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A Guide To Calisthenics: The Best Exercise For Fitness Beginners

Calisthenics may be a familiar term to exercise enthusiasts. You’re probably already doing some calisthenics exercises as they’re a common component of any routine. They’ve existed for quite a while now and are getting more mainstream as an increasing number of people try to invest in their health more and more.

If you’re looking to execute some calisthenics exercises in your daily exercise as a beginner, this article is perfect for you. Use the following information as your guide in incorporating calisthenics into your workout journey.

What Is Calisthenics? 

The calisthenics exercises rely only on the weight of the individual. Each exercise is performed at a different level or degree, and you can tone the exercises down or intensify them as you prefer.

Although you can complete them without any equipment, you may also use handheld tools as exercise enhancers or download a calisthenics app to guide you through. Doing these exercises can develop your muscles, strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. 

From fundamental exercises like planks to more intense and advanced workouts, calisthenics exercises can range from easy to difficult. You can also perform calisthenics exercises in equipment or practice challenging exercises similar to gymnastics training.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate calisthenics into workout routines regardless of the training style. Furthermore, it’s excellent for beginners to start their workout journey by doing these exercises as they are.

Later on, you can add on more challenging workouts. It’s possible to perform calisthenics exercises at home, in the gym, and in public spaces like the park. 

Calisthenic Exercises Best for Beginners

In general, a beginner should begin with the basics while an experienced calisthenics practitioner can progress to more challenging exercises. But since you’re an amateur in calisthenics, the following exercises should be enough for you to try out:


Beginners who are unfamiliar with calisthenics can benefit from squats, which are simple and effective. You can do these in three ways: do the squats without anything else, add some resistance bands that can be wrapped on your thighs, or bring weights up when doing squats. Any of these three squats will give any man, woman, and fitness fan ultimate benefits. 


The basic pushup is done by lying face down on the floor. Hold your hands equally apart, about the width of your shoulders. Push your weight up with arms extended, and push them back again. You can do pushups depending on your preferred sets and reps. There are some modifications you can do if you’re not accustomed to doing the full pushups yet.

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    The plank is a simple and effective exercise to help you build core strength, stability, and balance. Hold your body still, tight through your core, for 30 seconds in the raised position of a pushup. This should be good for beginners like you. However, if you can, gradually lengthen your planking time to 60 or even 90 seconds later on. Do this every day, and you’ll see your abs getting tighter.


    As a variation of the bodyweight lunge, walking lunges can be performed using alternate legs. If you’re getting bored of performing the regular lunges, you can spice things up by doing jumping lunges and other intensified lunge versions. 

    Jumping Jacks 

    With calisthenics, you can increase your heart rate by doing jumping jacks. This is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. During the jumps, take a rest of 30 seconds between each set. If you want to get more advanced, you can do it longer or jump faster than average speed.

    Benefits of Calisthenics Exercises

    The appeal of calisthenics lies in the fact that they engage large muscle groups, increasing your calorie burn. Know the following benefits of calisthenics, so you’ll be motivated more to perform them every day:

    1. Sustain You With Energy Through the Day 

    In calisthenics, you perform functional movements that improve mobility, giving you enough energy to perform daily routines and whereabouts. Moreover, it’s a great exercise to prevent injury risks and reduce body pains. It’s basically the type of physical training that’ll boost your energy. If you’re wondering what’s the best time of day to exercise, it won’t matter as long as the schedule and routine work for you.

    2. Improves Health 

    In terms of health benefits, calisthenics exercises can help aid risk for health diseases. For instance, it’s a great way to make you lose weight, which in turn will keep you safe from many other illnesses caused by fats and high calories. Also, doing exercises will improve your sleep quality and heart health.

    3. Easy To Perform

    In terms of equipment, you don’t really need anything if you’re doing calisthenics. Although you can accelerate the level of intensity by adding jump ropes, weights, or pull bars, you can still perform calisthenics exercises without much-required equipment.


    For a beginner to get started with calisthenics, no gym equipment is needed, no personal trainer is necessary, and no prior training experience is essential. Hopefully, you can begin your calisthenics journey and see your body and mind improve with this guide. Calisthenics is a training method suitable for practically everyone regardless of level, workout experience, age, or gender.


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