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Your 5 Worth-it EZ Curl Bar Exercises to Transform Your Arm Muscles

The EZ curl bar is a modified version of the standard straight barbell. Due to unique W-like bends, it helps with the grip by allowing a much better wrist positioning.

Therefore, you can get more out of weight lifts in some cases.

Although you can use a curl bar for a complete range of body exercises, it mainly helps with curl-based workouts.


This article will share five of our favorite EZ bar curl workouts that will put you on the path to bigger arms.

But before that, let’s make a quick comparison between the two barbell types.

What is an EZ Curl Bar?

A small version of a barbell with a slanted and oscillating grip is known as an EZ bar.

EZ bars are easily available in a vast array of sizes and weights. Also, the angle of their grips changes according to their supplier and brand.

Since EZ bars are not utilized in any competitive and professional athletic role, there have not been any length or weight metrics for them.

In overall terms, Olympic and standard curl bars are the 2 most common forms of EZ curl bars.

The sleeves on standard EZ curl bars are 1 inch in diameter, while the sleeves on Olympic EZ curl bars are 2 inches in diameter.

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    As it appears like an Olympic barbell, it can be equipped with Olympic free weights which are the exact type of plates that can be seen in the gyms.

    What is the Max Weight that an EZ Bar can Handle?

    Olympic EZ bars can support over 300 pounds without breaking, but a regular EZ bar, which is rather smaller, can handle roughly 100 to 200 pounds.

    As a result, weight strain will not be a concern for several types of workouts you can perform with an EZ bar.

    Straight Barbell Vs. EZ Curl Bar Differences: Which One’s Better?

    Straight Barbell Vs. EZ Curl Bar Differences

    There are three primary differences between an EZ Bar and a Straight Barbell. These are:


    The biggest difference is the shape. A straight bar is, obviously… straight.

    On the other hand, the EZ Bar has kinks throughout the length, giving it a wavy W appearance. These barbell types have collars on each end to add weights and increase resistance. 

    Weight Options

    An Olympic straight barbell is usually 45 lbs. But, you can easily find a smaller 35 lbs option if necessary. Conversely, the regular EZ bar is 25 to 30 pounds, though it is also available in a 35 lbs option.

    This makes the EZ curl bar lighter than the two. This weight discrepancy is mainly because a curl bar is smaller in length than a straight bar.

    Hand Positioning Options

    Because a standard barbell is straight, you can only have either an underhand or overhand grip. The angle of your wrists is always straight (90 degrees).

    However, your hands are a bit turned out when using a curl bar. Its grip is more underhand-based or “natural.” You can also use a reverse (or overhand-based) grip on the curl bar with your hands turned inwards.

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    So, Which one’s better? 

    None. Both are different from one another. Therefore, both should have a place in your workout routine. Because of less weight, the curl bar is more effective for exercises that work with smaller muscle groups like your biceps or triceps.

    On the other hand, a straight bar is better for exercises that require more weight, such as chest or leg workouts. 

    EZ Curl Bar Workouts for Massive Arms

    EZ Curl Bar Workouts for Massive Arms

    With the EZ bar, you can perform a number of the upper body, specifically arm exercises. Below are our favorite ones that work the entire upper arm.

    Don’t forget that the technique is the key. If you want good results, you should follow the right technique.

    EZ Bar Preacher Curls

    Preacher curls are one of the best exercises for bigger arms.

    Because of the support from the preacher bench, you get maximum bicep activation during a preacher curl. Therefore, this exercise helps you build bigger biceps.

    To perform preacher curls, adjust the preacher bench’s height so that it reaches your armpits. Now hold the barbell with a standard underhand grip.

    Keep the back of your arms against the equipment and start curling upwards until it’s vertical.

    Slowly lower the bar in about 3 seconds. Repeat the exercise as many times as you want.

    EZ Bar Reverse Curls

    The reverse grip curls help you get fully realized and bigger upper arms. The reason is the reverse EZ bar curl exercise works on muscles that you don’t often target by a standard bicep curl.

    This includes muscles at the top of the forearm. It’s the reverse of the standing barbell curl exercise. To perform reverse grip curl, start by standing upright.

    Your feet and hands should be shoulder-width with elbows closed on the sides and palms facing downwards.

    Move only the forearms and curl the bar upwards as much as possible while breathing out.

    Now squeeze the biceps and hold things there for a while. Slowly return to the initial position as you breathe in.

    EZ Bar Skull Crushers (Lying Tricep Extension Curls)

    The Skull Crusher, also known as the lying tricep extension, has regarded as one of the top tricep workouts available.

    However, it’s also among the most difficult as you’re carrying all of its load on your shoulders and arms.

    In addition, this is one of the best workouts that individuals will consistently opt to perform if they possess an EZ curl bar.

    When you do this workout with an EZ bar and a tight grip, your arms need to be in the ideal posture to efficiently stimulate your triceps.

    Furthermore, due to the posture of this motion, you will be considerably improving the stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and elbows.

    EZ Bar Upright Rows

    Upright Rows is an excellent trapEZius exercise, and thanks to the comfy grip of EZ Bar, you can really take it up a notch.

    Because of your hand position on an EZ Bar, you can pull it even higher, giving your traps the extra workout for bulkier arms.

