June 17


How To Promote Your Instagram Page And Make Money, If You Are A Fitness Coach?

Fitness and wellness are two big themes in the life of any human on Earth. Even if a budget is quite low, people are normally still trying to maintain good health and nice form, so that they would feel okay during life.

And in cases like this Instagram, Youtube and other social media come in handy, as their people can find lots of different at home workouts to utilize and stick to. There are tons of free workouts, you might say, and think that you have no chance to develop your page as a trainer who wants to make money online. But this is far from the truth: as we all know, free content rarely is good, and people are always in search of something better.

We can give you several ideas of how you can actually monetize your account if you’re a fitness coach:

  1. Create your own program that would give people a summary of all the exercises they can use to maintain and train each muscle group. This is a brief review that would educate them and give them space to create something on their own. Such files are extra helpful and valuable – you can change the summary of this as much as you want, add something that you find helpful, and set a price for that program. It might be available right on your Insta page, or you can create a website to sell a product and leave a link to it in your bio.
  2. Organize streams where you’d train groups of people who want a personal mentorship. You can gather those groups using your stories and posts, and you should also remind people about the training sessions that you’re about to go through with your wards. Don’t be too annoying with these reminders though, don’t post them too often as this can push people away.
  3. Create highlights with free training sessions that people can follow at home and at the end of each one offers something more qualitative and large-scale. Use those highlights as teasers to something bigger that you can give to your audience, but once again, don’t be too obsessive with those, as people shouldn’t feel like you’re desperately trying to sell them something. In each one of those methods, it is very important to find a golden mean and stick to it.

Those are three easy ways that you can monetize your account and make it earn money for you, but this isn’t too scalable so it would become your regular income and replace your offline career. For that, you’d need to develop your profile way more so that people from different countries would come to you as the trainer of their choice.

And if you have only several hundred subscribers on your hands, it is quite hard to do. To move on from this place you’d need some professional help, such as a chance to buy Instagram followers cheap for your page. To make sure that you’re doing the right thing, you need to check whether you’re purchasing not only inexpensive but also real subscribers. Why is this important?

Instagram’s algorithms are getting smarter each day, and these can clearly distinguish whether activity on any page is natural or fake. If you take on fake subs for your page, there will be no people behind the profiles that are going to subscribe to you, therefore, they won’t be able to leave a trace of real activity on your page – leave likes, comments, or views. You will only get an increase in your subs count, and that’s it. And if Insta will notice that, your page might get into the shadow ban as well – your content won’t be shown to any real people from that moment and on. Nothing pleasant in that.

So, if you decide to turn for help from paid services, make sure that you buy real Instagram followers only and work with a decent promotional website. Plus, you should keep in mind that only your own efforts can bring you much-wanted results. Paid promotional services are only support or a booster in a situation that your profile is facing right now.

The niche of fitness blogging on Instagram is highly saturated with content creators, so you should put in enough time and effort to bring in something unique and interesting to people. This is why you definitely shouldn’t try to steal any content from others, as this is going to be easily noticeable and it is surely going to push people away from your page.

Therefore: find time and effort to create your own unique training programs and remember, that lots of people are training at home, so it is quite demanded to think of home workouts with no equipment right now.