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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight – Best Healthy Weight Loss Foods

Which Kinds Of Food Do You Choose When You Diet?

There was a survey carried out by Dr. Sharon Livingston who discovered that there are different dieting personalities. And more importantly, the diet personality you have can greatly affect how you set about losing weight. So if weight loss has been really troublesome for you unless if you’re planning on having a gastric bypass surgery, let’s have a look at the different personalities you may belong to.

First of all, there are a total of 5 groups of diet personality based on a study of 2,200 participants. It all comes down to the types of food you crave and how difficult it is for you to overcome these cravings. So based on diet, stress levels, and personality she found that the 3 most common groups are chocomaniacs, carb cravers, or French fry friends. Find here the most effective weight loss supplements: https://www.miamiherald.com/indulge/article250802784.html

Chocomaniacs – following a life where your feelings and emotional life rule over your rationality; sugary foods such as chocolate and ice cream quickly become a symbolic illustration of their desire for emotional bliss. The problem with this type of eater is that when trying to search for emotional stability you can find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar.

So what’s Dr Livingston’s advice? Simply swap your desire for sugary foods with cuddles and warm smiles. As daft as this may sound, when you spend time with the people you love, your need for chocolate will decrease.

Carb Cravers – by gravitating towards starchy foods such as pasta and bread you’re saying that you’re feeling pressured by too much people interaction. It’s also helping you to escape from work pressures rather than dealing with internal sensations.

If this is sounding like you then you need to retreat with some time for yourself, away from work and people. This will help re-charge your batteries and help you to reduce your cravings.

French Fried Fiend – if you’re living a fast-paced life and really keen on being efficient overachievers then you might turn to fatty foods whenever life is starting to get on top of you. You might feel you don’t have enough hours in the day to eat properly so end up munching on fries instead.

How Does This Impact On You?

See yourself in this overview? It is important that your own needs are put into your daily regime. This will help you to bring meals into a more sensible focus and restructure your eating ambitions.

When you fully understand yourself plus your motives for eating the wrong foods, you can then set about taking control of your life again. This means dealing with work, personal and health issues. When you have figured out what you need to do then you’ll start to lose weight.

Of course, if you’re still finding it all a bit difficult and want some help in the form of a weight loss supplement then you can consider the benefits that you’ll receive from them. Carb cravers can try DECarb whilst French Fry Fiend can try Proactol.

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    Water Help You Lose Weight

    Pick up any health magazine and there’s a good chance there’ll be info about how we should all be drinking more water. Sure, it keeps your body hydrated, but did you realize that it can also help you with weight loss? It’s true that studies have been carried out to discover that drinking water is a really simple way of losing weight

    One study carried out in America found that you drink just 2 glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each meal, you can lose weight much quicker than if you didn’t drink any water.

    Why is This?

    There are a couple of possible reasons for this. One of the reasons is because when your stomach has a lot of water in it, you will feel full up and therefore less likely to eat as much as usual.

    Another possible reason is that water is needed to keep you hydrated. When you become dehydrated your metabolism can be reduced and therefore you burn less calories. Ideally you want to be burning up as many calories as possible to lose weight.

    Another thing about the human brain is that sometimes it can confuse thirst for hunger. So you may be dehydrated but think you need to eat more. Of course, the more you eat the more weight you put on so it makes sense to be drinking plenty of water.

    So Can Water Help You Lose Weight?

    Well, the answer has to be YES! However you should always aim to eat a healthy diet and get some exercise. Drinking lots of water per day isn’t going to offer you a miracle. One of the ways you can lose weight faster is to combine the drinking of water with taking natural herbal drinks. Not only will it help you to lose weight, it will also make your water tastier and less boring.

    Hydro Slim

    These are effervescent tablets that you simply pop in your glass or bottle of water. The taste is a fantastic citrus. It works by utilizing the slimming benefits of

    • Sida Cordifolia –is said to suppress your appetite and give you energy
    • Guarana is another popular herb which gives you more energy

    There are a number of other ingredients that have been added such as vitamins B6 and B12 and Citrus Aurantium Extract.


    This comes from the makers of the very popular herbal slimming pill, Zotrim. FibreTrim is basically the drink version of Zotrim but with the added ingredient Inulin. The ingredients of FibreTrim are:-

    • Yerba Mate – Gives you more energy, suppresses your appetite and reduces water weight due to increased urination
    • Guarana – Helps you to burn fat and suppress your appetite
    • Damiana – Helps to reduce your appetite along with helping with depression and anxiety
    • Inulin – This is the “fibre” part of FibreTrim and studies show that it’s beneficial for weight loss compared to a placebo

    Caffeine Free Weight Loss Pills

    If you do any research on weight loss pills, you will see that caffeine is featured time and time again on the ingredient list. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however if you are very sensitive to caffeine, then you will probably want to look at buying pills that are free of caffeine.

