation and variation, personal skill, fitness, and medical factors such as injury can be considered. Trainers create customized exercise routines, allowing them to modify exercises to meet students’ needs and difficulty levels. This makes the method very suitable for individual workouts.

    What Is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

    One of the popular questions about Pilates is about the differences between Pilates and yoga. There are many similar movements, and probably the biggest difference, however, is that in yoga spirituality is at the core of the concept.

    Yes, Pilates also helps you to relax in a mental way, but this method is focused on the body. There are also some special differences in breathing and techniques.

    What Is Better for an Absolute Beginner: A Fitness Studio, or Individual Training?

    Most gyms, sports centers as well as private fitness studios, provide Pilates classes for groups. If you are a beginner, we recommend you work with a good trainer who can correct mistakes and avoid any health risks. Stay healthy and fit with Pilates!


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