August 17


Can CBD Help With Muscle Recovery?

CBD is a chemical compound that is derived from the cannabis plant. Unbeknown to most, it is actually completely safe, with scientific studies to back that up. Many are deceived by the misconceptions associated with cannabis, claiming that anything that comes from that plant is deemed to be unhealthy and illegal when that is simply not the case. The illegal chemical derived from the cannabis plant is known as THC, which is different from CBD.

CBD is used in a range of skincare products because it has benefits both physically and mentally. It can heal skin, reduce inflammation, target skin conditions, and also aid in muscle aches and soreness, which is what we are going to be focusing this article on.

How To Take CBD

There are many different ways that consumers can apply/ consume CBD. It is very soluble so can be integrated into many products, which is a huge advantage. For example, you can apply lotions, creams, balms, body butter, soaps, and more, all containing CBD.

Alternatively, you can digest it, through edibles and delicious gummies! It is very common for people to buy just CBD gummies for depression, as it controls our serotonin levels and allows us to feel more positive mentally.

Can It Help With Muscle Recovery?

As we mentioned, CBD can be used to aid with muscle recovery. It is an excellent remedy to remove stiffness and tension within the muscles. This was proven using a study that was conducted, assessing 52 participants. We also got confirmation of this from our CBD expert, Dr. Laura Geigaite.

The people that took part in the study exercised regularly for 2 weeks and used CBD cream after their workouts. From this simple study, they reported having had faster recovery and less achy muscles. So not only could you use CBD creams and oils to help aid in recovery, but if you are someone that gets acne or sweat spots after working out, you can purchase CBD activated charcoal mask by Loxa Beauty from the official online store here and this should really help to reduce the spread and remove some of the spots.

Is It Safe?

Just like we explained earlier, CBD is certainly safe. There are no side effects such as feeling high and you won’t fail a drug test. If you do experience any side effects, like feeling ill, this could be down to you dosing too high in the beginning, or possibly you are allergic to a substance used in the product, in which case do not use it until you have consulted a doctor.

We highly recommend to customers use CBD for muscle recovery. It is proven to be effective and will make a lot of lives easier, especially if you are a gym fanatic. If you don’t want to apply cream and lotions, then you can consume edibles or isolates. Order CBD isolates at