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Resistance Bands: Beginner-Friendly Workouts for a Full-Body Workout

If you are an anti-gym person and still want to start your workout journey, look no further than a resistance band workout. These adaptable and cheap workout tools are ideal for anyone who wants to get in shape without spending hours on machines. 

They enable you to work with resistance different from that provided by dumbbells, which helps you develop strength, tone muscles, and increase flexibility. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the basics of resistance band workouts for beginners and provide you with some beginner-friendly exercises to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Definition Of Resistance Bands

resistance band workouts for beginners

Resistance bands are thick and strong equipment made up of elastic or similar material to help you build stronger muscles. They can be used for home workouts, improving athletic performance, or for physical therapy.

Various full-body exercises with resistance bands, like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, can be performed effectively. These bands come in different levels of resistance and thickness, and you can choose one depending on your fitness goals

Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands For Beginners

resistance band workouts for beginners

Resistance band workouts for beginners can be a great option to start your fitness journey due to the numerous benefits like;

  • You can go for a full-body workout with resistance bands, as they are versatile and can target any muscle group in your body.
  • The availability of different resistance levels in these bands helps you customize your workout routine.
  • Equipment cost is way cheaper than heavy machinery or expensive monthly gym membership.
  • They are great even if you have joint problems because of their low impact on joints.

Getting Started With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands for muscle building are a great option; however, you must follow certain tips and keep some points in mind to ensure successful and safe results.

Choosing The Right Resistance Band

The most crucial factor to consider while using resistance bands is the strength or tension of the band, whether you are concentrating on lower or upper body strength.

Being a beginner, it can significantly impact the effectiveness and safety of your workout. These bands are available in various resistance levels, which are often indicated by color or thickness.

Beginners should pick a resistance band that matches their present strength and fitness level. For example, the bands with light resistance levels are often colored yellow, and bands with higher resistance levels are colored black.

Tips For Using Resistance Bands Safely

Here are some tips for avoiding injury while using resistance bands for muscle building.

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    1. Use the right level of resistance based on your fitness.
    2. Always check your band for any wear and tear.
    3. Avoid jerking the band.
    4. Start exercising slowly and then gain momentum.
    5. Use proper form.
    6. Avoid stretching the band too far.

    Basic Exercises For Beginners

    There are several resistance band workouts for beginners, whether you are a senior, a pregnant woman, or a traveler. Here are some of the basic exercises that you can try:

    • Chest press: this exercise should be your to-go if you look forward to building core and chest muscles.
    • Squats: this is a famous and easy exercise that targets all the muscles in your body. Now you can have perfect squats with resistance bands.
    • Bicep curls: adding depth to your workout, this exercise is ideal for building arm muscles.
    • Upper back squeeze: this exercise focuses on your upper back posture muscles.

    Upper Body Workouts With Resistance Bands

    Resistance band exercises for the upper body can be a useful approach for improving upper body flexibility, muscle tone, and strength. Following are some of the exercises that can help you target specific muscles in your upper body using resistance bands.

    1. Shoulder Exercises

    Shoulder Exercise

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform shoulder exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Frontal raises: This exercise helps you work on the biceps, side, and front deltoids.
    • Single arm lateral raise: This exercise focuses on your medial deltoids.
    • Shoulder press: It helps you work on the triceps and pecs.

    2. Chest Exercises

    Chest Exercise

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform chest exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Push-ups: This exercise targets your chest muscles, mainly pecs, and core muscles.
    • Chest press: Chest press using a resistance band focuses on the pectoralis major muscles and triceps.
    • Chest pullovers: The exercise helps in building pecs and lat muscles.

    3. Arm Exercises

    A woman doing resistance band exercise in arms

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform arm exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Bicep curls: It is performed to primarily target the biceps.
    • Tricep kickback: This exercise helps in focusing on the triceps.
    • Lateral Raise: Helps in the working of deltoid muscles above shoulders.

    Lower Body Workouts With Resistance Bands

    Just like your upper body, you can also sculpt and strengthen your lower body with the help of resistance band workouts. Follow exercises can help you target specific muscles with the help of a resistance band;

    1. Leg Exercises

    A woman doing exercise using resistance bands for beginners

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform leg exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Clamshell: The exercise works on your inner and outer thighs.
    • Knee-banded squats: This workout works on your entire legs.
    • Lateral walk: Works on your inner and outer thighs.

