VS Athletics: The Best Weight Training Shoe for 2023

Why VS Athletics weightlifting shoes?

There are a number of reasons to purchase a pair of weightlifting shoes. Many athletes forget the significance of shoes in terms of athletic performance.

However, the feet are the foundation where all the power comes from. The energy is channeled from the ground to the torso into the bar. Not only will weightlifting shoes improve performance but they will also help avoid injury.

Why Should I buy Weightlifting Shoes ?

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoes

Powerlifting shoes are not running shoes. Running shoes typically absorb the force from the ground, whereas powerlifters need the force to be generated upwards toward the bar. Because of this lifting shoes will typically have a heel in the range of an inch or half an inch, but not an inch-long cushion throughout the base of the shoe. This would take away from the power of the lift.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of powerlifting shoes as opposed to conventional running shoes and barefoot training. They are specifically designed to add to the lift and prevent injury. They are scientifically designed to provide a stable foundation which prevents the ankle from being turned over and also to provide maximum upward momentum for the lift. While their design may seem unusual to some it is all to do with the functional purpose of the weightlifting shoe itself; to lift more weight in the safest manner possible.

How Comfortable Are VS-Weightlifting Shoes?

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoes

Traditional weightlifting shoes used to have a sole that was actually made of wood. This has obviously since been reinvented with hardened plastic and a more comfortable covering. There is usually a tradeoff between comfort and performance. Comfortable shoes will be soft and squishy, which takes away from the actual lift itself. Hard soles will not be as comfortable but will allow more energy to flow upward through the foot as opposed to being absorbed by comfortable rubber soles.

The elevated heel is the hallmark of the weightlifting shoes, as it provides an angle for upward momentum, which is particularly effective when performing a squat. This is also extremely effective for alignment, posture, stability and injury prevention. People with ankle, hip or knee issues will benefit greatly from utilizing a raised heel when weight lifting.

The most popular brands of weightlifting shoes include Do-Win, VS athletics, Adidas, Reebok, Risto, and Nike. Each offers something different and the type of shoes chosen will depend largely on what type of exercise is completed most regularly along with unique user preferences. A number of shoes may have to be worn in order to find one that truly “fits”.

Over time powerlifting shoes are more than just a pair of shoes to the lifter. They are more akin to an extension of the body, much like a saw to a carpenter. Neither will go to work without their preferred tools. The focus in terms of weight lifting should be functional capability, however, style does play a role as it can improve the psychology of the lifter, which translates to a performance increase.

How Comfortable are VS-Weightlifting Shoes?

As weightlifting shoes go, the VS weightlifting shoes are actually quite cheap. VS lifting shoes are much cheaper than alternatives such as the Adidas Adipowers or Adistars. These have been designed as a no frills attached pair of shoes, for serious lifters who do not care much about style or extra accessories. They simply do what they are supposed to do. It does what all other weightlifting shoes do at half the cost, and it is hard to criticize VS athletic shoes.

They are a popular option for trainers who are in the process of training teams of weightlifting athletes because they can be bought in bulk for cheap and get the job done just as well as the more expensive options. The shoes come with two leather straps over the traditional laces which give additional support and tightness to the shoes. This prevents the foot from moving around inside the shoe. This is highly advantageous.

Advantages of Adipower Shoes

The more static the body, the more energy goes into simply moving the bar, as the only moving parts should be the spine for the first half of the lift, with the pecs and arms engaged when lifting overhead. The more stable and static the feet the less energy wasted. And the last thing that is needed is a loose shoe when lifting max weights. It could easily lead to injury if the foot got turned over while lifting maximum weight. The rubber sole is reinforced with leather for more lift without compromising on the comfort of the shoe.

Features of Adidas Adipower Shoes

The shoes come with a raised heel of 1.29 inches, which is quite tall in terms of weightlifting shoes. Shoes of this type (with taller heels) are usually designed with Olympic lifts in mind, such as the clean and jerk and the snatch. The downside to the taller heel is it makes the deadlift somewhat more difficult to perform, as the lifter is elevated off the floor too much to bend down with a flat back to execute a perfect deadlift. Flatter shoes are possibly a better option for the deadlift. The shoes are also a little wide, good for those with larger feet and those who perform Olympic lifts as opposed to other types of lifts in sports such as CrossFit.

The shoes are also reputed to be a very accurate fit, which is a common issue with weightlifting shoes. Brands seem to have their own individual ideas about how big a size is. A size 8 Adidas Adipowers is sometimes not the same as a size 8 Pendlay Do-Win CrossFit weightlifting shoes. There are also VS athletics weightlifting shoe for women, which is all too uncommon in the weightlifting market.

Final Thoughts on VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoes Reviews 2023

It is true that the VS shoes are not the most aesthetically pleasing. Compared to other shoes they are very plain and unadorned. However, there are few shoes on the weightlifting market that are as cheap as the VS athletic shoes which do not skimp out on the basic elements of weight lifting, including lifting performance and injury prevention. There are no shoes available that are cheaper in terms of weightlifting performance.

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