The Best Pull-up Bars for Home Workout

Pull-up bars are an ideal piece of workout equipment for the arms, core, and upper body. They are cheap, light and are also easy to put together and maintain. The best pull-up bars can be said to consist of two elements. The first is the grip. The grip should be comfortable so it does not chafe the hands. It should also be a strong grip so that the hand does not slide or revolve around the bar, which would waste energy and take away from the pull-up. The second is the grip variations. There should be a variety of grips which enable the user to do a wider range of exercises other than conventional pull-ups. A different set of muscles will be exercised depending on what type of grip is supported, wide, narrow or neutral. The best pullup bars will also come with molding braces, which ensure the weight is distributed more evenly. This means less pressure on the door frame, which could be a major factor if the pull-up bar is used a lot. The best pullup bars are always sturdy and capable. That said it is often a tradeoff between convenience and reliability. A stronger unit is usually heavier and takes longer to put together, where a lighter and more portable unit can be used in multiple doorways and taken anywhere easily.