    2. Glute Exercises

     Glute Exercises resistance band workouts for beginners

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform glute exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Glute kickbacks: This exercise helps in targeting your glutes.
    • Glute bridges: This is an amazing exercise for your hip muscles.
    • Hip thrusts: This exercise focuses on your glutes and front of your hips.

    3. Abdominal Exercises

    Abdominal Exercises resistance band workouts for beginners

    Some of the beginner-friendly and easy-to-perform abdominal exercises using resistance bands are;

    • Russian twist: Works on your obliques.
    •  Oblique: Great exercise for the sides of your abdomen.
    • Standing core twist: Targets rectus abdominis, and obliques.

    Combining Resistance Bands With Other Workouts

    Working with resistance bands does not have to be exclusive. You can combine other training and workouts with your resistance band for further optimized results.

    1. Pilates

    Pilates with resistance bands

    Pilates and resistance band exercises can be combined to make a challenging and efficient workout routine. Utilizing a resistance band during Pilates can increase resistance and challenge your muscles.

    2. Yoga

    Yoga with resistance bands

    Yoga and resistance bands are both great kinds of exercise with many advantages. Combining them can increase the intensity of your workout by challenging your balance and strength.

    3. Cardio Exercises

    Cardio with resistance bands

    Using resistance bands alongside cardio exercises can be a great method to get a full-body workout that boosts both your strength and your cardiovascular health.

    Resistance Band Workouts Tips For Beginners

    Resistance bands are a great tool for balance, stability, and flexibility, especially for beginners looking to build muscle and tone their bodies without heavy weights. However, there are certain tips that you have to follow along with your resistance band training.


    Stretching is crucial when using resistance bands for exercise. Stretching before and after your resistance band workout can help prevent injury and enhance your performance because these bands can put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints if you don’t use them properly.

    Starting With Low Resistance Bands

    To ensure safety and build a foundation, we recommend beginners to start with a low resistance band, like 10-15 lbs. It only does not help in preventing any kind of injury but also allows for progression over time.

    Gradually Increasing Resistance Levels

    Starting with too much resistance might result in muscular tension and injury while starting with too little resistance might not provide the body with enough challenge to build strength and endurance. Being a beginner, you can help your muscles adjust to the demands of the workout by progressively raising the resistance levels over time.


    Can I Get A Full-Body Workout With Resistance Bands?

    Resistance bands come in various resistance levels and allow you to adjust the intensity of resistance depending on your fitness goals. They help you target different body muscles and are highly effective for full-body workouts.

    Are Resistance Band Workouts Safe For People With Injuries Or Medical Conditions?

    Resistance bands are known for their low impact on joints and are even used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Hence this equipment is considered safe even for injured people however, the best practice is always to seek specialist advice.

    How Do I Properly Warm Up Before A Resistance Band Workout?

    Warming up before a resistance band workout leads to improved performance. Certain steps that you can follow to warm up properly are starting with light cardio followed by stretch-up. Then you can go for dynamic exercises like leg swings and arm circles to warm up your muscles.

    Can I Use Resistance Bands As A Form Of Cardio Exercise?

    You may think that the sole purpose of resistance bands is strength training; however, they can also work as cardiac exercise gear. With its resistance-providing property, it can increase the heart rate. Still, you will combine it with other forms of exercise if you particularly intend to use it for cardiovascular exercises.

    How Do I Choose The Right Resistance Band For My Fitness Level?

    Choosing the most suitable resistance band for your needs depends upon several factors, including determining your current strength and fitness goals. If you are still confused about which resistance level is suitable for you, you can buy a set of varying resistance levels and try them to find which one is best for you.


    Resistance band workout for beginners is a great alternative for people who are lazy to go to the gym or are reluctant to use heavy weights for workouts. It can effectively help in a full-body workout by targeting different muscles and assisting you in this journey’s progress. Whether traveling or at home, you can easily carry out resistance band exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles.