June 6


How to Turn a Long-Forgotten Garage into a World-class Personal Gym

Are you using your garage for storing old stuff inside? Are you parking your car inside and walking over old kids’ toys to get inside the house, or even worse – park your car outside because there’s no room inside the garage?

While you’re wondering how to improve your life and where you take a wrong turn to get where you are, you might as well think about fixing this issue. If you decide to do something about the garage, you might be on the right track to turning things around.

Fixing your garage and cleaning up the mess is the perfect excuse to create a man cave or a personal gym area where you’ll fix the mess in the garage, and you’ll also have the chance to build a flawless body and be healthy.

In this article, we will show you how to do it in a few essential steps. If you follow them one by one, you’ll surely transform the old, outdated, and trashy garage into a magazine cover gym that will help you stay in shape. Read on and see how to do it.

Step 1: Throw out everything you haven’t used for years

The first step is to clean up the place. Put on a face mask to protect yourself from the dust and bacteria built up over the years, and start throwing unneeded stuff into a dedicated container. If you haven’t used these things for years, you’re surely not going to do it in the future, so don’t hold on to them because that only makes you a hoarder.

Step 2: Store what you need inside new closets and toolboxes

The items you’ll leave need to be carefully arranged into dedicated closets and toolbox cabinets. Store everything carefully in a place that you’ll quickly find when needed. The tools in the garage are required for maintaining the yard and fixing issues around the house, so you must know where they are at all times.

Step 3: Clean up the place

After you’ve taken all items outside the garage or they are stored and closed, you need to start cleaning the place. Don’t hesitate to remove some of the outdated floorings and replace them with new ones, and be sure to take all the rust, dust, and stains that you created over the years. The garage needs to be spotless before you move to the next phase.

Step 4: Repaint the walls

Once you’ve cleaned all the dirt and thrown all the garbage out, it’s time to repaint the walls. You can do it yourself or call the pross; it’s all up to you on how skilled you feel. Pick a color that will be the most suitable for you. If there’s a vast empty area, you’ll want to do it with a warmer color, and if the garage is small, you’ll want white or another cold finish that will make it look bigger.

Step 5: Replace the old garage door with a modern one

The old garage door needs to go. Times have changed, and now modern technology provides outstanding solutions that every modern home needs. Get yourself a new garage door with the popular b&d garage remotes and have it controlled through remote control or a smartphone app. A new garage door will give the place an entirely different and fresh look.

Step 6: Set up proper lighting and redecorate

The inside of the garage has probably one or two lights, but if you want to turn it into a pro gym, you’ll probably want to have a little more lighting to feel more energized and motivated to work out. Everything’s about mental strength in the gym, and only those who find the right motivation will grow and thrive in their efforts to get ripped.

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    Step 7: Get the gym machines you prefer

    If you feel like some gym machines and equipment are not for you, you shouldn’t order them. Think about what is best for you, or at least what will be perfect for starting your home gym, and order only these items. Don’t get everything immediately – you might not use everything.

    Step 8: Play some music and enjoy yourself while working out

    Set up a surround system and add some mirrors to get the true gym experience. Music can be so motivational and inspiring, and as we said, everything revolves around mental strength when it comes to lifting weights and getting in shape. Play some loud music, just mind the neighbors and their feelings.


    These eight steps tell you what to do and how to turn the gym into a world-class place where you’ll be happy, maintain your health, and keep a neat garage at the same time. Think about redecorating and what will make you the happiest. Once you make the right plan, start working and turn that old garage into a true man cave.