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Free Standing Punching Bag Vs. Hanging Bag – Which is Better?

Do you want to get a punching bag but are unsure whether to go for free standing punching bags or a hanging one? We understand your dilemma and are here to help.

Punching bags are a vital fitness tool for various workouts. They help build strength, stamina, and tone your muscles. But since they are available in many varieties, you may not know which one to select.

Main Varieties

While hanging bags are perfect for robust and accurate strikes, free standing punching bags are easy to install and use at home. In this article, we have compared both to help you choose the best one.

So, dive in and make your final decision.

Hanging Bags in Detail

Hanging bags are pretty popular and exhibit various benefits. For example, they have a cylinder body and are often filled with sand, foam, or water. Besides, such bags are readily available in different weights and dimensions, thus meeting most requirements.

Most luxurious hanging bags are made with leather and offer excellent durability. Besides, all bags can be hung on the ceilings and can be used to save floor space.

Here’s why we think hanging punching bags are great:

Great Swinging Motion

These bags offer a good swinging motion and hence allow you to move your feet during a workout. For example, you can use this tool while kickboxing and learn to coordinate your footwork with the bag’s movement.

Heavy With High Resistance

When it comes to weight, a hanging bag is much heavier than a free-standing one. It means that this bag offers more resistance and requires you to put more significant effort while punching it. This characteristic is excellent if you plan to build strength and muscles.

Perfect for Versatile Workouts

You can use hanging bags for versatile workouts. For instance, by hanging the bag in a horizontal position, you can perform uppercuts. Moreover, this tool can be used to polish various boxing techniques.

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    Since hanging bags are heavier than their other counterparts, they offer better durability. These tools are made for powerful punches and hence are long-lasting.

    Save Floor Space

    If you own small workout space, hanging bags are a perfect investment. You only hang them from your ceiling, leaving your floor empty for other workout machines or furniture items.


    Hanging bags are inexpensive. It is because they follow a simple design and mechanism. As a result, they work well with beginners venturing into a fitness regimen with a limited budget.

    But despite the above advantages, hanging bags are challenging to install. You will have to use various tools to drill holes and attach the beam with a hook. Moreover, you will have to make sure the set-up is sturdy and at an appropriate height from the floor.

    Besides, since hanging bags can be installed in one place only, they aren’t portable. You will have to train in one area every day, which can get very boring with time.

    If these disadvantages concern you, you should invest in a free-standing punching bag right away.

    Free Standing Punching Bags in Detail

    Free-standing punching bags are placed vertically on your floor and require no suspension. Besides, since they are available in different shapes, you have a variety to choose from.

    These bags have a base filled with either water or sand. The base’s weight establishes the bag’s stability and sturdiness. Moreover, some bags also come with springs that help them bounce better.

    Free-standing bags have many significant benefits, which make them quite popular among professional boxers. Here are a few:

    Quick Installation

    Unlike a hanging bag, free-standing bags don’t require cumbersome installations. Instead, just place them on the floor and punch them right away.

    Most bags come assembled; however, you will have to fill some with sand or water before using. But that doesn’t take much time and effort.

    Ideal for Knuckles

    Since free-standing punching bags are made with soft and flexible foam, they treat your knuckles with kindness. If you love training for long hours, this characteristic will make a significant difference to your body.

    Perfect for Low Kicks

    You can’t train for low kicks while using a hanging bag. However, you can do so with a free-standing one. If you are into learning muay thai, this factor is worth consideration.

    Excellent Portability

    Unlike hanging bags, free-standing punching bags are portable. You can place them in a new spot every day and increase your convenience. Besides, a change in your workout location helps to keep boredom at bay.

    Offer Versatility in Fighting

    If you want to enjoy a versatile fighting session, getting the right free-standing bag will help you achieve your goal. You can purchase a bag with springs to experience excellent coordination and speed. Moreover, bags with a shape similar to the opponent’s torso can provide you with a realistic fighting experience.

    Conclusion- So Which One Is Better?

    The truth is that both hanging and free-standing punching bags are made for different users and purposes. Therefore, choosing one category over the other is hard.

    However, if you prioritize portability and quick installation over high resistance and durability, free-standing punching bags will make your best choice.


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