Best Abs Workout

A six pack or even a flat stomach is a much sought after feature of any gym regime. Though many have tried, few have succeeded in getting the abdominal muscles that they wanted. This is mainly because of incorrect techniques used for an insufficient time. Abdominal workouts must also be done in conjunction with cardio exercise to burn off the fat lying over the stomach muscles. The best ab exercises include the swiss ball rollout, bicycle crunch, cross crunch, cable rotation and the Spiderman plank crunch. These exercises put different kinds of stress on the abdominal muscles. The best abs workout should incorporate at least one of these techniques. It is very important that the techniques are varied, in type, sequence, and order. Doing hundreds of crunches in the same order in the same position without any variance is not as effective as small intense sessions of different ab exercises. It also has the added benefit of variety, so the practitioner does not get bored with the exercises, as is often the case with standard abdominal routines. Thus, to get the best abs workout, choose a number of alternative abdominal exercises, and do them as often as possible in a random order.