June 6


Let’s Get Physical: How To Make Fitness Fun Again

Does working out seem to feel like work? Does the very thought of working exercise make you want to binge your favorite Netflix show?

You know you should move to burn calories and be in shape, but finding the drive to go to the gym to build cardio fitness on the treadmill or grow strength under half squat rack can be difficult at times. And if you’re not inspired to exercise, it’s most likely because you’re not having fun!

According to Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the most common reason people say they don’t get enough exercise is a lack of time.

However, most individuals will find time for the things they enjoy, so if you flip your perception of a workout and make fitness fun again, committing to it will feel like a walk in the park, literally!

Channel Your Inner Child

Children rarely dislike running around and playing outside, so why should that have to stop as we grow older? Children enjoy exercise because they don’t think of it as exercise; it’s simply something they enjoy doing. You can use the same principle in your workouts.

When it comes to being physically active, there are so many possibilities that you don’t have to force yourself to do anything simply because other people do it. Bike riding, ice skating, playing tag with the kids, dancing to your favorite tune, and other physical hobbies all count as workouts.

Create A Community

Having individuals around you who are working towards the same objective can drastically adjust your attitude towards exercise. Looking for an in-person community with which you can exercise, however, is a good start.

Walking your dog with a neighbor, going for a bike ride with pals in the park, or attending a weekly in-person yoga class are all terrific ways to make exercise a social activity.

If finding a community in person isn’t working, look for it online! There are lots of virtual choices to help develop that sense of community, whether it’s through social media or a fitness app.

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    You can share your objectives, discuss your success and setbacks, and form bonds with others on message boards – the social aspect of exercising will not only make it more fun, but it will also keep you accountable.

    Distract Yourself

    Time never moves slower than when you’re on an exercise bike or treadmill and there are still thirty minutes left. But when you combine activity with something you like, you will find yourself looking forward to your workouts and less like time is dragging on.

    If you enjoy listening to a certain singer or radio station, use it as a diversion while walking or jogging. Bring your phone or tablet and continue your binge-watch while tracking miles on the treadmill or spin bike. When you’re engrossed in the current episode or grooving out to a good song, you’ll find that time will fly by.

    You can also use this opportunity to do something else productive, for example listening to the audio version of your favorite novel or discovering a new podcast.

    Play Sport

    Joining a team for any sport of your liking is a great way to restore some fun when you’re in the sun. You’ll find that when exercising with others in a team, the element of comradery will motivate you to push your limits and really go that extra mile for your teammates.

    Sport can also get you into a competitive mental state which distracts you from how exhausted and fatigued you are at the moment. not to mention, playing a sport that you’re passionate about makes the whole thing 10 times more enjoyable.

    Perhaps pick a sport that you’re interested in, give it a go for a couple of training sessions and if you enjoy it, commit to joining a team long-term.

    Join A Dance Class

    Swing dancing, tap dancing, ballet, or salsa are just a few of the various dance forms that will elevate your heart rate and test your coordination.

    Most dance classes accept one-time or term-based registrations, allowing you to test one style for a few months before switching things up. The number of calories you burn whilst dancing will astonish you, plus learning a few moves will allow you to show off at your next wedding or birthday celebration.

    Dancing also engages all of your muscles and improves your cardiovascular efficiency, making it a great all-around activity, not to mention the fun side of it!

    Positive Reinforcement

    If your workout takes your undivided focus, reward yourself with your favorite form of relaxation afterward. Take a bath, apply a face mask, or relax with a cup of tea and a favorite TV show.

    A post-exercise reward will offer you something to anticipate, which will help you stay motivated during a challenging workout. It will also assist you in beginning to associate exercise with happy emotions and developing a routine that you will like.

    Ultimately there are a number of ways to make fitness fun again whether it’s distracting yourself with your favorite tv-show, joining a team sport, or doing something you’ve never tried like a dance class.

    Get out there, try something new, restore your energy and the fun will follow!