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7 Bodybuilding Shows to Get You Inspired on Amazon Prime

From the start of 2020, the entire world is suffering from a problem named Covid-19. It affected very severely people’s businesses and countries economy.

It also affected the fitness industry very badly. The gym and fitness studios were the first businesses to undergo forced shutdowns worldwide from the threat of Covid-19 spread as these businesses were in high-touch.

Even though the long-term consequences aren’t known, short-term impacts have been devastating for many.

There’s been a vast catastrophe in unemployment of fitness centers, studio owners, professional coaches, and supporting employees. Owners found it tricky to cover bank loans, rents, power bills, and wages of workers.

In this challenging time of the pandemic, Amazon Prime fitness videos are among the best options for you.

In quarantine, when all of us are stuck inside and social distancing due to the spread of Covid-19, luckily Amazon prime offers all types of workout videos.

But in some locations, Amazon prime is not available or have some coverage issue. So what we do in this case of geo-blocking? We suggest you use a VPN to access all amazon prime videos.

Firestick VPN is one of the best tools that helps you change your IP to watch your fitness shows without any interruption and can bypass the geo-block issue.

Now that we’ve talked about that, let’s go over some fitness shows for you to watch via Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Bodybuilding Shows

Here we listed the seven best shows for fitness and bodybuilding that will help you to maintain your fitness and improve your health in this challenging time:

    Get the latest exercise types, equipment reviews, fitness tips and exclusive offers to help you on your fitness journey.

    American Weightlifting (2013)

    This fantastic documentary is released in the year 2013. Regardless of Olympic Weightlifting being well understood globally, it’s surprisingly underfunded and under-supported in the USA.

    To observe an Olympic-level game similar to this battle in a nation that invests heavily in most of its Olympic sport is rather eye-opening.

    American Weightlifting reveals the trials and tribulations of those athletes and trainers who fight to compete against the remaining part of the earth’s professionalism.

    The Director of this movie Greg Everett is a weightlifter himself, so there’s an actual fly-to-the-wall texture as he can embed himself into this planet.

    It’s a technically well-made picture that comes as a surprise since that this was a one-person creation from beginning to finish by somebody with not a great deal of filmmaking experience.

    The documentary is excellent in showing people devote to a target through fire independently, utterly conscious that they will not profit from the rewards which other sports would provide for the identical degree of work.

    Some need to match in full-time tasks around their instruction, along the dedication that they show is commendable.

    ProjectGYM (2016)

    This world-class physical fitness documentary was released in 2016. This is the only physical exercise documentary that is a documentary show and the only one in our record, which was created solely for Youtube.

    This show was made by fitness programmer and influencer Jamie Alterton, which we found in a prior site on gym influencers.

    What’s good about this show is that Jamie has set the effort to elevate this over the conventional influencer vlog by creating a comprehensive 12 event series with every incident averaging 10 to 20 mins each. ProjectGYM, since you might have decided in the name, is a string that records Jamie’s travel in constructing his gym that’s named GrenadeFit.

    While another documentary with this list copes with rival or significant problems in the fitness business, it extends down to the bare bones of somebody creating a fitness industry from the bottom up.

    Jamie is an engaging presence on display and has a rather inspirational direction of talking as he gives us an inside look into creating a fitness enterprise.

    Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)

    The 2008 documentary Larger, Stronger, Faster has a peek at steroid abuse from the worlds of bodybuilding, weightlifting, and wrestling.

    Among the most contentious issues facing sports generally now is the usage of over-the-counter medication, most especially in sports and cycling.

    This documentary differs in approach from others with this list as manager Chris Bell appears to be the god of these two themes: the documentary, Smelly, and Mad Dog.

    Together with Smelly and Mad Dog, these have taken steroids on them once we meet them at the movie. The two brothers speak in an honest way concerning their steroid misuse and are available about using them.

    The movie is intriguing as it assesses the lack of consistency regarding what’s described as “performance-enhancing” mentioning the instance of athlete’s reliance on legal cortisone shots.

    Director Chris Bell takes the place that America’s triumph at all cost strategy to what has made a mindset that has enabled steroid usage to thrive.

    To highlight this, he utilizes a clip in the movie “Patton” where the renowned overall addresses his troops.

    Ripped – Inside Women’s Bodybuilding (2017)

    This fitness documentary about the fitness of females was released in 2017. This 20-minute documentary concentrates on two female athletes. The documentary takes you through their own experiences in the game as they extend their physical and psychological limitations.

    Teresa Popowicz, a powerlifter-cum-bodybuilder, had been in her late 40s at the time of filming. She shares her expertise in body shame, and also she became inspired to prepare for a nationwide contest.

    Krystia Petrossie also a celebrity. She’s a Realtor who maintains in the body category. She shares a psychological story on how and why she became a Realtor with her trainer, Helen Bouchard.

    Pumping Iron 2 – The Women (1985)

    The second part of pumping was released in 1985. Contrary to the very first documentary, this man has been mainly concentrated on female athletes. This time around, the movie features four girls getting ready for the Caesars Palace World Cup Championship in 1983.

    The four girls have been: Lori Bowen and Carla Dunlap, who came to the race as novices, Bev Francis, along with Rachel McLish, that was the winner at the moment. Celebrate their triumphs and individual struggles within a run of 107 minutes.

    CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession (2015)

    CT Fletcher was released in 2015, and it is truly the most heartwarming bodybuilding narrative of this decade.

    From getting an open-heart operation in 2005, Fletcher records his entire life story and how he nearly died in pursuit of that which he loves to do.

    If you are trying to understand bodybuilding, seeing one or more of these documentaries will help you. Each of the recorded films is actual and extends expressive experiences.

    The Bodybuilder and I (2007)

    This documentary movie was released in 2007 and directed by Bryan Friedman.

    Wanting to reconnect with his 59-year-old dad, Bill Friedman. Bryan, who was 26 at the moment, takes audiences throughout the ancestral bodybuilding subculture.

    Although his father had not existed for the majority of his lifetime, the filmmaking process brings them nearer together and provides them with an opportunity to understand each other.


    We are all facing a problem from the start of 2020 due to Covid-19. This problem forced us to stay at home and maintain distance from the other peoples.

    The gym and fitness studios were the first businesses to undergo forced shutdowns worldwide from the threat of covid-19 spread as these businesses are high-touch.

    So how to achieve your fitness goal at home? In this challenging time, the Amazon Prime fitness shows are the best option for you.