Inov8 Weightlifting Shoes Reviews for 2023

Why Inov8 Weightlifting Shoes?

What you wear to the gym depends on the kind of workouts you are going to do at the gym. If you are going to work out on the treadmill, elliptical machine, and other cardio machines, then a running shoe will suit you.

If you are into CrossFit training, it is important to get the best CrossFit shoe available. Also, if you are into lifting weights, shoes are specially made for the same.

The Purpose of Weightlifting Shoes

The premise of weightlifting shoes is straightforward. Weightlifting shoes are shoes designed to lift weights. Specifically, they need to lift the most weight in the safest manner possible. Because there are different types of lifts and weights there are going to be different types of weightlifting shoes.

All weightlifting shoes will have a heel at the back and a flat, hard sole. These are the two trademark characteristics of a weightlifting shoe. The heel helps will certain types of lift and the flat sole helps to generate more power upwards. This is in contrast to shoes with inch thick soles which absorb all the power to prevent depreciation of the joints.

There are different types of weightlifting shoes depending on what the underlying exercise is. Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Cross Training are three entirely different things, and there are distinct shoes for each. However, Powerlifting shoes can usually do a decent job at performing Olympic lifts and vice versa.

It is probably still best to have a pair of Olympic lifting shoes, a pair of Powerlifting shoes and a pair of Cross-Training shoes for maximum efficiency. However, this could get quite expensive and is only necessary of the participant happens to be doing a lot of serious sports. While there is significant interoperability between powerlifting and Olympic lifting, Cross-Training and Crossfit are entirely different beasts and ultimately require their own pair of shoes due to the varied exercises in these sports.

Which is The Best Weightlifting Shoes ?

Obviously, what constitutes the best weightlifting shoes is a matter of debate. First, because there is always going to be disagreement among people due to individual preferences and opinions. Second, because weightlifting shoes are merely a tool to perform a job, and how well they perform depends on whether the task to be completed is Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic lifting etc. And thirdly because there are many different physiques and methods of lifting that some shoes may work for some, and not for others.

All weightlifting shoes will have a number of characteristics in common. They all consists of a heel at the back and a flat sole. They will also be strong and durable so the foot is not loose inside the shoe (it is common for weightlifting shoes to run a half inch small compared to regular shoe sizes).

The first point of debate is the size of the heel. While most are now in agreement that .5 to 1 inch is the “best” height for the heel of a weightlifting shoe, many experienced bodybuilders contend that 1 to 1.5 inches is much more appropriate. Again, a lot depends on the type of lifts being performed.

Generally, for lifts such as the deadlift, barefoot is best. This is because there is no need for the elevation in the deadlift. However, for snatches and squats, a high heel is certainly a better choice. It aligns the lifter perfectly with the knees splayed out to the sides, the feet slightly outwards and the rise is good for getting under the bar and shooting upwards.

A tall heel can be a great addition for budding bodybuilders, as it can teach proper alignment, possibly the most important factor in determining the efficiency of a lift. It is regarded as good for upright positioning when under the bar, however, stability is sacrificed when in the top position.

Next, comes the heel type. While the heel height is debated among the weightlifting community, there is little ambiguity with regard to the material of the heel. Wood is best as it provides the best mix of hardness and softness. Most of the new brands are being out new synthetic versions with are too hard or others which are too soft. Hardness leads to inflexibility and softness takes power away from the lift.

Wooden heels seem to be the way forward in determining which weightlifting shoes to buy. After this comes other variables such as price, reputation, durability and functional requirements. Ultimately, the best bodybuilding shoes are those that are designed specifically for the purpose. CrossFit shoes are best for CrossFit and Olympic lifting shoes are best for Olympic lifting.

Buying Guide for Inov8 Weightlifting Shoes 2023

Inov8 Fastlift 335 Training Shoes

There are many Inov8 shoes reviews, given the popularity of the shoes themselves. The Inov8 CrossFit shoes are clearly designed for CrossFit. Thus, they have to be versatile enough to survive across a wide range of activities. The Inov8 Weightlifting shoes are effective for both lifting and numerous other activities. They are comfortable and have a stable, solid foundation.

The Inov-8 Fastlift has a very “grippy” sole, which means the foot remains planted firmly on the ground. This is a prime quality inherent in the best lifting shoes. An entrenched foot means that the foot is not loose and lessens the chances of injury from the ankle getting rolled over. It also means that the energy channels directly upwards without any energy being lost due to improper foot positioning, which also leads to a lack of alignment.

There are a number of alternative Inov lifting shoes available, such as the Inov8 f lite 240. They also offer women’s lifting shoes, such as the Inov8 fastlift womens. The Inov 8s are quite lightweight with a metaflex groove and a power wedge for the heel. The shoes are light, strong and have a firm base, core qualities in a lifting shoe. While they can take a few weeks to get used to, the Inov 8s are developing quite a fan base with people who say they won’t buy a different pair.

Final Thoughts on Inov8 CrossFit Shoes Reviews 2023

The Inov 8 lifting shoes are stable are an excellent pair of weightlifting shoes. They do what all good lifting shoes do. However, it does have its share of criticisms. There are better CrossFit shoes available. The Inov 8s are a little too expensive for what they deliver. And the single strap is reported to be quite flimsy. They are also not the most appealing to the eyes, however, some find the look futuristic and admire the bright colors. The shoes are highly recommended for Powerlifting and many contend that they are the best shoes around for improving squat lifts.

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