April 21


5 Ways to Grow Your Virtual Fitness Business

The virtual arena is growing, and you want your business to grow with it.

Are you looking for the most effective ways to grow your virtual fitness business? These 5 tried-and-tested methods will help you make the most of your online gym.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or need to boost the success of your existing online fitness business, this is for you.

Market Your Fitness Business On Social Media

There’s no denying that social media plays a huge role in most people’s day-to-day lives. So it makes sense to utilize this amazing marketing tool for your fitness business.

Place advertisements online, approach social media influencers for online reviews of your business, or start your own Instagram and Twitter accounts or YouTube channel.

These social media platforms reach millions of people daily, and all have proven successful ways to market your business.

Another very effective strategy is to create a profile on platforms such as LinkedIn. Here you can network and collaborate with other fitness and wellness professionals, and market your online business as well.

Don’t feel that you have to choose one and stick to it. A combined approach will increase your reach.

Establish a Referral Program

There are many interesting gym marketing ideas, and you’ve probably seen this one mentioned before. But that’s because this is an old-school marketing method that does work. A referral program can help when you’re a new online fitness business trying to reach more people as quickly as possible.

So how does a referral program work? You invite your current customers/members to become ambassadors of your brand. When they join your referral program they get a unique code or link they can share with others.

    Get the latest exercise types, equipment reviews, fitness tips and exclusive offers to help you on your fitness journey.

    You incentivize the referrals, meaning you offer a discount, free branded merchandise, extra-value services, etc as a reward for the referral. You can offer a reward to the new customer as well as the one who referred you to them. This guarantees greater success.

    Start a Direct-Response Marketing Campaign

    Direct-response ads aim to elicit an immediate response from your potential customers.

    Examples of this are encouraging them to sign up for a live virtual fitness event, join a rewards program, or purchase one of your fitness products.

    Be clear and concise in your language and approach. Use phrases such as “contact us on this number for more info”, “click the link to get started” or, “subscribe to our newsletter today”. Of course, it needs to be tailored to fit in with the fitness products and services you are currently offering.

    You will reach a diverse group of potential customers if you employ a variety of marketing strategies across multiple digital channels. Hence, you need to use accurate data coming from reliable sources such as ARMLS agent websites to tell you more about your target market.

    Email channels are a great resource for marketing, too. They can be used to offer exclusive deals, highlight promotions, and drive memberships and sales to people on your email subscription list.

    Of course, social media platforms offer a fantastic opportunity for this as well. But don’t forget the more traditional media channels like television and radio. People continue to respond to these as well. 

    Create Your Own Branded Merchandise

    Another marketing idea that you could implement is to create your own branded merchandise. QR code marketing can also help businesses to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and track the success of their marketing campaigns.

    You don’t have to be a big company or a household name to do this. And it isn’t as expensive as you might think. Many online content creators have their own branded merchandise. Why shouldn’t you?

    Offer your members a few useful products at reasonable prices, that carry the name, logo, or slogan of your fitness business.

    This benefits you in two ways. You earn additional income from sales, but more importantly, it is an effective marketing tool.

    When others see them see your members using these products and ask about them, they will be marketing for you without even realizing it.

    Develop a Fitness App

    Yet another creative way to grow your virtual health coaching business is by developing a fitness app.

    There are so many out there, we know. But that shouldn’t stop you. You had the motivation and drive to get this far, so go all the way.

    Your app will take your business to the next level in client engagement, and can be as simple or as interactive as you need.

    And you don’t need to be that tech-savvy to do this either. Get in touch with an app developer and explore the possibilities. A fitness app that is tied to your virtual fitness business will take your success to new heights.


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