    Best Appetite Suppressant – Unique Hoodia

    There is a very good chance you’ve already heard about Hoodia. This is simply because it’s received such a huge amount of media coverage over the last few years and there seems to be no dampening of popularity.

    If you feel you are overweight because you eat too much then an appetite suppressant such as Hoodia is a really good idea. Studies carried out on Hoodia discovered that it’s a substance called P57 that tricks your brain into thinking that you are full up when in fact you aren’t.

    The major problem with buying Hoodia in general is that the vast majority on the market are fake or poor quality. After comparing the different brands of Hoodia on the market, it appears that Unique Hoodia is one of the best.

    Best Fat Binder – Proactol

    If you feel you are overweight because you eat a lot of fat such as butter, cream and meat then you will want to consider taking a product that will block a lot of the fat in your diet. A popular fat blocker is Alli, however there are so many negative side-effects of Alli, you’re better off looking for alternative.

    The best alternative to Alli is Proactol because it’s 100% natural, has undergone clinical trials, is medically backed and offers no side-effects at all.

    In addition to blocking up to 28% of the fat in your diet, you’ll also enjoy some appetite suppressing benefits. Unlike Hoodia, Proactol works by making your feel full quicker and for longer so you reduce the amount of food you eat.

    Best Acai berry – Pure Acai Berry Max

    The acai berry is yet another natural product that has received a huge amount of media attention in recent years because of its health and weight loss benefits. It grows in the Amazonian rainforests and are “wild harvested” meaning there aren’t any nasty fertilizers or pesticides normally associated with farming.

    Unlike most weight loss pills on the market, Acai berries are side-effect free and offer a wealth of health benefits including improved immune system, more energy, better sleep, strong nails and hair plus loads more.

    As with Hoodia, there is a great difference between the Acai berry products on the market. Pure Acai Berry Max is one of the only ones to provide quality assurance.


    As you can see, there are still plenty of options available to you if you want to take slimming pills that are also caffeine free.

    Before you buy any product, make sure you read the ingredient list carefully and research each of the ingredients. For instance Yerba Mate and Guarana often appear in weight loss pills such as Zotrim however they naturally contain caffeine.

    Cha De Bugre Weight Loss Pills

    Cha De Bugre is yet another natural ingredient said to help you lose weight. It’s a small red fruit that’s pretty similar to coffee and can even be roasted and used as a coffee alternative.It’s found on trees in Brazil and as a result is often called the “Brazilian diet pill.” However there’s more to this berry than just slimming properties. It can also help with renal function, coughs, healing of wounds and also helps to reduce uric acid.

    When it comes to fat loss, Cha De Bugre helps with increasing your circulation, flushing away nasty toxins and also acts as a diuretic. However what people particularly use Cha De Bugre for is to suppress their appetites.

    Cha de Bugre and Losing Weight

    Appetite suppressant – If you have a hard time trying to keep your appetite under control, then Cha De Bugre should be able to help you with that.Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll find yourself snacking less and eating smaller portions.So if your unwanted fat is caused through over-eating then finding a way of curbing your appetite is going to be very helpful to you.

    Diuretic – If you’re suffering from water retention then drinking plenty of water will help along with taking a diuretic. There are many slimming pills on the market that rely solely on diuretics to help you lose weight. This isn’t a necessarily anything, however you want to get more out of your slimming pills than this. Luckily Cha De Bugre is way more than just a diuretic.

    Reducing excess water weight is also particularly beneficial for women as it will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite which is ideal if you plan on wearing some beachwear. Cha De Bugre can really help with removing that nasty orange-peel look from your thighs and buttocks to make you feel sexy!As you can see, when you combine appetite suppression with diuretics, then Cha De Bugre works out as an excellent diet aid which is 100% natural.

    How Do You Buy Cha De Bugre?

    Although Cha De Bugre is very popular for weight loss, you need to understand that it’s very rare and not cheap to buy.

    Most products you see on the market are in capsule from which contain the herb along with green tea and caffeine.

    If you’re looking for a trusted and high quality product, you should look at “The Brazilian Diet System” from Evolution Slimming and is one of their best seller weight loss products.