    Stand upright and hold the EZ bar with an overhand grip. You have to hold the first angled part of the curl Bar from the middle.

    Make sure your posture is natural with a neutral spine. Before starting the exercise, retract your shoulder blades. Now, exhale and pull up the bar as high as possible.

    At the top position, hold the weights for a few seconds and then slowly return to your starting position. Repeat.

    EZ Bar Anti Gravity Press

    It’s not only a fun sounding workout but a fantastic shoulder and upper back workout as well which is a highly impactful and challenging one.

    Because of the incline pressing movement, it targets all of your deltoid muscles, most notably the front and lateral delts.

    It works on your rear deltoid upper back muscles isometrically since you have to battle gravitational force in order to keep scapular flexion and retain the EZ bar in this relatively horizontal posture when lifting.

    Consider giving it a shot and then you will realize how incredibly effective it is in striking your traps and deltoid muscles.

    EZ Bar Varied Grip Curls

    Your bicep has two heads – short and long. When exercising, your hand position determines which head gets worked on.

    Therefore, you should try to vary the way you hold the bar. This way, both heads will benefit from the exercise.

    To incorporate this, you should select a particular type of curl bar. Start with your hands close together, and then increase the width of your hold by two inches with each subsequent curls workout.

    Another alternate method is to increase your grip’s width by two inches with every set in the same exercise.

    EZ Bar Standing Overhead Tricep Extension Curls

    It’s also one of the finest tricep workouts you can perform, let alone among the best EZ bar curl tricep workouts.

    When your arms are raised above your head, you will experience a strain in the long part of your tricep which is the sole part that works on the shoulders.

    As a result, this training prioritizes your triceps’ long part, despite the fact that it’s beneficial to all of its 3 parts.

    This workout method will provide you with equal straining and contracting pressure in your triceps.

    Plus, because you’re upright rather than reclining (that’s also beneficial), this workout gets more challenging, since it requires further shoulder, abdominal, and pelvic mobility which is an extra benefit.

    EZ Bar Back and Forth Curls

    Back and Forth Curls provide serious bicep gains, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

    It’s a simple bicep curl bar exercise with a twist. Basically, you have to find a training buddy.

    Each individual will set the challenge, while the other takes it up and outperforms them. Start with performing bicep curls. Do as many as you can.

    You don’t have to hit a particular number. When you complete the challenge, pass the barbell to your partner.

    Their challenge is to do more curls than you. Once they are done, they have to give the barbell back to you.

    Once again, perform a set until failure. This will go back and forth between you two until neither can exercise anymore.

    5 Methods for Working Out with the EZ Curl Bar

    Transform Your Biceps

    To build stronger biceps, you have to be certain that you are performing a broad range of strength training. You will also have to limit any speed to force your muscles to strain further.

    Proceed with your arms entirely extended and your triceps properly stiff, then clench your biceps to begin the next repetition.

    Don’t begin with extending your elbows forward. As the EZ curl bar gets elevated, maintain pressure on your biceps by squeezing them.

    Pull your biceps tight as you reach the peak of the workout, then carefully descend the EZ curl bar and completely extend your arms before beginning the following repetition.

    Powerful Wrists

    The core region of EZ curl bars is oscillating which enables a semi-supine hold. This will efficiently isolate your biceps while providing you with a proper hold and stance.

    Bringing your wrists against the body will lock the joint and continues to keep it in a secure position which will enable you to maintain them in the best posture possible.

    If you’re a skilled weightlifter, you can cock your wrists out from your torso to stress the biceps while reducing the involvement of your forearms.

    You should always warm up initially to flex your muscles and please avoid lifting a lot of weight as it can put so much load on your wrists which is dangerous.

    Maintain Your Head’s Position

    Maintain an elevated head position during all of the sets. So concentrate on lifting your chin to make sure that your neck and head are in an upright posture.

    Allowing your chin to fall to your chest is quite enticing, notably if the set becomes too difficult.

    However, it puts strain on the neck and upper back, which worsens as you raise the bar and this can cause both of your shoulders to slide over as well.

    Go in front of a mirror to check your posture and make sure your chin is straight and your neck and head are leveled.

    Shoulders Pulled Back

    To maintain your body as straight as possible, pull your shoulders back and lift your chest while standing.

    This keeps your upper shoulders and back from having to bend over, which can lead to a bad stance, an increase in joint strain, and a reduction in the degree of mobility with which you can handle the bar.

    Hold your shoulders back while you’re sitting to avoid going forward across the seat and to ensure the get the best weight training stance attainable.

    Firm Elbows

    Every repetition of a standing curl has to be performed with your elbows properly snug to your body.

    When you lift your elbows upwards or forwards, you’re taking the stress away directly from your biceps, which you need to endure for getting the best results for your bicep muscles.

    If you’re sitting on a preacher bench, make sure your elbows and upper arms are firm on their pads at all times.

    Decrease the bar’s weight if you’re unable to raise it without your elbows getting twisted while you’re standing or sitting.

    Final Thoughts

    Incorporating some curl bar exercises into your workout regime will transform your arms. Sure, you won’t look like a terminator in a week.

    But, if you work your arms to failure only three times a week, you can see a measurable difference in just a month. We hope the curl bar exercises mentioned in this article will help you get started.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Start your journey to bigger arms right away!