How to Build Calf Muscles

Most people skip calf muscle exercises when doing leg workouts, after all, our calves are pretty insignificant. They’re like our forearms, they’re there, but we don’t really notice them when we’re at the gym. In fact, most of us probably don’t even know how to work out our calves!

Building Calf muscles – The Why

It is important to build calf muscles so as to have an overall fit body. After all, it wouldn’t look all that great if you had a built upper body, toned thighs, and skinny calves.

Apart from vanity, there are plenty of healthy reasons to build your calves. Having built calves is especially beneficial to runners, whether sprinters or long distance. Your calves are the most important muscles of your leg when it comes to running, so if you want to better your performance, build calf muscles.

Building Calf Muscles – The Where

Not everyone has a gym membership, and this could be for a variety of reasons. The commute to and from the gym could be much too long, the membership fees could be too expensive, or it could just be that you aren’t that committed to working out yet. Whatever the reason be, there is no need to worry. Not having a gym membership won’t stop you from getting a workout just as good as any you could get at the gym.

In our article, we will teach you how to get bigger calves at home – that’s right, you won’t even have to leave your house! We will teach you how to get bigger calves without weights, in fact, none of our exercises require any equipment at all. Just as a bonus, we’ve selected exercises that will help you get bigger calves in 2 weeks.

Most of the calf exercises on the Internet are directed at males, but the exercises listed here are helpful for both genders. So, if you’re wondering how to build calf muscles as a woman, look no further because we have the answers for you right here!

Building Calf Muscles – The How

Before starting any workout routine, it’s important to stretch and warm up. Stretching will help loosen your muscles to make it easier for you to work out, and warming up will prime your body for exercise. Ideally, you should perform a few simple stretches (be sure to stretch out your legs since this workout routine focuses on your calves) then simply jog on the spot for 2-3 minutes.

Once you’ve stretched and warmed up, you’re ready to start exercising!

Some of the best Calf workouts at home :

  • The Double-Leg Calf Raise
  • The Single-Leg Calf Raise
  • Low Pogo Jumps
  • Step Jumps

Calf Exercise #1: The Double-Leg Calf Raise

Out of all the calf strengthening exercises, this is the easiest. For the starting position, simply keep your feet hip-width apart. Then, press the balls of your feet down into the ground and raise your heels. Be sure to keep your back straight! Lower your feet back on the ground and repeat.

You should be doing these calf raises as fast as you can. If you find it difficult to balance, face a wall and lightly rest your palms on it. Don’t put any weight on the wall; if you allow it to support you, you will not be exercising your calves much.

If this is your first time trying out this exercise, you should aim to do at least 20 reps. Over time, try to build up to 50 reps.

Calf Exercise #2: The Single-Leg Calf Raise

If the previous exercise was too easy for you, you’ve got pretty strong calves already! But they can always be stronger – for a real challenge, try doing calf raises on one leg.

Stand on one leg with the other leg bent behind you. Then, do the same thing you would do for the double-leg calf raises: press the ball of your foot down into the ground and raise your heels while keeping your back straight. Then, lower your foot to the ground and repeat.

You can face a wall and lightly rest your palms on it if you find it difficult to balance on one leg. However, if you can do 20 reps of this, you can rest knowing your calves are probably some of the strongest out there.

Calf Exercise #3: Low Pogo Jumps

A jump rope is a great calf-building tool – a few rounds on it a day and before you know it, you’ll have gorgeous looking calves! However, if you want to know how to build calves without a jump rope, we have the answer for you. Low Pogo Jumps are similar to jumping rope, except you don’t need a jump rope.

Compared to other calf building exercises, this one has the added benefit of also being a cardio exercise. It will get your heart pumping, so you can even use it as a warm up for another workout!

For the starting position, you will need to stand with your feet together and your knees slightly bent. Extend your hands out in front of you, keeping them level with your chest but keep your elbows bent. Now, jump up and down as if you are jumping rope. Be sure to land on the balls of your feet. If you can feel the burn in your calves, you’re doing it right.

Do Low Pogo Jumps for at least 3 minutes. Over time, aim to work up to 10 minutes.

Calf Exercise #4: Step Jumps

You’re going to need a staircase, or at least a step for this exercise! However, even a sturdy box will do. You simply need an elevated platform that you can jump up to and back down from.

Find a step or a box at a height that you’re comfortable with. It needs to be high enough that it is a challenge to jump up on, but not so high that you could injure yourself. Then, stand in front of the box, push off the floor with the balls of your heels, and jump. Once you are on the elevated platform, jump back onto the ground.

Aim to do at least 10 of these step jumps. Over time, work your way up to 30.

So, the next time you’re doing leg day workouts, don’t forget to include at least one calf building exercise!